Nourizadeh Reaction to Hamdi

TV commentator responds to source who has claimed he was an IRI agent

Alireza Nourizadeh tell his side of the story about Mohamad Reza Hamdi who was once a source for his analysis on the Islamic Republic. Hamdi, in a program on IRI state tv, has claimed he was sent abroad to infiltrate opposition ranks.


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Ali P.

Who the hell is Hamdi??

by Ali P. on

The guy's name is Mad`hi !


hahaha........what can I

by Kooshan on

hahaha........what can I say.....politics is dirty!!!!!!!!!!!

I really think IRI is more intelligent than what we think it is....that is why we get surprized often.


داستان ننه من غریبم رو اگه کسی‌ نشینیده اینجا می‌تونه گوش کنه


البته قسمتِ  دوش اینجاس.  قسمت اولش رو یکی‌ دوروز پیش از طرف یک "جاسوس" ایرانی‌ پخش شد



Very "weak" response or explaination!!!

by Benyamin on

I  expected a better response from him.

Nader Vanaki

این بابا سرکارت گذاشت

Nader Vanaki

و عجب به این بَبو بازی این آقایون که خَرِ این یارو شدن.