Mohammad Khatami

"Let us all forgive each other and look toward the future." Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami is urging the Islamic Republic leadership and the people to forgive each other and reach out to each other for the sake of the country's future. On his personal website, Khatami writes about his meeting with some of the veterans of the eight-year Iran-Iraq War, where he said: "If there has been any wrongdoing, let us all forgive each other and look toward the future." In the presidential elections of 2009, Mir Hosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the two reformist candidates, accused the government of vote-rigging to secure Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election. The allegations led to widespread protests across the country, which were violently quashed by government forces. Dozens were killed, thousands were arrested and numerous activists, journalists , lawyers and reformist figures were handed harsh prison sentences. The two opposition leaders are currently under house arrest, reformists are being pushed out of the political scene, while all sorts of social activists are being persecuted for any media or public activity >>>



He's more dangerous than Khamenei ...

by Harpi-Eagle on


Has anyone read the story of "Koor Oghlo va Kachal Hamzeh" by the late great Samad Behrangi ?  This is exactly what guys like Khatami "AKA Seyd Khandan", Mousavi, and Karoubi are, Kachal Hamzeh.  They are more dangerous than the Pasha himself in the immortal words of Behrangi.  Mullahs, kill em all, let god sort em out.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


EASY for him to say ..

by sam jade on

Is he talking for victims too ?? or this is his kiss ass opinion ?

He got it all worng , who has to forgive who ??, Victims have to forgive , not the criminals,, Khatami should go to the vicims; innocent people whom got shot in streets or in prisons and ask for forgiveness...

Ask SOHRAB'S and Neda's family and many many other "VICTIMS" IF they can forgive ,, how could they..


Khatami is also a war criminal

by Onlyiran on

Here he is posing for photos with child soldiers during the Iran / Iraq war, which is a war crime:


And here he is standing next to another child soldier:



You and your type

by pedro on

You and your type don't belong to Iran to begin with. You shameless child molesters. You nasty rapists, Monsters, torturers. I have never wished ill for anyone, but for you, your blood sucking rahbar and all other islamist  akhond, mullah and  Shaikh I wish a long and painful death for what you have done to this Ahourayee country and its man, woman and children. Nefrin bar shomaha akhonde khoonkhar, ghatel, Jani va tajavozkar. Ma Iraniha as shoma akhondha motonaferim, motanafer.     

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Asking these blood thirsty wolves (IRI) to forgive -- that they've harassed, imprisoned the wronged ones, raped, tortured, beat to extarct a forced confession,hanged,...

I'm not going to say shame on them since they've proved for past 32 yrs that they have NO SHAME. May they pay for what they've done to the innocent.


Talab e bakhshesh 


No Fear

This was expected

by No Fear on

Looks like the reformists are gearing up for the upcoming elections. Khatami is positioning himself to lead the so called reform faction again. If you listen to the entire interview, he repeats his alliances to Khamenei as he always done in the past.

Reformists candidates along with the traditional conservatives would have a strong showing for the upcoming parliamentary election. Now its a good chance for those who believe in reform and cast your votes for these reform minded candidates ( where are all the reformists who frequented this site before ? )

Afterall, reform leaders would look better internationally since they know how to smile better, be respected by Europeans ( for some costs ofcourse )  and will relax social restrictions by allowing a few films to get permit and a few musical shows to be performed so idiots can feel like intellectuals during their era and feel better about the future. Priceless, .. really.

Ofcourse, you were so damn stupid to judge a person by his looks.

Both when he had a beautiful smile on his face and looked and talked like an intellectual or on the contrary, when he looked unshaven and had a look of a baseeji , It was you who failed to know who is who.




Mibakhsham! Mibakhsham aankeh baraadaram kosht!!!!??????

by Aarash4545 on

Koor khoondi Seyyed khandaan!!!

Hessab-e khodeto avval-e hameh mireseem!


Zeki !

by Shemirani on


I wonder if his own son was in university dormitory and was rape that night, or if his daughter was shout in street (and so on...) will he talk about forgiveness !

Dars akhlagh be ammat bede, labkhand haam baraye zanet bezan, ma siasat madaran Vatanparast o Irandoost o az khodgozashte o kari  mikhahim ! Parvandeh shoma Siah o Batel hast ! Iran niazi be shomaha nadarad !




هشت سال سر پیچ ایستاد - درمورد خاتمی


هشت سال سر پیچ ایستاد

شعار‌های خوب خوب داد

گفت از مردم سالاری

با لبخندو روی شاد

اما سر بزنگاه

تو دام رهبر افتاد

توی دام اون فقیه

اون رهبرو اون شیاد

اما ما مردم خوب

دموکراتیم و آزاد

ما مردم با شعور

ما مردم با سواد

 همگی با هم میگیم

خیلی‌ با شور و فریاد

دین از سیاست جدا

سوا کنیم دو نهاد

دموکراسی آزادی

زنده و پاینده باد

 رهبر خوب میخواهیم

نه ملای کون گشاد


taajob nadareh

by pedramx on

Jomhoorieh Islami noondoonieh in akhoondast, hala momkeneh jangeh zargari sareh ghodrat dashteh bashan vali nemian ke noondoonishon ro be khatar biandazan. 


Here's the most hated man in Iran

by jasonrobardas on

  A true slime ! known as "Roobahe makkar" . No wonder he is despised by all .

tehran e Azad

hang them all!

by tehran e Azad on

you are saying let's forgive all the murders, rapes, tortures, robberies. You must be out of your mind you filthy animal!

You should  be hanged just for saying that!!   Another wolf in a sheeps clothing!




An important lesson on Forgiveness.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

For people to truly forgive one another, the offending party, which in some cases might be yourself, as in self forgiveness, has to honestly change.

So if a regime is raping hundreds of people every day today and torturing them for sick amusement, they can not be forgiven until they honestly change.

If it has a system of counting votes, by a council that is hand picked by the supreme leader, and no one has the right to get independent verification of the voting process as in any other legitimate system, and therefore cheating can occur, then reform is necessary before forgiveness can occur.

Then there are things that can not be forgiven, like the mothers who have lost children to the torture and murder, no one expects them to honestly be able to forgive even if the perpetrators honestly change, for them we need, justice and not revenge, but justice worthy of the crime.  That is a whole nother topic, because many many other forces come into play.

Khatami himself has acted in an unforgivable way, even before the green movement ever occurred, so who asked him anyways.  Rafsanjani, khatami, mousaviall of them may be one the same side politically, but none represent the aspirations of the people of iran, they are all corrupt, inhumane leaders that must be tried.


Please Khatami

by RostamZ on

we had enough of you and now it is time to settle this thing once and for all. Justice must be done, just will be done.


اینهم جریان فلان چیز به شقیقه!


Looks like they taught you next to nothing  before letting you lose on internet, akhi.

"Truth and reconciliation" committee was formed in SA after the fascist apartheid regime was overthrown through a combination of armed struggle and guerilla actions (yes, guns and shootings and such!) by ANC, a severe "Airtights"  UN led sanctions and general strikes. In Iran we have not got that far yet, but watch the space!

As far as the "truth and reconciliation" post islamist regime is concerned, dream on!  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Truth and reconciliation.....sort of

by پندارنیک on

His plan should somehow resonate with those of us who advocate a South African-style sanction and outcome for Iran!

Bahram G

Beware of the smiling mullah

by Bahram G on

This akhoond always sported a smile while betrayed the best of Iranian people at a critical time when he was the president of this shameful theocracy. Remember what he called the university students? What was it? Obaash? He allowed the thug basiji pour into the universities and slaughter our very best people. He smiled all along.

No, no forgiveness. Justice. Justice will have to be served and will be served. Perhaps not today, but someday. And you the snake smiling akhoond better not try to front for your despicable ilk. Shame on you to even mention forgiving. We'll not forgive you, will not forgive any of you. You and your gang of akhoond with your thugs are the criminals who must answer for your crimes in the court of law and experience Evin from within. This time as inmates.

Baharam G

Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

Organization like NIAC and our esteemed IRI appologist/change from within promoters wanted and still want to do business with the likes of him and other "reformers".




Khatami, a diminutive brain or a big heart?!

by Disenchanted on


       There is a distinction between pacificity and passivity. Khatami never seem to get that!

        From a religious perspective, who is going to account for the damage done to Islam and Shia image?! A simple apology would do there too? 



by ComraidsConcubine on

 let's start by releasing all political prisoners and do let me know what I am supposed to be forgiven for, for me to seek and be granted possibly rather jaw-dropping jaw-jawing absolvence. 



I never liked this geezer. He stinks like hell...

by Marathon-Man on

He either has a very short memory or small balls, or no balls at all. He was one those first people who was insulted by the rejime thugs when they burst into the room that he was having his speech.

Inha hamshoon saro taheh ye karbasan.

The hell with you all ,bloody mollas.

Anahid Hojjati

Another discussion about forgiveness

by Anahid Hojjati on

Yesterday, I was discussing forgiveness. Here we go again. I am not forgiving regime who killed my 18 year old friends and put people in jail just because they were not muslim enough, and did not let young people go to university because again they were not muslim enough. Regime that tortured people and continues to do same. I am getting sick and tired of this forgiveness term. Forgive my ....


crocodile tears

by asadabad on

This animal should be lynched with his turban.  He wants to talk about mercy and forgiveness for murderers and rapists.  Unbelievable.  Where was all this barney I love you you love me bs in 1978..


All Working on the same team, principles and ideals mean Nothing

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

To Mullahs, iranians are fodder to be used and abused, like during the Iraq war, as long as the mullahs who are all playing for the same team get to keep power and exclude the peoples basic interests.

This is how we allowed our freedom to be stole in 1979, and khatami actions prove this case for the 10,000th time assuming that Iranians have not learned.  We replaced quality people that represented Iran, for people that represent chaos and corruption.


Javid Shah!


what a joke

by Fair on

Excuse me?  Forgive EACH OTHER?  The people of Iran should be forgiven for what?  For peacefully asking for our freedom?  You are the one who should ask for forgiveness for yourself, for making false promises to the people and turning your back on them, swearing allegiance to the murderers and rapists of the Iranian people.

This man has truly shown once again that he is the true "nokare bee ekhtiar", not the poor patriot Shahpour Bakhtiar who shamelessly was abandoned by his countrymen and the so called ANtellectuals of the time.

Khatami, and all other bankrupt  fake reformers have shown time and again, they will choose the fascist system over the Iranian people anytime anyday.  Not to be trusted at all, ever, end of story.


Arnold Asked for Forgiveness Too!

by Faramarz on

It was a momentary lapse in judgment!

But let's look forward to the future!

Soosan Khanoom

LOL .....Rozbeh

by Soosan Khanoom on

هم اكنون صداي " خامنه اي معذرت، معذرت "از سمت زندان اوين به گوش مي‌رسد»


They can't forgive Omar

by عموجان on

Every year we are forced to remember what Sunnis done to Shits (Shias), now lets forgive.

Existent of Islam is based on revenge. He could have said this 32 years ago. He is shitless ending up in Evin.

Never trust an Akhoond, I second that.


خامنه اي معذرت، معذرت


هم اكنون صداي " خامنه اي معذرت، معذرت "از سمت زندان اوين به گوش مي‌رسد»

«ملکه بریتانیا هم بابت عدم دعوت رهبر فرزانه و نورانی به مراسم رویال ودینگ عذرخواهی خودش رو کتبی اعلام کرده. اسنادش هم نزد احمدی‌نژاد موجود هست»



What's your short-term alternative?

by comments on

I definitly don't support his decision, but do we have any alternative? 

Probably he has tracked all Iranian's opposition groups in the last so many years, which did nothing.  The opposition groups did nothing other than strengthing IRI and making the Iranian goverment more accepted internationally.  The opposition groups strategy made IRI to weaken MKO badly and brought the organization on the "USA" terorist lists.  Wait, opposition groups made one more thing: they killed or exposed so many Iranians to execution by IRI, and made many Irani children be adapted.