Iranians & Pornography

Sex therapist Dr. Maryam Mohebbi

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I have never enjoyed

by comments on

I have never enjoyed watching pornography.  Frankly, I find it disgusting.  I enjoy arousing movie but in a good story.

I don't mind if a husband or wife wants to see a porno once in while.  I don't think there should be any sensitivity from both sides in this matter as long as husband and wife are psychologically  normal and in a good relationship. 

I am glad she educates Iranians and make the sex concept something natural and less taboo.  People are not going to brag about their sex life and make fun of others any more.

Ali P.

To watch, or not to watch...

by Ali P. on

I think she is telling us to watch, but in moderation.

Like everything else in life, wise men (and wise women) tell us to do it in moderation, but the question remains: How often is the moderate rate these days?

(kesee mazenneh dastesh hast?)