Beh Esme Kahrizak

A documentary torture methods and extracting fake confessions

Based on video tapes of torture and interrogations of Saeed Emami's wife and other Ministry of Intelligence employees in 1999:


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this is how

by rtayebi1 on

they interrogate the so called KHODI. Imagine what they would do to the so called non KHODIES. Shame shame 


Please tell me

by Simorgh5555 on

With thugs and animals like the interrogators in the video how does the sane world expect to 'peacefuly' negotiate human rights and nuclear disarmament? Do you believe these terrorists can be negotiated with or that they can show an inch of human compassion?

The Islamic Republic must be brought to its knees with the same force it uses against the innocenent men and women of Iran.

Violence against the terrorist regime of the IR is the ONLY solution.  


Full documentary "Be Esme Kahrizak"

by maghshoosh on

The video above is only 1 of the 14 parts of this film posted on YouTube.  Full list:




by comments on

You are talking based on a few exceptions on the news.  I am talking based on my observations in the highest security prison in here.  Where do you want me to start?  They have buffet for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  There are so many different training/professional training courses.  They are in a regular contact with their parole officers.  They are given a nice apartment to share a night with their wife and children once in a while.  These prisoners are serious criminals who have killed/raped so many people.  



by comments on

Do you believe that your comparison makes the darkness of torture less?  Your comment shows that you are supporting torture wherever it happens.




You and your friend's response is not only in my hand, but also in world's hand now. Those days are over when you could deceive people with your arajifs. ..and pity those who close their eyes on reality!

By the way, thanks doctor-mohandes, you're right!   


People with no conscience

by statira on

As long as there are people with no conscience like Khebedin, there is gonna be torture. The video was taken by the interrogators, and perhaps for the sake of video they were trying to be nice. If sever emotinal abuse, licking toilt and stay in a tiny solitary prison is not torture by Khebedin's standards, I was wondering what is the real torture? When I was in Iran, one of my classmates who was just 22 and was in jail for a yr for supporting Mojahedine Khalgh, described the shocking torture methods like keeping them in a hot metal tank in the middle of the summer until they faint. At age 22, she looked like a 50 yr old with not one single black hair and wrinkley,lifeless face due to tortures.


"Is this to discredit the regime"?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

No need for that, unless you've been in a different universe from the rest of us, this regime was discredited amongst even it's core supporters after the disclosure of the shameful episodes of illegal arrests, rapes, torture and murder of peaceful demonstrators post 2009 elections.

apart from the islamist regime, I dont know of any other rgime, where UN had to set up an special observer to monitor human rights abuse!

 Indeed, there is a "Toofan" on the red horizons of Iran, a "Toofan" so severe that you'll hear about it even in London and Toronto!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Saied Imami was Modjtaba Khameney's only companion on a trip to London, in mid 90's, to open up Modji's bank account there. 

Saied Hajarian was staunchly opposed to Imami even being hired,let alone promoted. Perhaps he saw the shadows of his future assassins.

Imami's rule in the "Chain Murders" of Khatemi's era  was central.

Or as Namjo says:

مرده ام فکر کنید
بعید است 
سعید است
دستی که پاره میکند سعید است
سعید امامی ...." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Beh Esme Kahrizak



by AryamehrNYC on

These tapes are from 1999, where the regime was not fearing for its survival as they are today.  So for you to do a "broad stroke"move and say that there is no evidence of any torture in the mullahs prisons is overly simplistic and highly naive. 

What happens is the prisons of the west pales in comparison to what happens in Iran on a daily basis.  I doubt you that there are "closet queens" whom are on the German governments payroll in Berlin who rape young boys to intimidate and humiliate them for simply asking for basic rights and freedoms.  So what you are attempting to do here is very simple: you are comparing apples to bowling balls. 

Get a clue.

hamsade ghadimi

khebedin, i still empathize

by hamsade ghadimi on

khebedin, i still empathize for the hardship that your palestinian sisters and brethren endure even though you don't have any feeling for my people.  hala e bedin.



by Doctor mohandes on

Wasting your time.

Remember the Clock analogy in there? You set up the clock at 5 but the damn thing goes off at 3?

That is what you have inhere. So let them ring or ding and ringi ding ding till they spit zaghnaboot.



by fussygorilla on

Typical.  When you have no response to the comment at hand, you make stupid personal attack and riducule.  Pity you.


Khebedin, you better go lala


Khebedin, you better go lala nini koochoolo, find your pestoonak and tedy bear baba jun..bozorg mishi mifahmi donya che khabareh..YOU'RE TIME IS UP, bikhodi dasto pa nazan, beh ghole raees jomhooret oon mamaro looloo bord.


This is 52 minutes of the

by Khebedin on

This is 52 minutes of the worst part of the 400 hrs of the interrogation taken part in the worst scenarios with possibly the most difficult prisoners. This only credits the Iranian prison system and shows that there is no physical torture in Iran and the worst is what you see in the video. It clearly shows how careful the Iranian government is in making sure that no one is harmed or really tortured while in detention, no matter how serious their crime is thought to be or accused of. This, when you compare to what you see in the West and in many other countries, puts Iran in a very transparent and free of any torture, despite what she is accused of. Let us not forget of what happens in the American, French, German prison system. Let us not forget Abu Gharib and what happens in the prisons of the neighbouring countries. Thank you IR


I am shocked. Is this to

by Khebedin on

I am shocked. Is this to discredit the regime, or is this to show to everyone that there is no real torture in Iran. If any thing, this video clearly shows that there is no physical torture in Iran. You seem to have forgotten what the American do in their prisons and that in Abu Gharib. I find this video very pro regime. This is said to be the extract of the worst of 400 hrs of interrogation, and yet not a single moment of physical torture, no physical touch, no real nasty words. I really thought there was torture in Iranian.




طرفداران نظام پر برکت، چه  "اصلاح طلب" و چه دیگر وحوش آن یا از عمق فاجعه خبر ندارند و از آنها دفاع میکنند و یا آنکه با علم به آن با استدلالات آبکی هوادار آنها هستند، فرق نمیکند، باد گره میزنند، توفان در راه است.