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Porochista Jokar's research on ancient fashion

داریوش رجبیان, جديدآنلاين: پورچیستا جوکار، پژوهشگر ایرانی در لندن، با سر زدن به کتابخانه و موزۀ بریتانیا و موزۀ لوور پاریس و با طرح‌برداری از آثار و اشیاء آنها و جستجو در متون تاریخی و بازسازی پوشش‌هایی که تصویر یا نمونه‌هایشان را دیده، در خانۀ خود بایگانی رخت‌‌ها و کلاه‌های مادی و هخامنشی و اشکانی و ساسانی را فراهم آورده‌است. معمولاً در نخستین روزهای بهار پورچیستا جوکار و همراهانش را می‌توان در مکان‌های فرهنگی مهم لندن دید که با پوشیدن رخت‌های ایرانی برنامه‌های فرهنگی اجرا می‌کنند>>>


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Immortal Guard

by ComraidsConcubine on




Immortal Guard

Origins of Luxury!

by Immortal Guard on

The origins of luxury lie in Persia since the Persian culture is a culture of ceremony!


One thing needs to be keep in mind

by Bavafa on

These were the models and as models they can not be fat or ugly. You don't believe me, check out the models here to see if you can find one fat or ugly one.




Siamack Baniameri


by Siamack Baniameri on

Not exactly the most intimidating warrior outfits. Imagine what Arab invaders were thinking when Persians, dressed like this, were charging.

 "Welllll, they look beautiful in them tight garments! Don't know whether to kill 'em or marry them."


Thanks for posting

by Rastin on

Here are some more drawings, mainly of the army: //

I have the mentioned book by Sekunda electronically, and I highly recommend it.


Awesome.  I love the hats..

by vildemose on

Awesome.  I love the hats..

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

I would wear those clothes every single day...

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Before wearing a turban and a robe even once!


Skinny legs on the dude in the middle!

by Reality-Bites on

He needs to do some serious barbell squats.

The outfit of the guard on the left looks positively stylish though.


Thank you Porochista Jokar

by pedro on

 May god Ahoura mazda bless you a 1000 times for your selfless and tireless research for resurrecting the beauty and Magnificence of our majestic heritage. 

And To you Gormeh Sabzi jan, A 1000 blessings and thanks.

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


A culture of color, design and profound ties to nature

by Mehrban on

The unisex clothing may also indicated the egalitarian attitudes of the ancient Iranian culture.  

Ms. Jokaar, Thank you.  Your work is incredibly interesting and valuable.

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks for Posting &

by Maryam Hojjat on

introducing this Iranian researcher.  May GOD Ahoura Mazda bless her in her persuit to revive IRANIAN culture.