U.S. hikers verdict in "coming days"

"Sunday was the last court session"

Reuters - Iran said verdicts on American hikers detained on charges of espionage will be announced in the coming days, its Arabic language al-Alam television quoted a judiciary official as saying Sunday. Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd were arrested by Iranian forces in July 2009 on suspicion of spying after crossing into Iran from Iraq. Shourd was freed on bail in September 2010 and returned to the United States. Under Iran's Islamic law, espionage can be punished by execution. "The Sunday session was the last court session and their verdicts will be announced in the coming days," al-Alam quoted judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei as saying without giving further details >>>


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What use of these guys?

by choghok on

I was thinking that these guys could very well be spies really, but then what use are they good for? I mean 3 twenty something americans in a country where they do not speak the language how can they fit in? What would they spy on? And IRI was ready to negotiate just after capturing them, and let one of them go for money, it sounds more like they were just trekking, and where taught a very hard lesson not to get to close to IRI borders or you will be kidnapped.


now foreigners had a bitter

by alx1711 on

now foreigners had a bitter taste of invading Islamic regime in Iran. This is an international case, image the domestic law cases that are going in Iran.

The prespective is; if your are a Bache Mullah, or a Hezbollah or any of these thugs your're off hook. Where as if you are in other side of the line, you're bogged in mud.


Common Sense please

by ali_aaa on

I dislike the IRI same as the next guy, but please who in the right mind picks up and goes hiking between two most dangerous countries (Iraq and Iran) without any paper work?


I wouldn't go hiking between forests of B.C/Canada and US without any paper work cause there is a HUGE chance of me ending up in Guantanamo. Smarten up people! 


Going to Iran without Visa

by Khebedin on

Going to Iran without Visa and from the no man's land or usual travel ways or means is very sus. It is most strange to be in the middle of no wehere and claim to be lost. It is not as if they took a wrong turn or road, they had to work hard to get where they were, in the middle of no where. The Iranian authorities have the right to fully investigate these unexpected travellers. CIA has very bad records in M.E. Please let Iranian authorities investigate this fully, don't rush them.  They are being fed very well and being looked after even better, but letting them free is wrong yet, their intention and motives must be fully exposed before leaving Iran. Please remember, they are not in jail or any difficult and uncomfortable place, on the contrary, they are being looked after very well, as the are considered inocent until proven guilty.

hajj khnom

I hope they let them go free.

by hajj khnom on

Poor kids!

Oon Yaroo

Usually these theatrical siahbazi...

by Oon Yaroo on

by the IRI regime and that their so-called Islamic court will determine the fate of the prisoners very shortly is an indication that they [IRI] are going to release the American students soon. Not becasue they want to but because if they don't they will face severe consequences!

This may be as a result of new pressures being exerted by the US administrations (past and present) such as new sanctions, military threats, regime change, or delisting of MEK.
But what matters most is that it always works in the end. The IRI goons submit and give up!

If I were the US administration, I would actually follow through with some or all of those threats and bring this cancer-stricken regime to a happy ending! Kill it!


The East and the West...

by Bavafa on

Need to stop playing games with people's lives and stop this tit for tat game.

IRI must provide a just and credible judiciary for these folks

US must either charge or free Iranian prisoner in their custody.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory