Zang e Khatar

A poem by Babak Eshaghi, recited by Molhed


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Dear Payam S

by Bunyip on

If being Iranian; if Iran's history; if Iran's legends, all hurt you so much, why don't you pack up your belongings and go back to Arabia. And while you're at it, take all of those who live in Iran and worship your idols and gods back with you. I am sure you'll find a more hospitable land there. If to you the Persian empire and it's founder Cyrus the Great were dictatorial in nature, then what do you call your beloved Islamic republic, it's blood sucking leaders and all the moftkhors supporting it. All these assholes are the Zahhaks of our day, waiting for Kaveh and Fereydoon to come along and kick their asses out. Enjoy your time in Iran while you still can.



by yolanda on

The video is pretty scary......especially the dude hit himself hysterically! I hope he did not sustain self-inflicted head injury!

payam s

"Hame sar be sar tan beh koshtan dahim...

by payam s on

Az aan beh keh iran be doshman dahim." Khaak to saret baa een mantegheh ghorazat ke iranian-e mosalman ro (the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF IRAN) ba doshman yeki mikoni; I don't care who wrote it. They call it nationalism, another word for racism, jingoism and fascism. These philosopher poets (and the rest of the upper-class iranians) are so caught up in their fantasies about the "persian empire" (a dictatorial authoritarian entity), cyrus "the great" (another dictator who forced people into submission via military power), mythical heroes (arash, rostam, etc), and other national myths that they fail to understand the reality of today's iran. By their calculations, most iranians are in fact enemies of the "nation" (whatever that means) and adjnabies since they are muslim, not to mention the iranian arabs. Your poetry is full of hate and fictitious historiography. Well F*** you, your hate, your arrogance, and your racism. You are no better than the IRI you supposedly critique. 


خوب بود خوب بود خوب بود


من فقط یک ایراد به مرحوم فردوسی دارم

که گفته است

دریغا که ایران ویران شود

کنام پلنگان و شیران شود

پلنگان و شیران بسیار شریف تر از حجت الاسلام ها...آخوندان...آیت الله ها...سپاهی ها...و بسیجی ها هستند




What a beautiful poem

by Bavafa on

Accompanied with such ugly/bitter pictures (Akhoond and other Islamic pix)


Maryam Hojjat

Bravo, You Shir Zan e Irani Shaer

by Maryam Hojjat on

You said the best and sad reality of Iranians.  I hope one day soon those who following these akhoonds lies and tricks wake up and realize what they have done to IRAN & Irani by listening and conforming to these criminal bastards. 


Excellent Poem!

by statira on

A tazi never beats himself for Hossein or anybody else. This is just  an Irani who is Kaseyeh az ash daghtareh.