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US Senate testimony on Iran democracy movement

>>> Watch video Human Rights and Democratic Reform in Iran. U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Affairs. Presiding: Senator Robert Casey, Jr. Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011. Panel One: The Honorable Michael H. Posner, Assistant Secretary of State Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.  Mr. Philo L. Dibble, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. Panel Two:  Mr. Kambiz Hosseini, Voice of America. Mr. Andrew Apostolou, Senior Program Manager, Freedom House. Ms. Rudi Bakhtiar, Communications Director, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran >>> Watch video


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Vildemose we are a long way from being able...

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

to manage a true republic or democratic system for Iran.  You say...

do not trust the Americans to help or even sympathize with Iranians in
their path to democracy. The US thinks we are too uncivilized to have
democracy in Iran.

They only fund democratic programs on VOA and spreading the idea of democracy, because they know all people aspire to it in the modern world and they want to use it to accomplish their goals.  You don't see Russians running after democracy even though they are far more educated than we are, they are intelligent and will pursue it slowly and based on gradual social and economic development.  That is the only way it can happen in Iran, like it did in every other developed country that has it.

Ironically had the Shah not been destroyed we would be closer to it today than russia.  His was the only intelligent way in this world of neo-colonialism and secret meetings.


Babak, you are too niave, too uninformed

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Dictators in Iran, in North korea, in Syria and in the other
places do not want the world to know about their wrong doings against
their citizens.

The West wants this for the middle east and north Africa, they have been pursuing this policy for a long time now.  What do we have to do to wake people like you up????

Your suggestions are very welcome.


Babak They are not exposing the abuser, that would be the USA/UK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

France/Germany.  It is now 33 years and counting that the USA has lead the others to support in secret this regime.  Here is a great article from the 80's i just found, enlighten yourself.


(This originally appeared in the TIMES (London), 6 November 1984)

[Kindly uploaded and provided with notes by Freeman 10602PANC]

  Who  remembers Iran?   Who  remembers, that  is,  the shameful
stampede of Western journalists and intellectuals to the cause of
the Iranian revolution?  Who  remembers the hysterical propaganda
campaign  waged  against the  Shah,  the lurid  press  reports of
corruption, police  oppression, palace  decadence, constitutional
crisis?   Who  remembers  the thousands  of  Iranian  students in
Western universities  enthusiastically absorbing  the fashionable
Marxist nonsense purveyed to them by armchair radicals, so as one
day to lead the campaign of riot and mendacity which preceded the
Shah's downfall?
  Who  remembers the  behaviour of  those  students who  held as
hostage  the envoys  of the  very same  power which  had provided
their  'education'?   Who remembers  Edward  Kennedy's accusation
that  the Shah  had  presided over  'one  of the  most oppressive
regimes in history'  and had stolen  'umpteen billions of dollars
from Iran'?
  And who  remembers the  occasional truth  that our journalists
enabled us to  glimpse, concerning the  Shah's real achievements:
his  successes  in  combating  the  illiteracy,  backwardness and
powerlessness of  his country,  his enlightened  economic policy,
the reforms which might have saved his people from the tyranny of
evil mullahs,  had he been  given the chance  to accomplish them?
Who remembers the freedom and security in which journalists could
roam Iran,  gathering the gossip  that would  fuel their fanciful
stories of a reign of terror?
  True, the Shah was an autocrat.  But autocracy and tyranny are
not the  same.  An  autocrat may preside,  as the  Shah sought to
preside, over  a representative  parliament, over  an independent
judiciary, even over  a free press  and an autonomous university.
The Shah, like Kemal Ataturk  [umlaut over the 'u'], whose vision
he shared,  regarded his autocracy  as the means  to the creation
and protection  of such institutions.   Why did no  one among the
Western political  scientists trouble  to point  this out,  or to
rehearse  the  theory  which  tells us  to  esteem  not  just the
democratic  process,  but also  the  representative  and limiting
institutions which may still flourish in its absence?  Why did no
one enjoin us to  compare the political system  of Iran with that
of Iraq or Syria?
  Why did our  political scientists rush  to embrace the Iranian
revolution,  despite  the evidence  that  revolution  under these
circumstances must be the prelude  to massive social disorder and
a regime  of terror?   Why did  the Western  intelligentsia go on
repeating  the  myth  that  the   Shah  was  to  blame  for  this
revolution, when both Khomeini and the Marxists had been planning
it for 30 years and had found, despite their many attempts to put
it into operation, only spasmodic popular support?
  The answer to all those questions  is simple.  The Shah was an
ally  of  the  West, whose  achievement  in  establishing limited
monarchy in a vital strategic  region had helped to guarantee our
security,  to bring  stability to  the Middle  East and  to deter
Soviet expansion.  The  Shah made the  fatal mistake of supposing
that the  makers of Western  opinion would love  him for creating
conditions which guaranteed their freedom.  On the contrary, they
hated him.   The Shah had  reckoned without the  great death wish
which  haunts our  civilisation and  which causes  its vociferous
members to propagate any falsehood, however absurd, provided only
that it damages our chances of survival.
  For a while, of course,  those vociferous elements will remain
silent  on the  embarrassing topic  of  Iran, believing  that the
collapse of Iranian institutions,  the establishment of religious
terror,  the Soviet  expansion into  Afghanistan  and the  end of
stability in the region are all  due to some other cause than the
Iranian revolution.  Those who lent their support to this tragedy
simply turned their back  on it and went  elsewhere, to prepare a
similar outcome for the people of Turkey, Nicaragua, El Salvador,
Chile, South Africa  -- or wherever else  our vital interests may
be damaged.
  Of   course,    it   is    difficult   now    for   a  Western
correspondent to enter Iran, and if he did so it would not be for
fun.  He  could not,  like the  ghouls who  send their despatches
from Beirut, adopt  a public posture of  the front-line hero.  He
would have to witness, quietly and  in terror of his life, things
which  beggar  description:  the  spontaneous  'justice'  of  the
revolutionary guards,  the appalling scenes  of violence, torture
and demonic  frenzy, the public  humiliation of  women, the daily
sacrifice of lives too  young to be conscious  of the meaning for
which they are condemned to destruction.
  He  would  also have  to  confront  the truth  which  has been
staring  him in  the face  for  years, and  which he  could still
recognise had the habit of  confessing his errors been preserved:
the truth that  limited monarchy is the  right form of government
for  Iran, which  can be  saved  only by  the restoration  of the
Shah's legitimate successor.   But such a result  would be in the
interests not only of  the Iranian people, but  also of the West.
Hence few Western journalists are likely to entertain it.

                                               (6 November 1984)

Babak K.

I read the comments of

by Babak K. on

I read the comments of everybody and I was surprised that so many of you are upset that the abused is trying to expose the abuser.  The dictatorship in Iran wants evrybody to shut up so that the plunder of the present and future resources of the country can go on.  The abuser in Iran does not want the leakage of the secrets to outside world so that the abuser can continue the rape of the abused, the Iranian people.  The abuser in Iran does not want the world to know about the percent of drug addictions, about the prostitution about lack of freedom about turtore and summary excutions, about children who go to bed hungary, about persecution of bahaee's and other religious groups, about torture and imprisonment of journalists... I do believe that we should do more to let the world know about the plight of our oppressed people in Iran.  Dictaors in Iran, in North korea, in Syria and in the other places do not want the world to know about their wrong doings against their citizens.  And that is why the work of Mr. Hosseini and Ms. Bakhtiar becomes so valubale, because they expose the abuser, and they have become a voice for the voiceless.  I slute their effords and I am greatful for their hard work.




آی‌‌ ننه من غریبم به خدا. یکی‌ واسه من گریه کنه


تا آستینا رو بالا نزنیم و کمر بندا رو سفت نکنیم و به جنگ این جونورا نریم آب از آب تکن نمیخوره. به امید این و اون نشستن جز خود سبک کردن و ذلّت نشان دادن چیز دیگری نخواهد بود. پس کجاست اون غیرت ایرانی‌ با اون فرهنگ کهنسالش. اینقدر خودتونو رو ضعیف و پست نکنید. اجنبی دلش واسه تو نسوخته و نخواهد سوخت.


Amercia going mad

by Khebedin on

How low and  desperate America needs to get, to long,  reach and beg the assistance of this clown and this young cheek. Is America drunk?.


Sadly The USA is now working with and sponsoring the MEK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The USA is now against the IRI Supreme Leader and has been paying to replace him, but since the failure of the Green Movement due to iranian state violence.  It is now prepared to side with armed groups like MEK.

I just pray theys guys know who they are dealing with after what we see happening to North Africa including in LIBYA by USA/FRANCE/UK against the purpose and spirit of the Charter of The UN.  This despite most of the world powers abstaining from the vote ie russia, india, china, germany etc etc.

Human Rights, what a Joke they must be laughing all the way to their Democracy Bank.


The US has been fully

by vildemose on

The US has been fully supportive of IRI for the past 32 years. However, that is no longer true. Iranians should blame the US for supporting the IRI and do not trust the Americans to help or even sympathize with Iranians in their path to democracy. The US thinks we are too uncivilized to have democracy in Iran. I have no idea who they have in mind to replace the IRI with this time around. But we need to learn our lesson and be vigilant nontheless.


Iranian people, between a rock and a hard place

by Bavafa on

On one hand fighting the oppressive regime in Tehran, on the other hand fighting an imperialist policy of the US and West in general.

One does not need to look far to see ample evidence of the sinister US policy regarding their support for dictators around the world when their interest depends on those dictators. Such policies and support for dictators can be found all of the Middle East. Yet, one can not deny the systematic oppression, crimes and theft that Iranians have been enduring under the current regime in Iran.

This puts Iranians under such hard place, fighting IRI all the while resisting the lure of a greater enemy.

VOA can not serve any other cause if it goes counter to those who pay their bills.

The only path to freedom for Iranians is to take charge of their own destiny and stand up for their own rights and freedom.




by kemalmajor on

The U.S. sponsors terror groups against Iranians; The U.S. sponsors violence against Iranians. The U.S. sponsors psychological operations both inside and outside the U.S. to turn the Iranian people into a soft target.

It is EXTREMELY unlikely that anyone in the Diaspora that joins these groups, lends them support, or aids them in ANY way will be welcome back in Iran under the present regime OR any other regime. I hope to open up your eyes to these tactics.

Every Iranian should educate themselves and look with an extremely critical eye towards so-called "news broadcasts" from VOA, RADIO FARDA, BBC PERSIAN and other government funded media outlets. The same holds true for "human rights campaigns" - the U.S. exploits that label for military purposes.

I have provided links to two videos below so everyone can educate themselves as to how the U.S. conducts some of these activities. These videos will give you the flavor of how the U.S. operates so you can be mindful of what to watch out for. The next time you watch a "news" broadcast or hear about a "human rights campaign" involving Iran, ask serious questions. It is also useful to see what VOA says on its other channels to the groups it encourages to commit terror attacks against Iranians - you would be surprised.




//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeY05iS5iv0&feature... bedded#at=15

Babak K.

Mr. Hosseini and Ms.

by Babak K. on

Mr. Hosseini and Ms. Bakhtiar

Thank you for being the voice for the voiceless and representing them.  We need more of these so that people of the world can understand the plight of the suppressed and oppressed Iranians.  Thank you again for your work and there is more work ahead of us that should be done so that we can bring democracy to Iran.  Thank you for being so active.  Those Iranian who suffer form high prices and inflation and lack of freedom they need more of what you are doing.  Iranian prisoners of conscenous have no voice, but with your work you give them chance to be heard.

Babak K.


Thank you ,Hosseini and Bakhtiar

by sam jade on

I am surprised some of thos comments I read (some ) they put those two down Mrr./Ms Tabris blasi , called Hosseini a "clown " ,.,

these people give their time , and their life , to make world pays attention to iranian UNFAIR and UNjustify killing of innocent people , kids under age 16 years old , were hanged in Iran ,, who would be the voice for them,, ??

You ??Mr. Tbris ,, How much of your life has been dedicated to this cause ,,

sitting in your fanny and criricize those two is not fair ,, Next time please show us What can you do better ,,or if u ever done anything.. 

Lets encourage those two ,and give them support , THEY DO NOT NEED to do this , they do not get paid , both of them ,are involved in Human rights for Iranian projects .Bakhtiari has her own website and shows up in many protest for human rights in Iran , She gets attention cause she is a well known international public figure ,, MR Tabris ,, who are you ??

I have great respect and appriciation for both of them and any other Iranian who dedicates time and life to IRAN causes..

I hope we see more and more from some other Iranian public figures ,, please be positive and support them,,


A Mind Flash!

by Demo on

The posted picture above itself flashed the "Les Miserables" of Victor Hugo in my mind for a second! The time is too precious to watch the video though!


To Kambiz Hosseini

by tabriz_balasi on

stick to being a clown !!


I would recommend these guys to read some good articles...

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

like the analysis done on milani's book, the riddle of the persian sphinx on //www.persiansphinx.info

it would open there eyes a little as to what Americas responsibility is and is not in Iran.


Kudos to Hosseini and Bakhtiar

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For speaking on behalf of the Iranian people suffering under islamist regime. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Benyamin on

that is a beautiful thought "pendar e nik". I agree with you.


Shoes one size too big

by پندارنیک on

I hope everything will be fine one day, with everyone doing what he or she is good at doing. The funny man getting his laughs, the beautiful anchor reading the weather forecast....you know....