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Here's proof that he will bring freedom and independence


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by KingReza on

Here is one I did, takes awhile to load but it's well worth the wait.


The site is down now. but here is the updated version:
You need a webcam and a microphone. It's pretty cool.

EDIT: the Swedish version is still up:

Not to take anything from the video but
it's an old internet meme. You upload an image and it automatically gets edited in to the video.
this lends itself beautifully to Imam naghi and whoever did should be proud of themselves.

Anahid Hojjati

I agree with Jahanshah

by Anahid Hojjati on

whoever did this Imam Naghi video, might have gotten ideas from here and, there but had original ideas him/herself too which were quite funny.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

KingReza, where is the ad campaign video you mention? They talk about "freedom and independence"? There have been programs that allow you to upload photos and create ads that, for instance, appear to be for political campaigns. But to me this does not appear to apply to this video. I'm curious to know what part is a copy.

Part one of this series has snapshots of dozens of fake web pages in farsi and english that could only be created by a creative person... not an automated program.


Info about this video

by KingReza on

There was an online ad campaign about a year ago where you could upload your picture to a website and it would get edited in this video. The person who made this video is clever but he didn't "make" this video from the ground up.

Anahid Hojjati

thanks Ramin jan for explanation

by Anahid Hojjati on

I guess this is a second Imam Naghi video. I saw the first one and it was very funny. I remember your Manson drawing. It is great that you have contributed to this effort.


Ari Jaan

by ramintork on

I am an honest man and don't take credit for someone else's genius.

I created the Charles Manson / Imam image and I also preached the DaGod school of using humour as a form of protest ( just as in DaDa).

I've also contributed as a member ( a true Naghavi), as I love the concept. My contributions are not that difficult to spot! 

But everything else in terms of setting up the Facebook page, making these fantastic videos is the work of another genius!

Here is my blog where Imam Manson was born back in March btw:


But someone else turned Imam manson to Imam Naghi. Not me.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

It's important that as the Imam Naghi phenomenon spreads we establish that the orginal creator of his image was an Iranian. It may seem trivial now, but some day people may want to know the history clearly. The expat Iranian connection is artistically significant. Can't find a contact button for you on IC, but you can either blog about it, or we can do a short interview for IC to establish the facts as to when you created this image, and what was going on in your mind/life at the time.  


There are many (comedy)

by Arthimis on

There are many (comedy) pages on facebook about "Naghy" and people leave the most hilarious comments on them... It basically states that "Imam Naghy" is the ultimate salvation for mankind and the most famous people in the world become a "Shia Muslim" as soon as they see him and hear his advice ... LOL :D) Here is one funny one with him & Paulo Coelho (The famous writer of Alchemist...) : LOL :D))) روایت است که امام نقی‌ با خنده ایی معنی دار به پائولو کوئلیو گفت ، باولو : "الف"!! و پائولو آن را نوشت هماجا نعره ای کشید و اسلام بیاورد


A true genius

by ramintork on

Whoever has done this must be a true genius living under our nose, with good taste in music (judging by the previous video), knowledge of social phenomenon and a lot of Artistic talent.

The Naghi phenomenon is called recuperation, straight out of "Situationist International" text book but adapted for us in 21st Century.

Recuperation fundementally alters the underlying meaning of something e.g. Capitalist profit from selling Marxist T shirts!




امام علی النقی امام دهم شیعیان


(حالا امام دهم چه جوری وایکینگ شده و سر از سوئد درآورده، خدا داند!)   

امام علی النقی به نقل از ویکیپدیا

علی بن محمد دهمین امام شیعیان است. نام او، «علی» و کنیه‌اش «ابوالحسن ثالث» و القابش نقی، هادی، امین، طیب، ناصح، مرتضی و... ذکر کرده‌اند. متولد نیمه ذی الحجه در روستای صریا در نزدیکی مدینه به دنیا آمد پدرش جواد و مادرش سمانه مغربیه که البته مادرش مدنب، حدیث و غزال هم نام داشت.

نام همسر او حُدَیث است که در وصف او هادی می‌فرمایند: "او از هر آفت و هر پلیدی و نجاست بیرون کشیده شد"
(آخه مرد مؤمن آدم راجع به زنش اینجوری حرف میزنه!)

او با وجود فشار زیاد حکومت توانست فعالیت‌های انجام دهد از جمله

ایجاد آمادگی فکری شیعیان جهت ورود به عصر غیبت
مبارزه با انحرافات
تربیت نیرو و افراد شایسته
تقویت سازمان وکالت
تبیین مقام شامخ امامت از طریق زیارت غدیریه و زیارت جامعه
(به نظر میاد رئیس چند تا وزارت خونه و سازمان کشکی بوده!)

او سرنجام به دستور معتز در روز ۳ رجب سال ۲۵۴ ه.ق در سن ۴۱ سالگی در زندان مسوم و کشته شد.
(اونوقت ها اعتصاب غذا مد نبوده  و احتمالا تیپ خوب نداده که سرویس بد شده!)

Mash Ghasem

Da Saga Continues!

by Mash Ghasem on

Highly recommended, one of the conceptually original, and technically advanced, and I mean advanced, works I've ever seen, kudos.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

whoever is behind this: you're a genius. keep it going. funny as hell!

if you have not followed this "developing story", see part one:

If seeing Khomeini's face on the moon was a sign that he would bring freedom and independence, then we should have no doubt that Naghi is the one who's going to save us all and bring democracy.