Italian singer does "Ey Iran", Ft. Iman Faith


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Man movafegham ba shoma

by opinionpost on

Khob Jahane sevom midunid, masalan chizaye dige ham hast,,,,

Ravabete shakhsi, khanevadegi, Arus, Madar shohar, Madar zan...

biehterami be azadiye bayan, not a team work,... in chiza....

Inja mardome ba savad va smarti darim tuye site. I like them a lot.... 

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Thank you

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

It's a Eurovision Song contest style arrangement with a bit of the early 70's "kelasik" piano tinkling, catchy, and delivered with a strong voice. 

Thank you.  


different, but loved it - already uploaded to my ipod

by MM on

This is definitely different than the rendition of Banan's or GolNaraghi's ey Iran.  But, I am just thrilled that the new generation of Iranian Diaspora is showing interest in their heritage and have taken time to adapt the old soroud to the changing times and put in the struggles of the people in the form of rap within ey Iran.

Us, old Iranian F@arts, should realize that the same way that we had a generation gap with our parents, the times have not changed much - the more we change, the more we stay the same.  Therefore, FOR THE TIME BEING, the goungins are showing their feelings in this form of music.  Give them a frigging break.

Mash Ghasem

Bella Ciao

by Mash Ghasem on

another successful Italian-Iranian synthesis, enjoy:

Bella Ciao



This young lady's singing is not as bad as some make it. Hands down its better than many "Iranian" versions from L.A.

For all those who  still don't believe me, I humbly suggest making a little Italian sandwich with :

smoked Mozzarella, Basil Pesto and toamto. Take a bit out of that, and then listen to her version of Ay Iran, you'll see what I mean!


SK jan

by comments on

1.       It seems that you are not a “true” Iranian :)  Ordinary Iranians usually take everything too seriously and defensive and immediately backfire.

2.       Yes, I do practice keyboarding sometimes!  Years ago I used to continue improving my English listening to radio at car, but it turned out that I needed to listen to music more than improving my English.  This site is the only place that I could practice non-technical writing, but I do my best to write what I really believe.  Sometimes it might be somehow irrelevant because I don’t watch some videos, but comment.  Usually those with ugly molas on the screen image.

Keep up with your constructive comments.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on


دوست عزیز و گرامی‌.. خانم اپینین پست .

اولا باید دو مطلب را به شما بگویم،بنده با هندوانه زیر بغل گذاشتن افراد کاملا مخالفم،حال می‌خواهد هم میهن باشد و خواه فرنگ زاده !

دوم اینکه بنده موافق این نیستم که بی‌ اطلاع در امری نظر و عقیده بدهم ،اگر شما من را در اینجا می‌بینید بدین منظور است که بنده از موسیقی‌ سر رشته دارم،چند ساز میزنم از نغمات و دستگاه ایرانی و خارجی‌ اطلاع دارم و بنابراین بی‌ چون و چرا آن چیزی را که به نظرم میاید (به عنوان منتقد که حمل بر این باشد که نظرم تنها فعل کمکی‌ دارد و بس!) میگویم.

از ماست که بر ماست بدین معنی‌ تلقی‌ شود که تا به حال هر مشکلی‌ که داشتیم..خود پیچیده ترش کردیم و هیچ وقت قادر به حل آن نبودیم و هر چند که جواب آن مشکل نزدیک به ما بوده است.

کشور عزیز ما.. ایران زمین از مشکلات فرهنگی‌،تریبیتی و آموزشی و آخلاقی شدیدا رنج میبرد.. مسخره اینجاست که شخصی‌ را چند وقت پیش دیدیم که می‌خواست به خلق الله بیاموزد که دموکراسی یعنی‌ چه و غافل از اینکه ایرانی اول که خود نشناسد و فرهنگ مملکت را که هیچ..آن وقت چطور ممکن است که از دموکراسی سر دربیاورد !؟

هر روز خدا تقلید و بد آموزی از ایرانیان میبینیم،هر روز خدا دلقکی دیگران را رقص عارفان میبینیم،هر روز خدا به یک ساز اعتینا را مشغول چرندیات خود می‌کنیم،هر روز خدا ادعا پشت ادعا و خروار خروار لودگی به سبک فرنگی‌ بی‌ آنکه معنی‌ آن را بدانیم.

بارها در ساز گلایه‌های خودمان در اینجا زده ایم که یا ایهالناس..مشکل ما سیاسی نیست،انقدر چرند و پرند به خرد ما ندید،مشکل ما فرهنگی‌ است که هنوز ایرانی جماعت دلش می‌خواهد نوع و روش حکومت کشورهای دیگر را تقلید کرده و در ایران عملی‌ سازد و بی‌ آنکه بداند که‌ای وای بر ما که مردمان ایران زمین از دست این همه کلمات عاریه فرنگی‌ به تنگ آمده اند.ماشا الله این همه سیاستمدار در این سایت داریم و همه فضل الله من السیاسیه و دریغ از یک مقاله کمکی‌ در آموزش ایرانیان،دریغ از یک مقاله فرهنگی‌ برایهل مشکلات که اگر خود نشناسی و از فرهنگ مملکتت عقب باشی‌ و آن وقت چطور این همه ادعا میکنی‌ و دلت می‌خواهد اسلامیون لعنتی را از کشورت بیرون کنی‌ ؟

وضع خیلی‌ خراب است و دلشوره ما بدین جهت است خلق الله به دیگران کمتر فکر میکنند،از اتحاد هنوز خبری نیست،هنوز همه به خود فکر میکنند و عجب اسفناک است که هنوز ما را جهان سومی بنامند و حقا درست باشد.


"Ey Iran"

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Come on, don"t be so critical. 80% of the world tries to sing english/american songs, I guess with a wierd accent for native speakers. Recently Sarbaz posted a link to Ivan Rebroffs "version" of the russian song "Ochi Chernye" or "Black Eye", and there was enthuisiastic response among the IC readers. But I have to tell you, that Rebroff (born in Berlin aka Hans Rolf Rippert and never had been in Russia) albeit having a nice, deep voice, sung all russian sings with such a strange accent, that most russians  recognised the russian melodies, but thought that it was with hungarian lyrics. Rebroff might have been an exception, since in general I believe that singers (in particular in the classical and opera field) have an amazing talent to learn a foreign language once they start singing in this language.

Might be that "Opinionpost" is too self-critical, maybe german audience would have liked you singing in german. Who says that singing with a foreign accent is bad ?

Of course I cannot judge how much or how little of "Ey Iran" is still present in this italianized version. But would like to hear your opinion about the vice versa experiment:  The italian partizan song "Bella Ciao" transfered onto the streets of Teheran. Click below, but I"ll also post it in a separate blog, if you don"t mind.



Love it !

by Shemirani on

I wish i could sing our beautiful national anthem like she do !!! très jolie interprétation ! it's a very nice gesture.

Zendebad Iran and Forza Italia :D


Javid Shah, Shahanshaheh Iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I Looooved it.

Freedom is Coming back to Iran,

whether the IRI fights againt it or not, easily or with struggle.


Javid Reza Cyrus Pahlavi, Shaheh Iraneh Azad.


Respond to Mr/Mrs Red Wine

by opinionpost on

I agree. Just did not understand "Az mast ke bar mast portion"...

it is just a singing, when u do vocal performance, u sing in many languages.... Once I tried singing in German, it was like scary movie!!!

so........... singing Iranian, when u are Italian is real hard... u will sound strange like this lady does....

Now they are guys starting to comment on prime ministers affairs...

what can I say..." chimun be adam rafteh ke expect our men to talk like a gentleman in a semi-educated ferum like this site" jahane sevom faghat be khatereh "kambudeh hamamo madreseh nist" , jahane sevom manaye amighe farhangi dareh".....




by opinionpost on

very strange sound.... mostly wrong!...

Khob vali zahmat keshidan... 


Does she know her country buys Iranian oil

by Kashk on

which benefits the sepah pasdaran?

 MILAN, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Italy's No.3 oil refiner Saras (SRS.MI: Quote) is looking to Russia, Iran and other Caspian countries to replace crude oil shipments from Libya which have virtually halted amid growing turmoil, its general manager said on Friday.



To Each His Own

by Piyalechi on


Too bad that you couldn't enjoy this renditon of our adopted national anthem by this smokin' hot Italaian singer.

I couldn't help but rock to her beat and totally enjoy it.


Soosan Khanoom

Comment jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

are you writing comments just to practice your keyboarding skills? because they certainly don't make any sense ......  what is that science craps you mentioned got to do with this?

Gooz be shagheegeh che rabti dareh  !

The only reason i mentioned an Iranian singer was becuase of her funny accent when she says  " ey Iran " or " Meehanam " ........ but then that is just me and I may be wrong 

you are funny comment jan : ) 

by the way Iran is really advancing in stem cell research  ... something that is still controversial here in the U.S but can be done easily in Iran

check Frontline on this subject


Stanford and MIT are dying to get these young Iranian scientists on board  




by yolanda on

Great voice and great rendition! She is full of vibe!


King Reza!

by Doctor mohandes on

He does not care,

He is an equal opportunity abuser:))

Besides this could be a cover , He could be sending a message to all iraninas out there that he is coming for them.

Fariba Mirzaie

So what, che rabti be to dareh?

by Fariba Mirzaie on




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No matter how she sings, it doesn’t make any sense


@Doctor mohandes

by KingReza on

@Doctor mohandes

maybe both?

/After watching the video, she's not good looking enough for Burlosconi.



by Doctor mohandes on

Okay. SO is she one of Burlosconi's Nephewes? or Mistresses?



it maybe

by rtayebi1 on

the beer but I loved it.  Thank U


it maybe

by rtayebi1 on

the beer but I loved it.  Thank U


Today’s quiz: Does one support a constructive criticism? :)

by comments on

I just wonder the reason that “Soozan khanoom just wished they had an Iranian singer instead of her…”.   

Should we deny Cross-cultural Science similar to IRI that is trying to prevent Human Science courses at Universities?

I think it’s so kind of Dia who appreciated an Iranian song and made an attempt to replicate the song.  Second language speakers should know better what it takes to learn and sing in an uncommon/unnecessary language.  I want to encourage this type of talented Italian rather than encouraging Italian ignorance, which is advertized by Iranian government.   P.S. I should stop reading my own comments several times. 

Denver Tinbender

 what a beautiful voice,

by Denver Tinbender on

 what a beautiful voice, she pronounce the words clearly and correctly have cute accent, very warm voice.

Mash Ghasem

Ferry , but that's good Mozzarella!

by Mash Ghasem on

A little bit of smoked Mozzarella with Basil Pesto and tomato,  and there you have the tri-color for  both Iran and Italy, and probably ten other counties!

This is probably the first time anyone tried to add a rap segment to Ay Iran!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ضعیف،نه در صدا موفق است و نه در تلفیق آن دو و همینطور در ساخت پایه اصلی‌ آهنگ ! صدای بقیه اشکالات را در نیاوریم که از ماست کله برماست !


Datza Lotza Mozzarella!

by Faramarz on



Very nice, loved it.

by pedro on

Apparently she was used because of her tenor qualities.
Keep it up. very creative.

Cho iran nabashad tane man mabad / bedin boomo bar zendeh yek tan mabad.

This my friens is an awesome poem 

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisions

Jahanshah Javid

It's like...

by Jahanshah Javid on

Aghassi singing the American National Anthem. Joor dar nemiyaad...



by delldaar on

Very smooth, loved it.

Soosan Khanoom

nice ......

by Soosan Khanoom on

I like it actually .........  I just wished they had an Iranian singer instead of her ........