Public Hanging in Kermanshah

Three men accused of rape and filming it


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this nation

by hazratee on

Is num, dumb and deaf. No feelings or humanity left in them.



Babak K.

I do not support these kind

by Babak K. on

I do not support these kind of barbaric actions.  But if the regime (which is worse than these rapists) does not take these drastic actions then in view of my fellow Iranians we do not have Amneeyat , then the Iranian nation will welcome a mostabed like Reza Shah so that he can bring the so called Amneeyat no matter how much he bends the law of the land. We are an amazing nation still we are in love with Amneeyat no matter the consequences.




by yolanda on

This is the trademark of IRI: public executions!

well, they don't use American-made crane anymore!


Good thing they start with

by alx1711 on

Good thing they start with "Be esme Allah" and they chant "Allah Akbar" at the end - a clear indicator of barbaric Islam. If they trully did commit the crime then they should be jailed.

On 2nd thought how come IRI rapists dont get hanged?