Ahmadinejad Oil Ministry Move "Illegal"

Council of Guardians votes against president

Reuters: Iran's parliament said on Wednesday President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad acted illegally by declaring himself caretaker oil minister and referred the case to the judiciary, increasing pressure on him to quit the post. The legislature, which has repeatedly clashed with Ahmadinejad over key policy issues, voted to approve a report by its energy committee which found Ahmadinejad's move an "obvious violation of law", the semi-official Mehr news agency reported. >>>



"Sag Zard Baradar Shoghal

by Arthimis on

"Sag Zard Baradar Shoghal ast..." Who are these filthy degenerates running our country???? Bunch of Pedar Soo... & Madar ... Lying ,cheating, stealing, torturing and killing Iranians everyday for over 32 years!!!!! We Iranians must be ASHAMED of ourselves letting these filths rule over us in the first place.... 

Free Iran. 


don`t read too much into it!!!!

by Benyamin on

Bunch of imbeciles are running the country!

The Majles is suppose to follow the wish and the order of the people instead wait for a direct order by the Rahbari?!!!! what kind of Majles is this other than "Farmayeshi"?

We have been shot 100 years back! this is not a Majles but a shamless gathering of bunch of imbeciles that is all.



@amirparvizforsecularmonarchy Real Agenda

by KingReza on

Real agenda is to try and increase the price oil but creating an illusion of chaos and uncertainty among speculators.


I wonder what the real agenda of all this news is?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Are we supposed to forget the real issue of having an unjust illegitimate regime that tortures and robs its people?

Are we supposed to forget the USA/EU legitimize this regime by dealing with it instead of helping the majority of people opposed to it?

Isn't all the news on AN just a distraction from what really matters?