Shamloo: Iranian Intellectuals

Poet laments lack of rational thinking among Iranians



Spot on!

by ComraidsConcubine on

 Prejudice, incapacity to understand the validity and value of not being perfect but making mistakes and realizing them in discussion and discourse, totally too illiterate to understand the concepts of criticism and basic logic and making everything personal, as if it were a valid argument of all centres of all ego-centric universes.

And all that in between the Doris Day acts of conformist bullied and bullying half-baked, yet extremist "ideologies and" their never-ending teaching and preaching .

Quite few of the new generation inside and outside of Iran though, are luckily far from the old big bottom burpers described. 

 Something to do with honesty, integrity, responsibility, lucidity and liberty; imagine that!

Hafez for Beginners

Shamloo: The Coming of Christ

by Hafez for Beginners on

Someone said: "P.S. How about some Hafez on Mosses and Jesus." - Mash Ghassem, actually. I have made a very sketchy video of the "Mojdey Ey Del" poem.

Strips of lyrics from the poem are interspersed with the recording. You asked for it, you got it!

CLICK TO VIEW: Shamloo reciting the Coming of Christ:




Mash Ghasem

by Paykar on

You got mail.

Mash Ghasem

عشق عمومی

Mash Ghasem

اشک رازی‌ست
لبخند رازی‌ست
عشق رازی‌ست


اشکِ آن شب لبخندِ عشقم بود.



قصه نیستم که بگویی
نغمه نیستم که بخوانی
صدا نیستم که بشنوی
یا چیزی چنان که ببینی
یا چیزی چنان که بدانی...


من دردِ مشترکم
مرا فریاد کن.



درخت با جنگل سخن می‌گوید
علف با صحرا
ستاره با کهکشان
و من با تو سخن می‌گویم


نامت را به من بگو
دستت را به من بده
حرفت را به من بگو
قلبت را به من بده
من ریشه‌های تو را دریافته‌ام
با لبانت برای همه لب‌ها سخن گفته‌ام
و دست‌هایت با دستانِ من آشناست.


در خلوتِ روشن با تو گریسته‌ام
برایِ خاطرِ زندگان،
و در گورستانِ تاریک با تو خوانده‌ام
زیباترینِ سرودها را
زیرا که مردگانِ این سال
عاشق‌ترینِ زندگان بوده‌اند.



دستت را به من بده
دست‌های تو با من آشناست
ای دیریافته با تو سخن می‌گویم
به‌سانِ ابر که با توفان
به‌سانِ علف که با صحرا
به‌سانِ باران که با دریا
به‌سانِ پرنده که با بهار
به‌سانِ درخت که با جنگل سخن می‌گوید


زیرا که من
ریشه‌های تو را دریافته‌ام
زیرا که صدای من
با صدای تو آشناست.




One of the most admirable man of all times...

by Marathon-Man on

He was very litarate, sharp and brave for expressing his opinion on the matters that mattered to him and the humankind.


He has not been appriciated the way he deserved to and one day even very late he will be remembered and admired for waht he did, like Hafez, Molavi or  Nima .




Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Great topic and discusiion by Shamlou, not so good quality of the video.

More Shamlo (hopefully better visual quality) on IC, please.

Afsaneh khanm, they are laughing not in disagreement with Shamlou , but as a sort of a nervous reaction to his observations. I wouldn't be surprised if some of  those very 'sectarian" (although Shamloo never uses that term) were amongst his listeners. They know exactly what he's talking about!

Around the same time that Shamlou came to US, so did Gholam Hossain Saedi , in one city Saedi was invited by two different Iranian students groups. For the life of them they just couldn't comprehend why there would be two, three, sometimes four different Iranian student groups, all opposed to Shah, all basically having the same goals. One group was called Federation of Iranian Students : FIS, the other one Confederation of Iranina Students: CIS.Zendeh yad Saedi used to joke and say: all this fis o efadeh!! Ein hameh fis o efadeh!


As utterly ridiculous and Monthy Pythonesque, as all this sounds, we're all still very much an extremely fragmented community as a whole, and in every single little cell of it as well!Our religious forces can not agree on a single point and are all against each other, so are our Nationalists, and our Leftists, Monarchists, Bahai's...suffice it to say, the depth and extend of our political/social fragmentaion has acquired pathological dimensions, it demands timely,serious attention and response. Cheers

P.S. How about some Hafez on Mosses and Jesus.

Hafez' and Molavi's love and admiration for other cultures and thoughts remains a singular examplar of the position we once attained. Could we be true students of Hafez, Mulavi, Shamlou, Saedi...?

Many thanks to the Vigilant Morning Bird, keep 'em coming, cheers

Babak K.

Hafez for Beginners You

by Babak K. on

Hafez for Beginners

You are correct mostly, but we have to remeber that we are the product of an Estebdadi society (Monarchy or Islamic) with no political or social trainings.  Still there are Iranians among the academia who believe that there is such a thing as a good dictator. 

The Iranism ( the combination of culture, history and our way of thinking and our upbringings)) and Estebdad always have complimented each other and have been inseperable. 


Hafez for Beginners

Amazing Video

by Hafez for Beginners on

Good for him for bringing up the issues of the community showing incredible low tolerance for "difference of opinion."

The part that made me uncomfortable was the audience giggling each time Shamloo gives examples where groups with different opinions behave ungraciously towards each other:  Shamloo's not giggling when he discusses this stuff. It's not funny to him, as he's most likely had to personally come to terms with how detrimental such stances are. The audience giggling, is one of the reasons it still continues to this day: people don't take such behavior seriously, think it's cute even when it's pointed out to them. HaHaHaHa ---- not! It's not cute. Most advanced nations in today's world, are made up of people who can tolerate "difference" of views rather than behave in manners Shamlou is expounding. You giggle, you do the cruel Black and White thing - you loose, surely. Thanks for posting.