Hafez and Koran

Religious interpretation of his poetry


Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

The Iranians in general have a very bad and nasty habit of showing off which tends to bring them down again and again! They never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

Assas bia mano beguir! Hey poz midan!


Amin Neshati

پاسخ حافظ

Amin Neshati

حافظا می خور و رندی کن و خوش باش ولی 

دام تزویر مکن چون دگران قرآن را

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

what are you talking about ?  

He hated the hypocrisy of the clergies ( mullahs ) but was in love with the spiritual side of Islam...

He was called Hafez for having memorized the Entire book ......   

and he was also in love with a girl name Shakhe-nabat  

and he mixed every love of his and gave us one of the most beautiful spiritual and sensual poetry ever .....  



Hafez was Anti Islam

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

His Poetry was about persian culture and was written in a special dual language so that only intellectuals could understand his works meaning, the language of Dari.

He truly hated islam with a passion, but stupid mollahs never understud the secret nature of his courageous work.  Today his works have been translated and their real meaning is very insightful.



هر روز تئاتر تازه‌ای به پا میکنند



یا چفیه به گردن کورش میاندازند یا حافظ را تفسیر قرآنی .... 

بلکه این وصله ناجور اسلامیسم را به دامن ایران رفو کنند





حاج آقا، صنار بده آش به همین خیال باش.

از تو گنده ترهاش زورها  زده اند و حریف رند شیراز نشدند، تو که جای خودت را داری.

در ضمن حاجی،  آن چاه طبیعت در " پاک و صافی شو و از چاه طبیعت بدر آی"  منظور دد منشی و وحشی گری ذاتی بشری است که ماشاءالله هنوز در وحوش اسلامیستی آکبند مانده.