The Pahlavis: Rare Clips

From 1950s to 1970s


Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

Indeed, very hard to watch!

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Alas, we wished it upon ourselves, so wallow in eternal regret we shall!

We gave up all that majesty and splendor for bearded hustlers preaching an alien doctrine that has plagued our soil for 1400 years as is. I mean really, what the hell was wrong with us??? "Freedom!", uh huh, yeah, that went over really great!

Anybody who starts off addressing the nation with "Bismillahu rahmaneh rahim" has to be yanked from power immediately. The correct way to address the great and eternal Iranian nation should be "Beh naame Iran, markaze jahan"!



This video brings tears to my eyes....

by Siavash300 on

What a beautiful country we had. What a great people we had on shah's administration. All educated and well mannered. All of the sudden, a bunch of raghead, stinky Islamic bastards from southern Lebanon attacked to our homeland and destroyed our beautiful country. Hope all these Islamic bastards rot in hell.


I really miss the late shah and his family

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Why did we replace Wisdom with Ignorance???

Surely we can all see our mistakes on some level, despite all the propaganda against this Iranian loving family.


Irani ha be khod riden va

by Khebedin on

Irani ha be khod riden va takhrib ra doost darand. And they are doing exactly thesame thing right now. Destroy and destruct, and never construct.


What great way to torture us

by عموجان on

By posting Shah’s videos for us who supported him and those who disliked him, both sides agree in one thing, it was a better time then. Only problem with anti Shah group is they didn’t know what they wanted after he was gone otherwise they wouldn’t just give away all the power to Akhoonds and walk away. They just dislike Shah for personal reason not for good of Iran and it’s people. Now after 32 years still they don’t know what they want and instead of excepting the facts as it is and live with their mistakes they are still blaming Shah,which been gone for past 31 years.

This is one the better collection of videos I have seen of him and his family so far.


Reminder of what Iranian lost

by afshinazad on

If all Iranian go back and think what was Iran before Pahlavi and think about it what was Iran because of pahlavi and after Pahlavi, it makes you wonder what are we and who are we and what is it today people in IRAN want? compare women today with women of Iran 33 year ago. it is a tragedy that we Iranian did to ourselves, it is sad story about the nation which couldn't understand fundemental of the freedom and couldn't understand the religion that made them blind till today.

our educated people were not after the freedom, they betrayed their own country and the nation, every one thought shah was the problem and today we all know that shah was a victim of foerign propeganda and zelousy of cleric and other groups which had no capacity or the understanding of the nation and the country, for foriegn powers was a goal to bring down the country to it knees, for our political groups aim was a power and clerics aim was a ruling the country like Gajar time and before that. 

someone like me would never understand the Iranian and yet it makes me sad to see my country is lost the glory and pride and culture and history.

Today still we Iranian are not evolved enough to understand what we have lost, that is why someone like jasonrobardas is not thinking about what is stolen today and he is asking for money from Pahlavi and I would tell him why not get your money today from clerics which looting every day.When we are called uncivilized nations, why never should have a doubt about it, because we are and it will remain uncivilized for very long time.



jasonrobardas if pahlavis were to get a nickel for each trashy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

cheap shot fired at them they would be richer than the 10 wealthiest people in the world combined, that's just the nature of the world as zoroaster observed, there are many many jealous spineless worms amog humans with no ability to honestly express regret.

Since Pahlavis stole not one cent, but gave most of everything that was theirs to others, people waiting to receive stolen money will be very disappointed that there is nothing to receive.

Zoroaster said in his gathas, we can choose to either live like spineless worms or soar like an eagle, by how we use our conscience. 

I invite you to soar like an eagle and leave behind your disingenous rooted in venomous jealousy ways.  But if you choose to live with out a spine I say, choose your place freely, but don't complain to me, why you are not flying.  The choice and responsibility for how and where you live is a personal matter for you alone.


tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

Iranians deserve nothing better than khamenei and IRI. Matter of fact they deserve worst!!  something like the Taliban.

50 million if not more out of the 75 million iranians are nothing but a whole bunch of barberic animals living in the middle ages.




Babak K.

To Everybody specially to

by Babak K. on

To Everybody specially to all Araynites

If Phalavi dynasty had smallest amount of respect for Iranian constitution and the rule of law, today, Iran was in a better situation than she is now.  It was the Pahlavi dictatorship that paved the way for more brutal islamic regime to come to power. It was Zsar dictatorship that brought the Bolshaviks to power in Raussia.  Dictatorships are destructive and pahlavi dynasty was not diiferent.  Unfortunately, still some of my country men can not get it.




Pahlavis (Savad Koohys)

by jasonrobardas on

 They need to return the wealth they stole from Iran .

   Ba poole yek mosht gorsneh rooz jashno,  shab cheraghan mikard!



by Farshad1975 on

Moteasefaneh agar ham dobare Iran padeshahi beshe fayde nadare. Har padeshahi ke Mohammad Reza Pahlavi nemishe. Rohash shad.