Derakhshan loses appeal against prison sentence

19+year jail term upheld

rferl.org: An Iranian appeals court has upheld a 19 1/2-year jail term for Iranian Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, his family has told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. Derakhshan has also been banned from being a member of a journalistic or political organization for five years. Derakhshan, known as Iran's "Blogfather" for helping popularize blogging in Iran, was convicted over his 2006 visit to Israel and his writings. Charges against him include working with hostile governments, propaganda against the state, and insulting religious sanctities. Iran does not recognize Israel and Iranian citizens are banned from traveling to Israel. Derakhshan was arrested in November 2008 after returning to Iran >>>


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I know this much...

by پندارنیک on

He was not subjected to any hardcore interrogations; and tabled all his info such as names and contacts-we can say-voluntarily.


I agree with Bano_Atefeh and Bavafa on this

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Per Bano_Atefeh, we owe it to people inside Iran to speak out and publicize the crimes of Islamist regime. This is the least we could do from the safety of our western places of residence. To shy away from speaking out on internet for fear of being arrested upon visiting Iran is pure cowardism and playing staright into regime's hands....

Per Bavafa; We can have all our political disagreements we want to have. But we must agree on one thing: The people who are standing up against the islamist regime, risking their lives for Iran, Iranians and democracy, should have unqualified support of us, irrespective of their ideology.

I wish this young man and every single political prisoner in Iran speedy release. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by yolanda on

I don't understand that Maziar Bahari got released, but not him.....both of them are Iranian-Canadian.........

Maryam Hojjat

Bavafa, Great comment

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am with you on this issue.

Bano Atefeh

خود سانسوری ' نه

Bano Atefeh

رژیم میگیرد ، شکنجه میکند و میکشد ولی ما نباید خود را محدود کنیم . باید بنویسم و افشا کنیم. ما به مردم ایران مدیون هستیم.  


This might be idealistic of me to say

by Bavafa on

But quit frankly I am surprised that some actually lay the blame [at least partly] on him. He and those who return to stand up for what they have said are the brave ones. Without going back and standing on your own such crimes of IRI would not show itself. This is the difference between those brave ones that are willing to pay the price for what they believe and you and I that show our bravery only from the safety of our homes in the West.

With that, I salute this and all those brave souls who are serving hefty sentences in Iranian jail or have paid the ultimate price. And I condemn IRI for its brutal dictatorship and treatment of its citizen for merely expressing their opinion.



Prayer for Freedom &

by Arthimis on

Prayer for Freedom & Democracy for Iran and all Iranians... Amen.


Anyone that has ever posted a comment on Iranian.com be careful

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Just a reminder, don't think of visiting Iran under these circumstances if you post comments on IC.  What ever your view, we are all the enemy, no matter what comments we post.

To think that Darius, Parham and Kazemzadeh would each get tortured in the same public prison if they visited Iran.

As for me the closest, I will come to Iran, with this regime in power, is visiting hugh heffners mansion in LA.  Evil always comes to an end, far quicker than anyone ever imagined, because they are so stupid.  That's the good news... the bad is that evil always gets much further, even quicker than anyone could possibly imagine.

We have nasty surprises before they go, but go they will.



Did you know that

by choghok on

His family are close friends with Khameneis family? Kamenei attended Derakhshans wedding as I have read somewhere. He has also been a strong supporter of Ahmaghinejad so his arrest and long sentence is a bit strange.

 I think they just want to set an example out of him. 


Very sad news

by deev on

very sad news yet he brought it upon himself by going back knowing the government, that's lack of common sense!


As much as this sucks...

by babalu on

I am consistently surprised about how many people willingly go back to Iran after they partake in ANY sort of political activity outside its borders (blogging, protests,etc.) We all know that the IRI doesn't discriminate and that it does exactly what it wants to do, so people need to remember that and make intelligent travel decisions in light of this fact, NOT what should/shouldn't happen to people in ideal situations.Derakhshan was the LAST person who should have willingly went back to Iran. 


He believed in them

by shahabshahab on

He actually believed that the  IRI was trustable. He even went back when he could have stayed outside and criticized the Wesr. It is a tough learning experience, but he only has himslef to blame.


Evil prevails again!

by Milan on

My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Beyond that, I have lost all hope for a free Iran anytime soon. Sad, so sad!