Bijan Madjlessi

California condo developer charged with insurance fraud A California developer has been arrested on suspicion of filing duplicate claims with two insurers for the same damage after a 2008 fire at his Reno luxury condominium project. Bijan Madjlessi was arrested at his office in San Rafael, Calif., and booked into the Marin County, Calif., Jail on a charge of felony insurance fraud. He was released after posting a $750,000 bond. He’s accused of buying insurance policies from both Fireman’s Fund and Travelers Casualty and Insurance Co., then filing overlapping claims with both companies after the fire at Belvedere Towers. Reno fire investigators described the July 29, 2008, blaze at the former Sundowner hotel-casino as arson, but no charges were filed. Madjlessi is accused of defrauding the insurers of $1.4 million, according to an affidavit signed by Deputy District Attorney Tom McCallister. It’s one of the larger cases of double-dipping insurance fraud in California, said Dave Althausen, spokesman for the California Insurance Department >>>


Nader Vanaki

قیافه خلاف

Nader Vanaki

فکر کنم چند فقره قتل عمد هم توی پرونده اش پیدا میشه. آخر و عاقبت کاندوم فروشی همینه!

Ali P.

Wait a minute....

by Ali P. on

In his defense, if he was paying for two coverages, should he not get paid by and through the two policies? "Pool bedeh, aash bokhor" doesn't apply here?

gitdoun ver.2.0

not suprised.

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Typical....very typical


No sweat

by پندارنیک on

Just do your time, and then pack your stuff to "Ex-Con Club" in Malaysia, Dubai, or Keash Island.......I'm sorry I don't see you as a Liechtenstein type.

Ali P.

You could forgive him for the insurance fraud....

by Ali P. on

but I'll be damned if I forgive him for that hair piece!!


آخه یه نفر آدم چقدر میتونه خر باشه ؟