Khamenei: Military Academy

Visits IRGC's Imam Hossein University


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Why this look so fake and stupid?

by عموجان on

He is showing off his private army as if they care for Iran.    


In Ali gheda's speech he refers to USA, while forgetting IRI

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Leader referred to analyses on the
failure of US strategies in the Middle East and said, "Thirty years ago,
the Great Satan just lost one of its corrupted cronies, the Pahlavi

but what he could not say which almost all Iranians today of all the various groups believe to be true, is that the Islamic Authorities proved to be the most corrupt group of all.

So cleary the corrupt islamic government is wanted less than any other in Irans History and it stays in power through the use of terror, torture, rape and fear, which no one really knows what to do about.

Just think about it, after all the violence and brutality subjected on the people, did you think the IRI was going to be more liked by the people?  No, the truth is there is now more Fear, which is all the mullahs care about.


Some Iranians can be such liars and crooks be careful Ali Gheda

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Look who I'm saying be careful to,

the big liar and crook himself, ali gheda,

he knows that 100% % of the people saluting him and saying they are ready to die for him would turn him in to the USA if it occupied Iran and announced a bounty of $1million for info for his capture.


US Navy Seal , Team Six ...

by Arthimis on

US Navy Seal , Team Six ... Or One True Iranian!! That's All It Takes...


seyed Ali Cholagh

by mahmoudg on

is kissing the moron who is in a wheel chair and he is complaining to him about, probably the ill treatment he has gotten from the authorities.  This is what you get for wasting your life for this dictator and your worthless Islam.