Bahai Gardens

Haifa, Israel With over half a million visitors a year, the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa and ‘Akko are among the most popular sites in the Middle East. Their unique design, combining geometrical shapes and exquisite detailing with loving conservation of natural and historic landscape features, leaves an indelible impression on visitors. Many return again and again to experience the changing seasons and relive the serene tranquility and uplifting spirit of these special places >>>


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Anis Cyrus

radiance of unity

by Anis Cyrus on

unlike our present government in Iran which has only planted the seeds of hatred,war, anger,animosity,torture,sadness and shame ,the Bahai contribution to the world civilization ,in spite of all the injustice suffered,has been concrete achievements in love, unity, beauty,moral education and peace in all parts of our planet.The Bahai gardens in Haifa is a sample of the presents offered to the world by the Bahai citezens.Only last year some 4 million people visted the fantastic Lotus Temple in Bahapour,New Delhi,India and could witness with enthusiasm and joy another one of these contibuitions.

nadeem khan

A religion that came to establish a World Commonwealth (?)

by nadeem khan on

did not allow its members (believers?) to teach the Israelis? Very fishy, isn't it?

nadeem khan

BAHA did not allowed to teach to Israelis for unknown reasons

by nadeem khan on

During Shoghi Effendi's time as the head of the Bahá'í Faith, the
British Mandate of Palestine was dealing with a growing conflict between
Zionists and Arabs in the region of Palestine. With the failure of the
mandate in 1948, and the resulting 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the majority
of the Bahá'ís in Palestine left the country and only Shoghi Effendi and
a few others remained behind. In 1963 the first Universal House of
Justice was elected, with its seat in Haifa, and was recognized by the
Israeli government as the legal head of the Bahá'í Faith.

despite the presence of several hundred volunteer staff in Haifa and
`Akká, there is no formal community of Bahá'ís in Israel in the sense
that there are no Nineteen Day Feasts, assemblies, etc. Additionally,
since the days of Bahá'u'lláh, Bahá'ís have observed a self-imposed ban
on teaching their religion to the local population of Israel. Formal
declarations of faith by Israelis are not accepted. In a letter dated
1995, the Universal House of Justice wrote:
“ ...the people in
Israel have access to factual information about the Faith, its history
and general principles. Books concerning the Faith are available in
libraries throughout Israel, and Israelis are welcome to visit the
Shrines and the surrounding gardens. However, in keeping with a policy
that has been strictly followed since the days of Bahá'u'lláh, Bahá'ís
do not teach the Faith in Israel. Likewise, the Faith is not taught to
Israelis abroad if they intend to return to Israel. When Israelis ask
about the Faith, their questions are answered, but this is done in a
manner which provides factual information without stimulating further


"As a Persian ..." Ya right!!!

by Waders on

Neither of these 2 brainiacs, Imortal gaurt or Kemal (not Kamal) sound Iranian or Shia for that matter. Beaware of trolls like these who are out there to make enemies for Iranians.      



by RostamZ on

You are right. The best thing to do is to ignore them. You are however absolutely correct they are quite funny. 


There should be room for all religions - even if none

by MM on

and, in Iran, the first step towards being a civil society begins with cutting the ties of religion from politics and the constitution.

So much hatred in some folks, and for what?  Because Bahaollah claimed to be a prophet?  Well, I have some news here since Bahaollah is not the last religious figure to claim prophecy.  Additionally, there are billions in the world who either practice non-Abrahamic religions/philisophies or have none.

Immortal Guard

As a Persian ...

by Immortal Guard on

As a Persian I would prefer the worst Iranian government of all times to the best Israeli government of all times!

So don't stick up your neck for Israel's existence! If you are a true Iranian accept Iran with all its goods and bads!

Ali P. - You with your Spartacus ragtag empowerment!

So are you guys thugs or tugs?

And this is for your Isaiah mumo jumbo:



Rostam, the good news is...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

That the little cyber bassijis who come here and tell us who should and should not stay in their beloved islamist paradise, have already taken up firm residence in Londonistan, Toronto and Kaliforni!

So dont take them seriously, by all means have a laugh at their expenes though, I often do!

The game is over and clock is ticking. Iran is for ALL Iranains and not a few thousand islamist terrorist thugs. they know it and that is why they have abandoned the sinking ship like the cowardly rats they are. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


If people think like you

by RostamZ on

Then there will be no hope for Iran. The good thing is that you are a minority but like many other IRI thugs talk for everyone else. It is not up to you to decide who stays and who leaves. The fact that you insulted other people belief totally discerditd you as an individual and you do not have the respect of folks on this site. I certainly hope that you will be removed from the site until you develop better manners.


Immortal's "simple question"

by stavackoli on

Immortal Gurad,

 Moving the Baha'i gardens from Israel is not the equivalent of moving the tomb of the Shah.  It is however the equivalent of moving the shrines from Najaf or karbala, or the holy sites in Medina, or Mecca. Or let's make it even simpler, why don't we move the mosques from Isfahan? That should be simple right? 

The architectural edifices built on Mount Carmel belong to The Baha'i Faith, they belonged to us before there ever was a state of Israel, they belong to us now and they belong to us should the state of Israel vanish (which it never will, read Isiah, why don't you all educate yourself before you get on these sites and ramble on anyway?).  We have no quarrel with the state of Israel, we in fact have no quarrel with any state at all.  If we complain about the government of Iran, it is because of their behavior towards their own people.  We were born in Iran weren't we? We are Iranians, we are proud of being Iranian and there isn't anyone on this site (KemalMajor) or anywhere else that can hand us our collective belongings and tell us to get out.  Remember that the country does not belong to you, it belongs to its people.  We are its people just as much as you are, I can't tell you to get out and you can't tell me to get out either.  No Baha'i has EVER bad mouthed Iran, we are not pleased with its present government (albeit we obey it more than most of the other guys who disagree with its ways) but we do love the country itself, it after all is the birth place of the, so far, last manifestation of God on Earth, Baha'u'llah.  Whether you like it or not, makes no difference at all, really. Get used to it.

Ali P.

That's all I am saying...

by Ali P. on

What I am saying is that if you are a Bahai - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave.

What I am saying is that if you are a Jew - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a Monarchist - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a Communist - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a Christian- you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a Atheist - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a homosexual - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave.

What I am saying is that if you are a religious person - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a feminist - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a Sunni - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are a handicapped person - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 

What I am saying is that if you are anything, but us - you are not wanted in Iran.  Beat it.  Happy trails.  Adios.  Good bye.   Leave. 


OK. Now, THIS is the Great Iran I am talking about...








Hello...anybody there?


The reality

by RostamZ on

  You can talk about yourself and your opinion but please don't include Iranians in it. I certainly don't believe in what you are saying and I am not acting as if I own the whole Iran. These folks have different ideas. They never did hurt anyone and they have been good citizens. Your behvior and your tone is absolutely tuggish and unacceptable in a civilized world. So, please stop doing that and try to make some sense rather than name calling. 

Immortal Guard

So what happens to their garden in Haifa once Israel is no more?

by Immortal Guard on

So what happens to their garden in Haifa once Israel is no more? Is it too much asked of them to transfer their site from Israel to a neutral site?

If the Baha'is are a national security risk and work against the interests of Iran and most Iranians then they should be asked to leave.

By the way why were around 140000 Jews expelled from Iraq in the early part of the 20th century and the Jewish community in Iran around the 1979 revolution was around 80000? Aren't the Iraqis part of the Arab moderate friends of Israel?


Tell me about abuse of friendship!

I can tell you from first-hand experience with Iranian Jews that they are no friends. They would prefer a Jewish thug anytime to a Persian gentleman!


And this all I can say

by RostamZ on

No Gaza, No Lebanon, My life only for Iran. Just go on the streets of Iran and you will hear it everywhere.


This is new

by RostamZ on

I didn't hear any complain in the video. All they talked about is the architecture and the Garden. By the way, Thuggery is not allowed on this site. 

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

They are Iranian and should be able to live in Iran without being harassed. 

Don't you know that the Neocons  say the same thing to the Muslims who live in the U.S? 

Now what is your religion and where are you living?

If you enjoy the freedom you should also want it for everyone else including the Bahais....... 

Treat people the way you want to be treated  !


"Bahai Traitors and their Zionist masters"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Islamist regime quite often quotes the existance of the Bahai Garden in Israel as their proof for the above ridiculous claim, and justification for their shameful persecution of our bahai compatriots.  Had the Islamist morons doen a bit of research before making up their lies, they'd had realised that these gardens were created well before the state of Israel was even born.

The real bone of the islamist regime with bahai faith is the way this faith has challenged the authority and power of shia clergy, this vicious cancer deeply embeded our society and responsible for some of the most tragic periods of our recent history. 

BTW, loved the video, thank you very much.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Sick of Hearing About the Bahais

by kemalmajor on

Message to Bahais:

Go and live in Israel.  Go and live in India.  Go and live somewhere else.  

Just please stop complaining about being in Iran; your faith was never accepted in Iran.  Your behavior in the Diaspora is  bizarre, and much of it anti-Iranian.

Just go and live somewhere else and be happy.  Stop trying to force your crap on every one else.   



by RostamZ on

        Most Iranians don't care for the issue between Israel and Phalestine and they are more concerened for the people of Iran. If you are so upset about the situation in Phalestine, then take action and there are many ways to voice your concern. You don't need to belittle Bahais and call them names. The only traitor in Iran are the IRI folks. Anyone helping the government of Iran is doing great disservice to cause of free Iran and Iranians.

        As for the Bahais, more power to you. I am proud that they call themselves Iranian and associate themselves with Iran. I am also proud to be their compatriot. 

Immortal Guard

A simple question?

by Immortal Guard on

If the current Iranian government in Iran changes and a truly Iranian and nationalist government comes to Iran then Mohammad Reza Shah's tomb can be moved from Cairo to Iran! Don't you agree?

Well I think that the Baha'is should move their holy place from Haifa in Israel to a contemporarily neutral place.

If their true allegiance is to Iran and Iranians at large they should shun the country of the Jews because of people like Henry Kissinger
who during the Iran-Iraq war has been quoted as saying things like,
'too bad they both can't lose' and 'I hope they kill each other'! The quotes are available on the Internet!

When the war between Iran and Iraq ended in 1988 I also personally heard Yitzak Rabin on TV saying that "the good 8 years are over"!




Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

You don't have to be hypothetical about it—you can say it to my face :) 

And we've done this dance before...


You rehash Falsafi-era rhetoric, I answer it, you deny it...let the Iranian audience at large decide. Read it in Persian or English; your choice. 

Immortal Guard

Baha'is: Traitors to true Iranians and Iran!

by Immortal Guard on

They should go and serve their Zionist masters and contribute more of their efforts to Jewish-Arab peace process!

I would say to a Bahai traitor: go and enjoy some time in your soulless gardens then no paradise is waiting for you in your next life!


Bahai garden and temple in Chicago

by afshinazad on

The one in chicago is one of the best and most beautiful place in that city and public for their wedding pictures they go there and this place is just like huge park.


Such a beautiful structure.

by afshin on

Such a beautiful structure.  I'm personally ashamed of how the Bahais have been treated through ages.  But then again the Iranian government has plenty of moslem blood on its hand as well..