Khomeini Opposes Political Parties and Western Influences

Speech from early 1980s



Don't be Hard on yourselves My Dear Persian Leaders.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was born, our country had been through over 150 years of backwardness, where religion was the ultimate source for everything, in law, in education, in government during Qajar Rule the corrupt islamic authorities weakened Iranians in every way with their useless teaching.

At the time of his birth, Iran not only did not have a doctor to give birth to the King, literacy was below 1%.

In his life time literacy rose to above 90% and we were never a TRUE Muslim Nation, we were practicing ancient persian culture mostly in our families.  Obviously we were not muslim, how could we be if none of us could read and write, we just thought we were muslim because it had been state sanctioned.  ie the official national religion with a mosque in every city. But no one had read the koran.

With the Pahlavi's came our first experience after many years of a secular monarchy and this saved our country from backwardness. 

But we were not yet free of our corrupt religious baggage and not yet ready for democracy, shah was blammed for everything, yet he knew better and still believed in the peoples right to choose and prayed that people that had freely chosen khomeini over him would wake up to the deceit of these mullahs and follow the Iranian path again one day.

That day is now and as Iranians study the koran and come to realize that mohammad himself knew less that a first grader of today about life, fewer and fewer Iranians will choose the path of Ignorance which as socrates said is the path of evil.

We will gradually restore freedom to Iran again, remove the tools of foreign domination of Iran, our own ignorance and have lots of fun doing it.  Never forget how powerful we can be with knowledge and the right purpose and direction.

Regarding purpose and direction, we will never follow in the footsteps of the UK and USA, who we fundamentally believe are on the wrong path as a culture and civilization, who have based their phlosophy of life on machiavellian lying and the idea that might is right.

For example saying Shah was a dictator/despot/tyrant/megalomaniac

Savak was torturing people in the 1970's

and spending billions in support of khomeini.

Don't be Hard on yourselves My Dear Persian Leaders.

That which did not kill us... indeed made us stronger. 

Light has always won and we are alive at a crucial time in the epic struggle against darkess and tyranny in Iran.



Truth MUST be

by Arthimis on

Truth MUST be told...

Unfortuantely the entire world did not have any of the glorious tools as we have today to inform & educate masses, especially a country and a nation such as Iran and Iranians that have been brainwashed by one of the worst Religions and people known in the history of mankind who preached it to masses in our poor beloved motherland!!! The 1400 years of multiple invasions has turned our nation into one of the most "Mentally & Spiritually Disturbed" nations in this world! That's when these Religious leaders came into picture and started to exploit our mentally battered & disturbed nation for their own physchotic & evil dogma , benefits & advantages to the Maximum possible!!! Results speak loudly for themselves!!! The entire nation, including our so called educated and intellectuals fell for a man like Khomeini & still do for Khamenei & Co.!!!!  For love of GOD, in this day and age, in 2011 (1390 shamsi) !!!!?????

These UNBELIEVABLE & UNFORTUNATE FACTS doesn't even apply to Arab Muslim Countries and Nations anymore!!! It doesn't even apply to the lowest educated nations in Africa any more!!! Some one comes and claims he is the "DIRECT REPRESENTATIVE OF GOD HERE ON EARTH" and talks about "Imam Mahdi" & .......... This INSANITY does not and can not occur any where else not even in all other muslim countries simply because it is considered as a "SIN" and against Allah, Islam , Mohammad and Aale Mohammad, but it STILL happens in IRAN and to Iranians, WHY???????? 

Generations after generations fell into this "Evil & Psychotic" trap and simply didn't learn any better... Some brave souls (Our Persian Philosophers/Poets) came out in their limited way to ENLIGHTEN & Help our nation, but could NOT succeed entirely as the infection of religous fanatism was (and unfortunately still is) so deeply in our roots ...

For love of GOD, do you think, had most Persians/Iranians could truly comprehend the teachings & wisdom of men like : Ferdosi, Rumi, Hafez, Saa'di, Khayam and and .... would fall for a little phsychotic men such as Khomeini with his "Tozieholmasaael"???? 


As an Iranian, I believe at some point in our life time, we MUST come forward & confess how ignorant, uneducated, religious, fanatic, weak, hypocrite we were (AND WORSE, SOME OF US STILL ARE...) 

The younger generation Thanks to the new world's access for information and communication already knows this fact about us, but we are still in DENIAL!!!!

The moment we realize the "TRUTH", confess & apologize to the younger Iranian generations is the moment we set ourselves and everyone else "FREE"!!!

Maybe at that point, we ALL will be able to find a collective solution for our countery and our beloved motherland, Iran & finally move forward toward Light, Truth, Prosperity & Peace...

Be Omid Aan Rooz...

Free Yourselves, Free Iran and Iranians 


Mash Ghasem

لاکن، با وحدت

Mash Ghasem

لاکن، با وحدت کلمه ر..م به سر همه 

و تقدیم به تمام برادران و خواهران خط امام.



آقا / خانم آدمین. خواهشمند است که این تحفه ناچیز را  لطفأ ممیزی ننموده و آخر هفته شادی داشته باشید. 



by omeedvar on

When a reporter in the Air France carrying him to Iran, asked him how he feels of coming back to Iran after fifteen years, he replied: Heech! Ghotbzadeh jumped in and told the reporter: What kind of silly question is this! Hazrateh Ayatollah are so excited that he can not express it!                                                                                                                     The truth is that majority of Iranians did not know him. His family lived in India, where he was born. Years later they moved to Iran, went to Khomein, a village near Isfahan, and changed their family name to Khomeini.                                                                                                   His family sent him to Ghom to become a "Talabeh". In 1942 he rebelled against the shah for his land reform, dividing the lands owned by Emamzadeha and big land owners to the farmers, so they can work on their own lands. He also opposed the first time voting rights for Iranian women.                                                                                                      Shah wanted to put him in jail, but Ayatollah Shariatmadari asked Shah to send him and his family out of the country. That was how he went to Iraq for fifteen years. I wonder how many Iranian women would go to streets to support him, if they knew that he opposed their human rights and voting rights in 1942. Also, how many people would support his revolution, if they had read his books and writings like toziholmasael and Islamic Government !                  

Azarin Sadegh

Iranian George W Bush?

by Azarin Sadegh on

He appealed to the ignorant, the illiterate, the idiot, the opportunist (leftists, mko)...and the woman-hater!

yuck...his voice makes me sick to stomach.


His "Civilization" is imported too

by shahabshahab on

He did not have an Iranian mind or civilization. He thought of Iranians as a group of followers. he did not care about the Iranians. he wanted his masses and he got them. Note the idiots in the bacjground, salavatis without listenting to their Rahbar.

He wanted sheep and he got sjeep. Those who followed him, mostly got rich. So, it worked at that level.


Hitler looks good compared to

by mahmoudg on

this mass murderor. What is the difference between what he says about the inffectiveness of parties and what the Shah said about the Rastakhiz party.  Why did we have to regress always.  We need to get rid of Islam.

Immortal Guard

No pain no gain!

by Immortal Guard on

No pain in the short-term no gain in the long-term.


Naboodi e Keshvar

by karoon1 on

You (Khomeini) and IRR put the biggest KOLLAH Full of SH????????  sare Iranian people. The only two things you brought prosperity to, were Cemeteries and Jails. Today Iran is the # 1 customer of OPIUM from Afghanistan, and the biggest export of young ladies to the Persian Gulf Countries (Arabs). I can not believe those that called themselves Roshanfekrane Iran did not see how stupid and backward this man was and where is he taking the country! Majority of them were in it for their own benefits??!!!


Tyranny to all Iranians

by RostamZ on

I also never figured out how he got there but I know one thing, once he set foot on the ground his thugs were all around and terrorizing anyone who had different ideas than him. It is a shame that this misfortune happened to Iranains.


Nothing wrong

by پندارنیک on

...He said: "we don't oppose civilization, we oppose the imported civilization"

Absolutely nothinig wrong with that statement.


sounds like a Five grader speaking!!!

by Benyamin on

Unbelievable! I have no idea why people listened to him? He sounds like a person who just immigrated from a village to a big city and knows nothing about how anything works, yet he was the leader of our country for 10 years!!!