Woman: Object for Man

The meaning of "woman" in English language



Don't jump on him for his beard and/or pronunciation

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He just exalted the status of our honey bunnies in his Iranian (your Persian) culture.



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That is real cool one.  :-)


No question here either

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Actually that make sense now.

good one.   

Soosan Khanoom

Oh no Simack no more

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Oh no Simack no more question 

you said it all


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Siamack Baniameri

He is almost correct!!!

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He is almost correct!

Million years ago when a group of men saw the first female specie, they said, "WO! man, check out the hooters on that thing!" That's when the word woman was originated. Let me know if you have any more questions.


ba farsi

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ma ba adamhaee masl in migigim AN. yani useless and waste. this is the best answer I found

 Woman is actually a shortened version of an older word.
Wikpedia tells us the origin:
In Old English the words wer and wyf (also wæpman and wifman) were what
was used to refer to "a man" and "a woman" respectively, and "Man" was
gender neutral. In Middle English man displaced wer as term for "male
human", whilst wifman (which eventually evolved into woman) was retained
for "female human". ("Wif" also evolved into the word "wife".) "Man"
does continue to carry its original sense of "Human" however, resulting in an asymmetry sometimes criticized as sexist.

Read more: In the word "Women" what does WO mean, and in "human" what does HU mean | Answerbag //www.answerbag.com/q_view/716798#ixzz1MG2Ujg96


Vo means "vasileh" ?

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 never heard of it!


یک وسیله بیاد با گوشت کوب بزنه تو سر این!


The Old English wifman meant "female human"



Iranian pre-islamic culture loves women as equals to men.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Zan is from farsi not arabic.

yet mullahs practice in law and life, women are 1/2 the worth of men.  

Iranians need to be honest with themselves and realize Iranian culture, history and traditions are based on the zoroastrian view of celebrating life and acting to make earth a paradise, pardis.

Unlike the islamic view that we are here to be tested and that this world and our lives on it do not matter, we must work for the after life.


Dear Afshin

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Let me assure you - Iran is still a country filled with Noble men and women - the unfortunate fact is that these idiots are being showcased - saying things for Sandis - and not that they believe...

BTW - I researched "Wo" and there is no such thing as this idiot claimes.. In fact one of the meanings of Wo was: To "run over"!!!  so based on this fools logic - a Woman is a person who Runs over a man !!


Another Bullshit?

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Well he was very convincing! So I made a bit of research and he seems to be bullshitting, as always! Any comments?



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What else is left for Iran, why they don't kill every Iranian and just import Talban in the country and changed the name of Iran to ISLAMSTAN.