Space Launch: Kavoshgar-4

Iran says it launched new rocket and capsule into orbit Iran announced today (March 17) that it has launched a new rocket and space capsule designed to carry a monkey into orbit, according to the country's state-run news agency. According to Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency, the country launched the capsule on a Kavoshgar-4 ("Explorer" in Farsi) rocket Tuesday (March 15). The IRNA report stated that "data and images" from the capsule were expected to be sent from orbit 120 kilometers (75 miles) above the Earth, Reuters reported. The launch marks a major step forward for Iran's fledgling space program, and a worrying sign for foreign nations fearing that Iran's space goals are aimed at developing space weapons. Although the new space capsule is designed to carry living creatures, there were no animals onboard this test launch, IRNA and other news agencies reported >>>


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Anonymous Observer

IMF / Gholam

by Anonymous Observer on

Please refrain from posting links to pictures of yourself.  


Send this boozineh to faza ...

by Kashk on


کاوشگر، لاک پشت بر، تاکو تراک!


All I want to know is that if the Winnebago serves good fish taco with homemade salsa!

More Salsa por favor, Seniorita!

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Here is collection of AssTronautical praphernarial before the advent of the space age:




Just for all those Zionists here

by on

who put down Iran in every opportunity they get which must stem from one thing and only one thing, that is "Fear of Iran"!

Enjoy it or suffer from the jealousy!




Soosan Khanoom

Come on give him a break

by Soosan Khanoom on

Come on give him a break .... you go Ahamdinejad ........ where no man has gone before .......  make our nation proud ........  : )

We've built a flying saucer, boasts Iran (even if it does look like it belongs in a 1950s B-movie)





Bogus Graphics

by Darie on

This is so pitiful, a short video of cheap computer graphics. In the video the Rocket is wabbling all over the place; there is no way in JAHANAM the rocket could hold together with that kind of instability. LOL

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Suppository or rockets...!? Can't tell the difference from the

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

video clip?

Are you sure this is not what Rahbar Khamenei applies after a massive case of constipation?


LOL, IRI building space

by vildemose on

LOL, IRI building space weapons??? This is another ludicrous fearmongering by the neocons. Iran can't even build a its own nuclear plants or refinaries, let alone space weapons, which have not been even built by the US, yet.


Ahmaghinejad is going to be IRI astronaut?

by choghok on

So they have designed this rocket speciall for sending Ahmaghinejad up? It must be the only way for him to get away with the mess he has done in Iran.


Filthy Islamist Rapist

by Delavar1 on

Filthy Islamist Rapist Republic animals raping,stoning , executing men, women and children, now  sending Korean made Rockets into space? What a shame .


More details of the Flight of the Rocket

by IranFirst on


Those Monkeys ghedas in Iran can't manage the country/economy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Now they are wasting all the money we have left to send the hidden emam to the moon... to do what we don't know, for what benefit we are left speechless.  Give me a break, 50% of Iran is living in dire poverty as you send Iran to the stone age.

Jeesh Daram

بیست و چهار اسفند

Jeesh Daram

دولت انگلستان بهشون دستورداد که این کپسول حاوی باروت-زرنیخ-واجبی و نشادر را درست روز تولد رضا شاه هوا کنند که یادی هم از آن مرد شده باشد. میمون بدبخت را هم که دیدید، لباس حاجی فیروز تنش کرده اند. تمام موشک اینهارو با یک آچار پیچ گوشتی میشه واز کرد.  ما اینهارو کلاس پنج دبستان میساختیم و جز مزاحمت برای درو همسایه هیچ مصرف دیگری ندارد. صدای گوینده اخبار هم که دیگه واویلاست.  خدارو شکر کنید که هروز مجبور نیستید صدای این مردک را گوش کنید. اون فنر روی یقلابی غذا که شکل راداره هم فنر خودکار بیکه.  تو سبزه میدون مشت مشت میخریدیم. اون صدو بیست کیلومتر هم که میگن این موشک طی میکنه عمودی نیست. میذارنش روی یک تریلی و جاده قم را میگیره تا کیلومتر صدوبیست،  نهار را که خوردن و بعد از نماز، سر خر و کج میکنن و بر میگردن 


Inaa nemifahman agar in

by Arthimis on

Inaa nemifahman agar in Radar Fanaresh dar reh , dahaneshoon serviceh... lol :D)

In mooshakaa va farmandeh kohleh sepaheshoon beh yek fanar bandand... What a sad joke...

Abroo Rizi hadoo hesaab nadareh...

 "Two things are infinite: the universe and human (I.R.) stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." Albert Einstein.



by Doctor mohandes on

Amalyatesh Peech peechie... So that is why they picked a winnebago:))


It is indeed nice animation

by Onlyiran on

and that IS probably the extent of it!  BTW, is that Winnebago the "command and control center" for this thing?  My neighbor has one of these in his driveway.  LOL!!!

PS- Why does the news anchor have a pimp suit on?  :-) 


:))) here is the actual quoted lauch

by MM on


Not even a good animation cartoon

by Bavafa on

But I will wait a bit before the truth in this news comes out. If they have been successful, then my congrats to the Iranian people.



Good animation

by mahmoudg on

good animation cartoon. Beyond that it is all propoganda.  Not one clip of the actual spaceship!!.  Fools enough morons in Iran to believe they are onto something.