Dormitory Dance

Students celebrating Yalda


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by Doctor mohandes on

 continue with your dictatorial and obnoxious way and you will have a bright future.

Your backwardness come shinning through by denigrating and insulting people telling them they don't know what logic is.


Alaaf (grass)

by Doctor mohandes on

Chi shod??? Joosh avordi? that is ok boy. Gotta lotta growing up to do. You have a long way to go to know what is perversion .

I hope so. from your fithy mouth to god's ears LOL.




nice, but if in Iran, this video should not have been posted,

by MM on

for obvious reasons.


I agree with Sadra and alaaf

by princeofpersia on

This is a private video and should not be posted on a public forum. I would assume many of these girls still live in Iran and I am sure if this video ends up in the hands of wrong people they would be in trouble.


Sargord reincarnates

by afyoun on

This Alaaf-e aziz reminds me of Daay Jaan Sargord Pirooz and his vintage remarks.

His sens of logic and rational arguements are priceless.


alaaf janam

by Doctor mohandes on

You are more Misguided that i thought but that is ok. Could not expect anything from the kind of mentality that you bring around here.

You think these girls are stupid idiot Dummies, to not know that someone is deliberately and essentially with their approval is filming the whole event? Did that not cross your mind at all? Whois Spying on whom??? They are Absolute willing participant in this whole deal as if the want it to be shown to the world. Do you Grasp the concept at all???

Does this kind of thing appeal to you? Very creepy I must say

Hazrate ayatollah

Are you asking me a question there or was that a statement you just decided to make so you can draw your own conclusions? If you were asking me a question, then at least have the minimum level of decency to wait for the answer.



Glad they are having a good time, they deserve it.

by Bavafa on

Amazing, how different girls dormitory parties are then guys!!!!

This some what reminds of the 70s movies in Iran.




by Sadra on

These are young women inside a women-only dormitory in Iran. For all we know, many of them might actually be devout Muslims from remote areas in Iran who would never appear without Islamic covering in public. I am 100% sure this video has been leaked without the permission or consent of the subjects in it. What, may I ask, is the attraction in watching these young women dance in what they thought to be a private and safe environment?

What is the exceptional social, artistic, or visual value in the clip, making it un-passable?

I am disappointed.


mohandes joon

by alaaf on

Dictionary definition of voyeurism: the interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviours. This is the equavilant of watching your neighbour's private party with a telescope or stealing someone's VHS tapes and watching them. Does this kind of thing appeal to you? Very creepy I must say



by Doctor mohandes on

Hojatol eslam Revrend pastor Hagee

GO join your Buddy buddy in the corner.

And learn What Vouyer means.


EBi jan

by Doctor mohandes on

Where is this happenning?? In iran?

Ayatollah shabaji khanoom

(ali aaa) Go stand in the corner and hold your legs up in the air and Stay there forever and let the rest of enjoy. 



How low can you go?

by alaaf on

This is obviously a private video. must think we're all voyeurs. 


Khob Ke Chee?

by ali_aaa on

Akheh Yani chee akseh chand ta dokhtr ro ke daran miraghsan mizarid to site?

 Mageh hanooz shoma ha 16 saletoneh? Tazeh dareh poshte Labet Sabz misheh?

Grow up toro hazrate abbas