Perepolis antiquities cannot be sold to pay damages

U.S. court backs Iran in dispute over assets

Chronicle of Higher Education – Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History and the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute won a victory on Tuesday in their efforts to maintain possession of thousands of ancient Iranian artifacts. In a ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit reversed a lower court's order that might have handed the artifacts over to several American victims of a 1997 terrorist bombing in Jerusalem. Those victims won a $90-million judgment in 2003 against the government of Iran, which is believed to have financed and trained the terrorists who carried out the Jerusalem bombing. But the victims and their families have struggled to collect any of that judgment from Iran, and their lawyers have sought instead to seize purported Iranian assets in the United States, including antiquities held in American museums. Those legal efforts have been condemned by some scholars as a dangerous politicization of the world's archaeological heritage. In Tuesday's ruling, a three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit ruled that the lower court had misinterpreted the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976, which generally protects the property of foreign governments in the United States. The plaintiffs have asserted that the antiquities in Chicago are exempt from that immunity because of a provision in the 1976 law that excludes property "used for a commercial activity." >>>



My grand fathers house.

by pedro on

My grandfather ( A uniformed state official ) was given an assignment to a different city in Iran. He decided to sell his house that was over a century old. This house had many hand painted Kashi kari and Hand painted miniature paintings and cut mirrors and plaster work ( Gach Kari ) on the walls, as well as all the interior wooden doors and windows where decorated with colorful cut glass. This house had a summer residence and a winter residence. A beautiful garden and so much more. He was born in this house and has inherited this house from his father who was a very wealthy land owner. 

A very well dressed, young and educated Jewish Iranian couple show up with an offer to buy this house from my grandfather (GF), the only request my GF had from them was, if you decide to sell this house at any time in future, please contact me, I will buy it back from you. The couple assured my GF, they will be the last owners. House was sold, GF and family moved away. About a year later GF was called to arrive in his hometown for state related reasons, asked his driver to drive by the old house. To his astonishment he found that the main entrance door to the house in not in place, curious, he stepped in to house to find nothing left of that beautiful house, All the antique doors and windows where removed, All the plasterwork ( Gach Kari ) and cut mirrors on the walls and ceilings was cut and removed. Hand Painted ceramics was lifted, all other fixtures such as large framed mirrors, all removed and the house was vacant and subject to further loathing. He was heart broken and apparently personally complains to Reza Shah. But he was told not to further peruse the matter. The Jewish couple were in the business of collecting Iranian antiques for shipment to England. Later he found out through the neighbors that a group of workers working inside the house for several months, they assumed they were renovating until the last day that the main doors ( house had total of 3 doors ) was removed and taken away. 

Please don't ask me for references, proofs, names of cities and people. Just read believe it or call it a big lie, if you chose to and move on.  

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


Mehrdad Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

I accept your point. I am not condoning by any means Israeli responses in Gaza and the West Bank, the settleements or the destruction of Palestinian farms. However, I have come to the conclusion that the Palestinian- Israeli conflict will never end and the meddling of Iran, which has enough problems of its own, is not only not in our national interest but further fuels the war in the Middle East and it is the Palestinians who are at the receiving end of Israeli punishment. Furthermore, despite many of the injustices suffered by the Palestinians, I often find the Iranian attitude to the whole conflict is one sided. In the same way as American news channels focus on the suicide bombs in Israel the Iranian attitude is equally dismissive of Israeli deaths and the equal rights of both people to live on the same land. 

To be honest, the Palestinian cause, and indeed the financial assistance its leadership has received and stolen from its people completely outweighs other people who have suffered equally such as the Sudanese, Kurds, Chechnyans, Afghans and Rwandans. Where is the condemnation? Where is the outrage?



by Delavar1 on

I agree. The Islamist Rapist Republic of Iran is a universal threat and their terrorist activities are not just confined to an isolated incident in Jerusalem or Argentina where some innocent American Jews were killed by the Proxies of IRR but to all other victims as well

In addition to all Iranians being executed, stoned to death, tortured and raped in Evin and other prisons in Iran, there are also many opposition figures who have been murdered by the Islamist regime of Iran namely Rajavies brother in Europe; our beloved singer Feraidoon Farrokhzad ,; Mr Shapuor Bakhtiar in Paris; Members of opposition Kurdish group in Germany; In Washington DC, Mr Tabatabai's murder by Davood Sallahuddin(an African American paid by Islamist rapist republic who killed Mr. tabatabai) who now lives in Iran and even played in an Iranian movie. The list goes on.

So look. All grievences must be organized and dealth with in an international court of law to condemn the IRR and all victims to be compensated equally whether they are Jews, Christians, Bahai's or Muslims, mko, athiets, communists or what have you.



Thanks Delavar, I also share your sentiments

by Bavafa on

Also, well said OnlyIran, I certainly would welcome such lawsuit whether is filed in some courts in in some back alley

Simorgh jaan,

The victim of terrorist activities are unfortunately not sparse nor limited to one group. Condemning one group and never speaking of another will indeed be biased but more so unfair. If we do believe that all humans are equal, then the sheer number of innocents killed by terrorist act of other side is far more overwhelming then the innocent killed on the Israeli side.

Lets be more fair in our condemnation and condemn all terrorist activities, regardless of who is committing them.



Persian tablets

by Simorgh5555 on

I welcome the decision of the US Court of Appeal for two the simple fact that the Islamic Republic is NOT the legal government of Iran and it would be grossly unfair to punish the Iranian people and their cultural heritage for the acts of an occupying terrorist entity. Having said that, my sympathies lie entirely with the families of the Israeli victims of suicide bombing who have been murdered by the Islamic Republic by waging war on Israel using its proxies the As Aqsa Idiot's Brigade, Fatah, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Of cours,e there is also the bombing of the Jewish centre in Argentina which has the Islamic Republic's paw prints all over it.

Israel and innocent Iranians have been killed by the same persecutor: The Islamic Republic. Israelis have begun to experience  the pure horror and evil which ordinary Iranians are subjected to each and every day including dissidents abroad. 

I propose a similar solution to that of Delavar. All finacial assets of known members of the IR such as those of the Rafsanjani family should be frozen and used to pay for at least some of the compensation demanded by the family. Further, all embassies, buildings, offices and diplomatic missions of the IR should be confiscated temporarily and leased out with all proceeds to be put on trust for both Israeli and Iranian families of terrorist attacks.  

However, even with the compensation paid out to families of IR terror attacks there still remains what to do with the IR. The world must come together and give material support to an armed Iranian opposition army. The end of the IR will be good news for Iran and Israel. 

Denver Tinbender

This mother Fs Israebeeel

by Denver Tinbender on

This mother Fs Israebeeel are motherless of human history.


But make no mistakes about

by Delavar1 on

But make no mistakes about it. Those Persepolis artifacts are going to be safer in America rather than under a terrorist Islamist rapist regime in Iran that hates every aspect of the true Iranian culture; But despite the hatred of Iranian culture by the Islamist rapist republic, the Iranian nation's pride in the countries pre-Islamic history, culture and herritage has not yet been diluted by the terrorist Islamic regime in Iran.


"Good News??"

by Demo on

The "National Treaures" of a nation is consisted of their natural resources within their borders & how efficient such are utilized by that nation for every single body carrying such nationality title. Those antiques are not taken back to Iran & even if do they will not be no help to the people as the Pyramids in Egypt could not help the masses there with their uprsing against the oppressing regime.


Good news indeed

by Onlyiran on

These are our national treasures.  Whoever wants to pick a fight with the mullahs should go after them personally.  Hand off Iran's heritage and people.  



by Delavar1 on

Very well said.


This is certainly a very

by Bavafa on

This is certainly a very good news, not only for all Iranians but all other nations who may find themselves in conflict with US and then some greedy folks want to loot the nation treasure. This would have been much like the theft and looting that took place by the Nazi during WWII of national treasures of other nations.




by Delavar1 on

In order for the Great Persian Emperors resurrection , first must get rid of the Islamist terrorist rapist theocracy in Iran and regain the world's respect. That is the first step. The rest will follow.


Persian Emperors' Resurrection

by Demo on

Just wondering how our great Kings feel in their graves about us as their decendents worrying about some "Royal" or "Antiques" left over & celebrating Norooz & Charshanbeh-ssori while the Roman Empires' decendents have taken over our neighbring countries, both parts of old Persia, & have placed their giant navy fleet in Persian Gulf & while the Chinese Emperors' decendents have taken over our markets & have signed contracts with us to bleed our natural resouces of oil & gas for centuries to come! Let's then not to blame "chosen people", Islam, Israel, Jews, & etc. & instead to pray for the Great Persian Emperors resurrection.


Very good news. I believe

by Delavar1 on

Very good news. I believe that the American family of victims of terrorist attacks in Israel financed by the republic of Islam of Iran should instead be compensated from the frozen accounts of the Iranian govt and or the accounts of the terrorists themselves namely Rafsanjani who has several accounts in the U.S and Canada. Rafsanjani has actually been convicted for terrorist acts and financing terrorism by the Mikonus court in Germany.

I believe that the Iranian Antiquities dating back to King Cyrus era and beyond belong to theIranian people and not the terrorist regime in Iran. Infact it is double standard when the Jewish community considers King Cyrus even a Prophet  however now desprespecting the Iranian people by threatening to be compensated by selling the Iranian antiquities that are part of the very same Iranian culture.

Darius Kadivar

I Agree like All Things ROYAL Our Heritage Must Be RESTORED ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


F Israel with a capital F

by Sialashgar on

This mother Fs Do not stop at anything when it's come to money they Sale their own mother for money.........Goooooo World.

A win for all the Human with a capital H.


Shah Hossein



another slap

by fussygorilla on

on the face of the "chosen people" and jewish organizations who seek MONEY everywhere since it is their culture and instinct. 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

What a wonderful news!

Jahanshah Javid

People's heritage

by Jahanshah Javid on

Families of the victims should not see this as a victory for the Islamic Republic. The antiques belong to the Iranian people. A nation's heritage should not be sold to settle international disputes or crimes.