Iranian-American BBQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma

"We make sure that no one ever leaves hungry"

Golden Saddle BBQ: Welcome! To Tulsa's best down home cooking restaurant! Specializing in BBQ, Persian, Steaks and the finest buffet in town. At the Golden Saddle you will be treated to 1st Class service. We make sure that no one ever leaves hungry >>>



Interesting observation!

by Arj on

...and my favourite quote of the day: "In Oklahoma, to be honest, there's a kind of stigma to being a foreigner, and a lot of foreigners try to overcompensate by being overly American!"


Looks good, he ought to open one near me...

by Bavafa on

I promise to be a faithful customer.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Mouth watering…. yummm

by ali.taaba on

For goodness sake! Did you have to make the “money shot” in slow-motion!



Nader Vanaki

سیاه لشگر دمت گرم

Nader Vanaki

سفر به خیر و خوش باشید.  خوشم اومد از این ایده در اوکلاهما رفتی جای ما هم یه پرس بخور.


Finally a reason for an Iranian to travel to Tulsa Oklahoma.

by Sialashgar on

My wife is packing as I am typing this. We want our kids to see Americans.

We live in Bay Area ther are no Americans living here.We saw more Americans in Dubai then in here.

The Zaferon Rice keep flashing in front of my eyes too and the stake kabab I hate chicken. lol