What is a Grand Ayatullah?

What is Vali-e Faqih?

Press TV: Special report discussing the position of grand ayatullah (Marj'a Taqlid, Ayatollah al-Ozma) as well as the position of the Vali-e Faqih (Guardian Jurist) in Islam as a whole and Islamic Iran in particular.



After 32 years this is all we have achieved to ask, who...?

by عموجان on

Who is VeF? Who cares where are the JOBS they been promising?


What an interesting vidio. I

by Khebedin on

What an interesting vidio. I am very happy to see this programe by press TV.


It's not that they don't believe in god.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If god is defined as goodness, beauty and truth, creator of peace, then

and its obvious I know for even a child to observe,

thenwhat these people believe in is not god, but these people are serving satan and demons.

Which is what has created the new marg bar islam culture dominating the lives of the good and responsible iranians across the world.

Where are jobs LoL,

where are our children? being sold as sex slaves to the 4 courners of the world, selling their organs for money? tortured and imprisoned for being a human.




How to waste your life ad involve yourself in crimes.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Based on results, that we can all see and have all experienced, we can easily come to the conclusion

that this entire system of education and of coming up with answers is a total failure in every respect.

If this is the best islam can do, it will be completely removed from iran in iranians fight against tyranny, and those muslims who were silent against these crimes, done with the authority of islam, will also be accepted as involved parties in the betrayal of the people of iran.


Do we care

by RostamZ on

If you sit down and listen to the Muslim scholars for ten minutes you realize all the say is just a bunch of nonsense and jibberish. 



by عموجان on

This is bunch of BS, Islam only made people to be depended on others for  food, clothing, housing and what ever in between to countries like US, Europe and even more to Chain(they don’t even believe in god).

Where are the jobs?