Iran Helping Syrian Regime -- UK

IRI providing tools to crackdown on pro-democracy protests, according to British intelligence

Daily Telegraph: Senior Foreign Office sources said that there is "credible information" that Tehran is providing riot control gear and paramilitary training to Syrian security forces. Moreover, members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard have been providing technical advice and equipment to forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, the sources said. The accusation comes as the Assad regime's policy of shooting down protesters on the streets of Syria's major cities shows no sign of let-up >>>



If true, then...

by پندارنیک on

The so-called free world should be grateful to the IRI for helping a secular government.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy spot on.

by ali.taaba on

Can not agree more.


Amirparviz.... With all due

by Arthimis on

Amirparviz.... With all due respect I disagree with your opinion here. I.R. can and does help "Syria" and does it with Iranian Oil & Gas money. A regime with leverage of having its hands on and being the producer of the 2nd and/or 3rd biggest natural oil and gas reserve in THE WORLD!!!! That is some serious wealth & leverage!!! They wouldn't last few months without it, You know, I know it , they know it, The Whole world knows it...

Of course they are managed by World's Super Powers ( Western Europe (Germany on top), U.K. Russia and China) . In fact I.R. is their single biggest (economical) colony and source of income/profit!!! 

If one day Iran truley becomes a democratic , independent and Free country and government the super powers mentioned above will lose Trillions of $$$$$ business and profit from Iran!!! Because when we practice and manifest Freedom, Justice, Democracy amongst ourselves and share it with others Globally there will be no choice but for them to treat us equally and with mutual respect...

If there are still people inside and outside Iran that work against our National Sovereignty and interest by Ruling and/or collaborating with one of the most insane & shameful regimes in the whole wide world called : "Islamic Republic", then we can't expect anything better from The " Dovale'h Jahan-Khaars" out there...

Free Iran and Iranian First and worry about the others next... 



of course......

by shushtari on

what would you expect???

the syrian thugs and mercenaries were killing our kids in 2009 so the akhoonds are returning the favor!!!!

the arab thugs have been used by the mullahs since cinema rex and maydoon jaleh to kill our people.....

this is exactly why when the mullahs get crushed, the palestinians and the rest of the freeloaders who have been living off iran's wealth, will die and go broke 


What a Joke and a Lie by BBC, Media's a bad place fr Information

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

IRI can't even manage or Run Iran.... now they are helping Syria? Nonsense

If the IRI doesn't get help from the USA/UK/Germany/France/Israel they could hardly stay in power.

Now these Chimpanzees running Iran are helping Syria.... Russia maybe helping Syria... but Iran is a handicap to anyone on its side.

What a mind twister, the concept of a handicapped Iran being able to help anyone is totally disingenuous and borders on complete and total deceit.