Men & Women Are Not Equal - Cleric

According to Alireza Panahian's interpretation of Islam


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Estebdad didn't make you a chauvenist

by Elham57 on

Women's liberation movement is here to stay.

The issue is, do you fight it, or do you help it.

Iranian women's achievement today exists despite the IRI, and that has a lot owed to the Pahlavis,father and son. Shirin Ebadi didn't become Shirin Ebadi because of IRI. She took advantage of opportunities provided to her by the Pahlavis.

They opened the way for liberation of women in higher education, government, army and alike.

The male chauvenist mentality of Iranian men, cannot be changed by legislation. It is a mental process that needs to be done by Iranian men, and not by any Iranian government, past, present, or the future.

Babak K.

Elham 57Today under the

by Babak K. on

Elham 57

Today under the Islamic regime millions of Iranian women are receiving higher eduacation.  There are ministers who are women and Iranian Mjliss has several female memebers.  All these does not change the mentality of the Iranian men toward our mothers and sisters.  Our mentlities are the product of the Previous and present Estebdads.  I hope that you read about Iranian women's acheivements during and after the Mashrotiat Revolution and you will be surprized to see how enlightened they were. Our problem is Estebdad and Mostabedeen, and remember, we owe nothing to these mostabedeen but they owe us so much.


Yeah that's the same!

by Elham57 on


The mentality that this Mullah "rephrases the Shah's thoughts about women", is what lead us to this gloreous Revolution.

After all, when it came to women's rights and liberation, this Mullah's vision and the Shah's, are the same!!


Az maast keh bar maast.

Tiger Lily

gender issues. I f'ing refuse to

by Tiger Lily on

watch 6.48 more about goddamned gender gibberish.

I get this crap nearly everyday with the PC fascists. really don't need another set of fascist obsessives, desperate to fondle my groin, literally or metaphorically or under the pretence of upholding my human rights.

Get off my groin!.

Go away, the lot of you. Go bury your heads in your own groins, moan as much as you want, just leave the rest of us alone. I've f'ing had it.

P.S. The rate this is going, I'm going to volunteer as a Stepford Wife!


The Surrendered Wife

by kazem0574 on

Wonder if this mullah’s been reading the book “The Surrendered Wife” .

The Surrendered Wives is a school of thought started by Laura Doyle who tells women to let go of a lot of what us men rightly  see as “too much control” ;-).

Its a kind of accepting “men are from Mars and women from Venus”, suggesting women should chill out and in effect make men (think they) wear the pants. It says as a result men become pussy cats and women bring romance back into their relationships.

How many of them (ladies) can really play this role as instructed by Laura Doyle is another thing.


Babak K.

This Mulla truely speaks

by Babak K. on

This Mulla truely speaks the language of most of Iranian men. He rephrases the Shah's thoughts about women.  Please watch these videos:





by pedramx on

pofiozi va pachehkhari mojri adamo khafeh mikoneh...