TV Host Wars

Collage of political commentators in exile attacking each other


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Dec 02, 2012
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Dec 01, 2012
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Nov 30, 2012
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Darius Kadivar

Simorgh5555 I'm sure You would be in good Company here ...

by Darius Kadivar on


with your likeminds !



A Standup Philosopher      


Such openminded men of culture and taste ...



Or as the French would say: "Qui se ressemble s'assemble" ...




And here is Mehran Modiri's funny sketch on this LOL :-)))))))

by ramintork on

Ramin J


by Ramin J on

this is too funny. and these are the guys who keep on attacking NIAC. No wonder NIAC is doing so great!


This is very good.

by shahabshahab on

We need to have these people. They may be mostly, if not all  morons and idiots. But this is freedom.  In Iran, they lie when the TV announcer acts like he or she loves the audiience. Here, these morons actually display who they are and how they think.

People decide who to watch whoever they like. If this continues, people will find their way, the channels, which do not insult them. These people should NOt be stopped. Insead, there should be regulation, just as in FCC for American TV and rradio channles, to not use profanities and malicicous insults.

The one who actually read the caller's phone number on air should and can be reported for violation of FCC rules.


fighting orver a uncooked

by alx1711 on

fighting orver a uncooked pot of soup!

at least they have the freedom tosay what they please unlike Iran.

Anahid Hojjati

Only Atabaki looks familiar

by Anahid Hojjati on

None of these guys looks familiar to me except Atabaki. thankfully, I have not watched them. The ones I have watched an hour here and there, are much better than these guys.


Can I say something in Perrrrrrrzhen now?

by پندارنیک on




تازه اینا از آقاهای لس آنجلس هستن...صبر کنین تا چشمتون به جمال
همراهان و استقبال کننده‌های رضا جون روشن بشه، وختی که هواپیماشون توی
فرودگاه"شهید انورسادات- شهید علیرضا- اهورامزدا" توی تهرون میشینه...


How could an ancient

by Arthimis on

How could an ancient civilization with so much depth and culture produce so many delusional, uneducated & uncivilized people????!!!!

Inside Iran , we have the I.R. & Basiji thugs, Outside Iran, we have these guys that are beyond useless!!!

All we do is insult, laugh, joke and backstab...It's beyond shameful...

Free (& educate) Iran and Iranians. 

Mola Nasredeen

What's the big

by Mola Nasredeen on

What's the big surprise?

Iranian dotcom is not much different than these people.


Tip of the iceberg...

by Daadaash on

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have so many losers like these guys in our society. If this is the opposition, we are better off with the mullahs!

Jeesh Daram

where do they get financial funds?

by Jeesh Daram on

Not a single Iranian helps these broadcasters. Majority of them are supported by funds from

  • A few chelokababi
  • National Endowment for Humanity
  • British Middle Eastern Studies 
  • The CIA
  • The British Intelligent Services
  • French government
  • Islamic Brotherhood
  • Saudi Arabia


Their mission:

To create disunity among Iranians. To silence any voice and to isolate Iranians abroad and feeling of slef disrespect.


Briliant sidekick

by choghok on

I like the guy with the sidekick who looks like dracula and keeps staring into the camera without saying one word. It gives an extra bizarre feeling to the whole thing.

I must say though that the new channels broadcasting in farsi are much better (manoto for example) I hope they can be a better channel between iranians outside and inside iran


it was like that

by iamfine on

This is not something new. Stabbing each other from behind is part of our culture and it was there before the IRI came to power. This is true specially with the older generation. We must change our mentality if a better Iran is our objective.


So depressing and sad

by Mahvash Shahegh on

Now we know why Johuri Islami is still in power!!!!

Mash Ghasem

And you ask why we're so messed up?

by Mash Ghasem on

Actually Nouriezadeh part there is part of a hidden camera by a 'lover,' it goes on for a few minutes, how Nouriezadeh woes and tries to be romantic is quite entertaining. Apparently not as entertaining as this.


so entertaining !

by jasonrobardas on

I would rather watch these characters than go to the Zoo or the circus !

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

A lot of time and talent went into this clip. Great editing work. Hilarious!


Unity is Strength.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Maybe not by choice, but by sheer force of peoples momentum towards an uprising against the fascistic Islamist regime, at some point in time,  all political groups from Monarchists to Communists and anything in between will have to unite under the leadership of a single individual/entity to lead the revolution to it's logical conclusion.

As for the commentators, of TV or internet type, they  will continue commenting using pseudo intellectual baloony, till Mehdi comes!!! , 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Six minutes and 31 seconds of pure entertainment

by Bavafa on

Keep up the good work



too many TVs, not enough support $$$ = doggy dog world

by MM on

looking pretty bad!


I need the biggest font

by پندارنیک on

...for thanking our Ghormeh Sabzi, and whoever made this collage.

Having said that, Nourizadeh doesn't fit there except for the video's assumed subliminal message.

Kamran Ramyar

Bunch of thieves!

by Kamran Ramyar on

In case you have not noticed it already...anytime one of these idiots opens his mouth it is A) to criticize IRI - anybody can do that!!! - and B) ask for money.  The only TV personality worth listening to is none other than Bahram Moshiri who in his own subtle way has an uncanny ability to explain current events.   


It's pretty bad, I admit... co-operation is necessary

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They look bad.


کوروش بخواب که 'اینا' بیدارند