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To Immortal Guard: Hamvatan

by faryarm on




Immortal Guard

Baha'i == Zedeh Iraani

by Immortal Guard on

I do sympathize with the individual Bahais and what they went through. But one should consider the bigger picture. Whether Bahai or whatever any other sect they only create disunity and spread sectarian division.

Iran should value its population integrity the same way it values its territorial integrity.

The allegiance of Bahai's has been towards Israel and not Iran like their Akka in Israel! They would sell out Iran anytime for Israel They are very good when it comes to advertising their love for Iran but would even serve the Egyptians and Arabs more than Persians if that meant peace with Israel!

It is time we put some clips about the hundreds of thousands of Iranians who suffered and lost their lives in the Iran-Iraq war.Were their Bahais amongst Iranian soldiers?

They should renounce their fake religion and pledge allegiance only towards Iran otherwise in a 100 years from now they will have no place in Iran!


Dear Khebedin...

by faryarm on

Dear Khebedin

Please see below for a brief history and documentary evidence of crimes against the Bahais of Iran in the land of their birth since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Unfortunately , it took the brutal crackdown of the last 2 years and  the larger suffering of the mainstream population to realize and recognize the cruelty and  suffering, the   Bahais, have quitely endured, undaunted.

I hope this will help for  you to reconsider.... 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

از بهائی جماعت انسان تر و از آخوند جماعت شیطان تر

Shazde Asdola Mirza

اگه گیر آوردید، سلام منو بهشون برسونید


Exposure of Human Rights Violations


 At the moment the weapon of choice against Iran’s Human Rights violations seems to be International Exposure.  By assigning an independent UN Human Rights monitor on Iran, it places them in spotlight of infamy, disgrace and shame where it belongs.  In civilized world no one is persecuted for his/her religion.  My compliment to Single Arrow Productions, for their effort in bringing the “Angels of Iran” series.



by delldaar on

Under What Rock Do you Live ?. Take your Head out of your A@@ and smell the Roses.


sad ..

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Very sad and same time inspiring to listen to this lady..these Herroic individuals will never be forgotten, nor the Barbarric acts of these criminals.

Anis Cyrus

a meditation

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Close your eyes, concentrate, refresh your soul and join in prayer for the freedom of our nation and all innocent Iranians in jail.


Anis Cyrus

Sahar nazdik ast .

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by hirre on

People who join small religions that have been developed during "modern times" face prosecution by the regime, such as Bahai, satanists and so on... This is the truth, period...


I am shocked. These look to

by Khebedin on

I am shocked. These look to me as load of rubish. I have many non moselm friend in Iran, non have told me of such experiences. Infact I undesrstand that Christian, Zoroastorians, Jews, etc.. all have their representative in the Parliament to watch for their interest. I also have seen the book (laonely plannet) for Iran which indicates that Christians have their own cultural complex in Tehran where they can drink. So what these guys say here looks very strange to say the least


Islam and Arabs = Parasites

by alx1711 on

Zoroastrianism, Bahaisim, sofism are rooted from Iran.

So parasite tazi worshipers are afraid of these ancient religious of Peace. They are bound to destryo Iran and its religion and Culture. Example of this can bee seen during Tazi Arab invasion of Iran, where all the great libraries and Zoroastian temples where set on fire.

When mohammad the TAZI set his foot on Parthian land, he brough a plague; this plague is ISLAM those who worship it are Parasites. 

Mona 19

Thank you for posting it ...

by Mona 19 on

Angels of iran documentary series

Three short films released today, featuring interviews with Iranian Baha'is whose families have been persecuted by the Iranian government, mark the launch of a series of mini-documentaries – titled "Angels of Iran" – that focus on the country's human rights record.

Executives chose the day celebrating the ancient Persian new year, Naw Ruz, as the series launch date to send a message to the people of Iran that the springtime symbolized by this occasion is destined for Iran's struggle with human rights as well.

The company behind the film series, Single Arrow Productions, plans to explore the subject of human rights in Iran told through the stories of individuals who have suffered at the hands of the Iranian regime or through interviews with experts on the subject.  

The first three films are available on the website: //

Additional videos will be posted there in the coming weeks.


This shameful act must be condemned with the strongest term

by Bavafa on

Persecution for any religious [or lack] of belief is a criminal act that IRI has added to its shameful resume and unfortunately by extension to the history of Iran. It must be condemned by all and measures to be adopted to stop this shameful and criminal act.



Islam is, and has always been against Humanity!

by Manam_Babak on

There will come a time much like German Nazi murderers, all these Mullas will be procecuted, and delt with apropriately. History will record them as Murderes.

Anis Cyrus


by Anis Cyrus on

The blood of these loving souls surely has watered the roots of the tree of liberty and freedom and democracy so long awaited and the youth of Iran today reflect and manifest and seek the same ideals that these people have given their lives for.

Bravo. What a priviledge.


The Shameful persecution of our Bahai compatriots...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Should be a cause for grave concern for every patriotic Iranian. 

There is no way, I repeat, no way you can claim to have a "civil society", based on "law and order", let alone a democracy, when sections of your community are persecuted due to their race, religion, gender or political beliefs.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


شب گربه سمور مینماید


هیچ متدینی خردمند نیست و هیچ خردمندی متدین.همیشه هر مذهب و مسلکی انسان را به قهقرا می‌‌برد.مریم عزیز صابون این دوستان بهائی شما به تن ما هم خورده.

Maryam Hojjat

Down with ISLAM

by Maryam Hojjat on

Islam is against Humanity.