Iran: Hunting & Fishing

All sorts of birds, beasts, fish...




by opinionpost on

Halateh Tahavoh be hem dast dad...


Gotta kill it to grill it!

by Milan on

As long as the animal is taken legally and consumed properly, I have no problem with hunting. Those of us non-vegetarians pay the supermarkets or Kababi's to have someone else raise the animals and kill them, under most inhumane conditions! Just watch one of those videos on how chickens are raised commercially.


What is the pleasure?

by ali_aaa on

The idiot feels so proud in killing these poor animals, it would have been lovely if one animal could return a favor and put a bullet in his head.


Bad culture

by divaneh on

Cruelty to animals is one of the ugly traits of Iranian culture and children are not taught the compassion to animals. I have seen worst photos where people pose with their guns next to a bloody Ram or Ahou. I know of those who go hunting Pheasants and know no limit even when the nests are full of chicks.


You are so right. They fish with dynamite or poison. Poison is as easy as dynamite. Just throw bites of it in the water and you can kill them all, fish, crabs, eels and whatever life is in the water, and have some sense of achievement.


What's with the Rap "music"?

by aaminian on

I guess hunting is alright as long as it's kept to a reasonable limit.  It looks as if this guy is out there to annihilate the duck species though! 


rtayebi1: Ditto that

by Bavafa on


Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

از نزدیک شمردم دیدم در جمع این ننه انی هفتصد و پنجاه تا اردک و کبک زده! :)  از قرار سازمان شکار ایران محدودیتی برای تعداد شکار قائل نیست.  حیف از این چند تا تفنگ که در راه غلط بکار میره.  در حالیکه بهترین شکارها و وحوش در مجلس خبرگان نشستن و تمامشان هم از جانوران گوشتخوار هستند و قلع و قمعشان حلال که حضرت میفرماید:  اقتل موذی قبلا یوذی.  یا حضرت مصطفی پایان تو را به اون صدای قشنگت قسم، مراد دل این ملت مظلوم را بده


its such

by rtayebi1 on

a barbaric act. I like to see someone hunt them for fun, but not to kill them of course. Just shoot them in the ass.



by pedro on

I ment to say: humour.


Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


Control is good

by pedro on

Yes, I agree choghok, but, if the Islamic regime wants to control the environment and wild life the way they are controlling people in Iran ( rape, torture and kill ) then I rather not. I don't want to see the poor birds and deer raped, tortured and burned, before thy were shot.                                                                                       Ok, just a little hummer 

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


This is hunting

by choghok on

I do not understand why people try to connect this to a political system. Hunting is allowed in virtually every where in the world. What should be dones is to have some kind of control.



by alx1711 on

I hope these imbaciles taking the environmental & hunting regulation into accound. Iam shocked to see the counts per head !!!

i hope some 1 in iran is paying close attention to this before all irans bird population gets extinct.

It was noticible that after Iran & I-rakq (tazies) war more than 60% of iran's bird population got extinct.

 [ Note for IRI: How about instead of sending money to Tazies in lebonan, fund irans EPA (enviomental protection agnecy) for protectin of wild life, flora & fuona. ]




by pedro on

No need to sit by a river hours maybe to catch a fish, just threw a
stick of dynamite in the river, cover your eyes and ears, Bang!!! you'll
have hundreds of fish floating on the river for you to pick the
largest and leave the smaller ones to die. Now any bache basiji/bache
akhond has access to dynamite. Fishing used to be a way to relax for
some us. These days places that I used to go fishing has no fish, and
when I ask the locals, "why fish don't bite any more?", they look
at me like I'm a martian. " there is no more fish, all destroyed  by
dynamite" they respond. When I asked them but by who? Silence is what I
get. I did not see any one holding a fishing rod in any of the pictures, However there was an inflatable raft in one of the pictures near a river. The raft is used to pick the fish from the surface of river or any body of water after the dynamite explosion has rendered hundreds of fish floating on the surface of water. Shame on you. Shame on the people who facilitate you in this unnecessary killings and distruction of so much beauty. SHAME ON YOU, 

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


I am shocked that these guys

by Khebedin on

I am shocked that these guys look proud and happy. They are idiot, so is the system which allows such crimes. Shame, Shame on them


Barbaric, they have to be

by Khebedin on

Barbaric, they have to be ashamed of themselves


Proving your manhood? Tough guy.

by pedro on

First, you son of a Bi***. Shooting defenseless animal is not going to prove your manhood. Put that gun down and catch one by hands if you have balls.

Second, you must be either a bache akhond or son of a top official in islamic regime to be able to walk around with all sort of fancy shotguns and hi powered rifles. ordinary people don't own them. Did it ever occur to you to just shoot one or two, so the bird race gets a chance to recover from harvest.

Third, who the F*** gave you the permission to go around killing so many birds and animals, how much can you eat you bastard. Are you the official game hunter with total freedom to provide wild game and meat for the top mullahs of Islamic regime's private special dinners.

Fourth, You make me sick. Inhumane people like you brig shame to all human race.

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons

Maryam Hojjat

Loss of compassion Sense for LIFE in IRAN

by Maryam Hojjat on

among IRANIANS Whether Human or animals.