Salehi: Mousavi & Karroubi are Free

Foreign minister denies reports that opposition figures have been arrested

Ali Akbar Salehi refused to be interviewed by a Persian-speaking Euronews journalist:x


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Yeah....Salehi is a "genius"

by Onlyiran on

so are Ted Kaczynski (Harvard grad), Ahmad Chalabi (MIT grad) and last, but not the least, Jaleho's favorite person, Benjamin Natanyahu (MIT grad).  I guess we should admire all of those people as well.  LOL!!!


The Techniques of a

by Arthimis on

The Techniques of a Sociopath !!!!



Jaleho, Salehi maybe a

by Arthimis on

Jaleho, Salehi maybe a genius Scientist, but unfortunately like the rest of criminal I.R. (occupiers of Iran) a complete failure as a simple God Loving human being! He is lying in front of the world!!!! Call it "Taghieh or Taqiyya" or all you want... It is Psychotic, dellusional and WRONG on all levels of humanity and consciousness, period!!!



Dear Abusaleh, Apparently

by Arthimis on

Dear Abusaleh,

Apparently you are a devoted muslim and I won't disrespect you personally... More power to you and your faith, if that makes you be a better human being... I know what "Taghieh" (Taqiyya) and "Kitman" are, Thank you for your explanations... //

However, as a human, I have a fundamental problem with all religons in general... In my own case and experiences like millions of other Iranians, I have been oppressed by Shia, Islam and those who have forced it upon a nation with such an already Peaceful and Grand culture and ancient civilization that works on simple principals of " Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds" ... This Golden Triangle pretty much covers all dimensions of good human existence and consciousness , irrespective of his/her religion...

Religions (Especially Jewish, Christian and Islam...) are dividers and force us human to see, hear and feel God from an ignorant human view and perspective... Why would GOD want to differentiate amongst his/her/its children? Is God Prejudice, Bi-Polar and Racist like a weak and hopeless man??? Have you read Qur'an, Bible and Torat? How many times? Haven't you seen and understood that the "GOD" they all preach about is the most Merciful and kind on one hand and Angry, Offensive and Threatening on the other hand? Excuse me what kind of a "GOD" is that????!!!!! I mean come on! You don't have to be a genius to figure this out! You can simply do this by yourself and with your own conscience...

To find God , Man needs CONSCIOUSNESS, not religon! Religon is for the confused and fearful people... And that's how men take advantage of these deadly tools (religion) to rule, oppress and control masses, and unfortunately in the name of God, Almighty... Such a shame...

Any man with consciousness can connect to his /her own GOD directly without the help of a "middle man" (religion) especially an ignorant one... For love of God, we Iranians now have a psychopath and delusional guy who claims he is a direct representative of God on earth!!!!!! A President that is talking about Imam Zaman and thousands maybe even millions of sheeps who believe and follow them and kill for their psychotic leaders and so called reasons!!!!!! Now, in 2011!!! With the help of " Taqiyya/Taghieh" They lie on a broad daylight and in front of the world to prove their idiotic reasons and to save their miserable lives!!!! Do you understand their insanities Sir? Do you?

I'm going to stop here.... 

Health, Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Love and Peace for all ... 



by MRX1 on

how these roaches  lie with straight face.

Worcester Mo

Jaleho- This guy is not dumb, but DEVIOUS

by Worcester Mo on

Dumb folks can take shelter behind their low mental capacity and low IQ.  This man, is just a devious SOB who lies to your face and-as you indicated is an educated man- he is that much more responsible for his lies.   


Let's see, Salehi is a nuclear scientist,

by Jaleho on

has been the chancellor of Sharif University which is one of the better technical universities in the world, he has a Ph.D in Physics from MIT which is another good technical university, and if you search him in google scholar, you'll find many of his contributions to science.


I guess Iranian.comers calling him dumb would be telling more about themselves than Salehi.

Worcester Mo

How do these bastards live by themselves?

by Worcester Mo on

Amazing how easily these muslems lie.


Waste of time

by rain bow movment on

I never watch or listen to anyone of these criminal basterd,just read the

comments,and monitor their agents activity.

even their brother puteen knows that this regime is way past it's used by date.


His English is better than Mottaki but

by shahabshahab on

But he sounds as dumb as Mottaki. IRIB has so smuch money, can't they at least buy a smart foreign minstrer? Do we have this shortage on Iran too?


Dear Arthimis

by abusaleh on

Taghieh is a concept common to shia and sunni.

Taghieh comes from the arabic work "wiqaya" which means to shield one self or protect one self.

Taghieh is used in instances when revealing your faith causes you danger or harm. Thus you are allowed to cover your faith or you belief in your religion to protect yourself, your family or other persons that may be in danger.

Hope that is a clarification to your original interpretation.


Pedro, vay vay vay be halemoon.

by onlyinamrica on

khoda noor bishtar be ghabre reza shah va mohammad reza shah bebareh. maa aslan ghadre onha ro nadonestim agha jaan.  aslan to tamame iran digeh adam peida nemishe ke jaye on dota ro por koneh. badbakht shodim, bichareh shodim. khoda be dademon bereseh.


Arthimis I feel your pain, but we are living in shame of our

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

past actions.

We screwed the shah so badly we don't have the willingness to believe in our selves.  Most of us will at the first opportunity betray iran and our traditions and aryan culture by being anti-monarchist.  This shows we are not yet ready to be Free.

The courage won't come unless we are pursuing the desires of our national soul.. to be true to our persian roots, and be done with islamic culture.

Javid Shah!!!!!


I listened to him, "10.5 Seconds..."

by opinionpost on

they have talked for 35 about time for them to "shut up for good" and listen to other theories of "prosperity and democratic society"


Free political prisoners

by opinionpost on

Free Political Prisoner....last warning 2011...Mark this year on your Calender!


It's our own fault!!!! We

by Arthimis on

It's our own fault!!!! We let these bastards rule us, oppress us, kill us, rape us and represent us in the highest level!!! There is not a single nation that is so screwed up mentally and psychologically in this world like us!!! It has turned us into one of the most hypocrite and passive nations in the world... We are stuck between being Iranians and Muslims!!! We are BI-POLAR nation and that's our biggest problem ever... Being a True Persian/ Iranian  CONTRADICTS Being a Muslim (and  Shia especially...) on so many levels... Deny this all you want, but THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH, PERIOD.

In Shia Islam , one can lie strait to your face to save the interest of the religion, leader and followers IT IS CALLED :"Taghieh" Means The God Given Rights to Lie in Order to Protect Islam.

 For the love of GOD, you have to choose ! You are either Iranian or a Muslim Shia' !!!! As long as you are both, You let bastards like him own you like the way they have in the past 32 dark years of our history...

No one gives a damn about us, Super Powers installed and have been working with these bastard Islamic Republic and all its prostitutes...

We have to FREE ourselves by coming out in millions all over Iran... Examples are out there now in this world, WE CAN DO IT TOO!!!

In the name of GOD, Give us some COURAGE to Free Iran and Iranians. Amen 


After listening to his last interview (though expected)

by Bavafa on

Any seconds spent listening to him is a waste of time.  Unless one wants to parctice how to lie straight to your face.



REZA SHAH. Nur be ghabret bebare.

by pedro on

God, how much I wished Reza Shah was alive today, He knew well how to deal with MEYNOON like him.

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisions



by yolanda on

He does not believe his own lies......but he wants us to believe his lies? No way!



by B-Naam on

khodaya cheghadr ina bee sharmo or por-rooan!


Enshallah, He will be the last

by ahvazi on

Foreign Minister of Mr. Khamenei's dictatorship

Maryam Hojjat

Hypocrite & Lier Islamist

by Maryam Hojjat on

This SOB is a foriegn  secretry of IRR/IRI.  Shame on all these bastards who have sold their country & country men to money & Power.