Mohammad Sajjad Hosseini: Poetry for Leader

Recites in Khamenei's presence



seannewyork, You are

by Arthimis on

seannewyork, You are absolutely right !!! At age 12, I asked myself and others in my life and neighborhood the same question!!! How could Iranians follow a "Psycho-Path" like Khomeini compare to "Shah" (no matter how bad they claimed and still claim he was...) !!!!????? Needsless to mention within 2 years at age 14 I had to escape Iran due to my thoughts and stand about my country in order to live and with freedom... I never returned back to Iran, and won't unfortunately, as long as I.R. is occupying & ruling ...

The fact of the matter is that our poor Iran, has been occupied by so many people who were and still are complete "Ignorants, Superstitious, Bipolars and all out traitors to say the least "! People like us here got lucky and left Iran & became the citizens of other countries in the free world, but my heart goes to millions of young people who lost their precious "Youth" aka : "Burnt Generation" and all millions of others who have to live under such shameful conditions , ruled by bunch of "Killers and Thieves" !!!!

For 33 years, I pray every day for Freedom, Independence & Prosperity of Iran & True Iranians...



Forget the "cruise missile"

by Arthimis on

Forget the "cruise missile" ... I wish there was "One" single Iranian who would risk his/her life to assassinate the son of a ...... & few of his followers at least!!! YES, I'm talking about "Shocking Violence" , the only language these killers really understand!!!!

Free Iran .... 


couple of cruise missle

by azadi5 on

you know how that other guy calls for surgical attacks on Iran, I think he has a point. Couple of cruise missile hitting this kind of assembly, with all the murderers in it, will do humanity and Iranian nation a big favor.

Anahid Hojjati

Poetry is not reporting, can you get it?

by Anahid Hojjati on

in poetry one is not obligated to write exactly as events happened. some people still don't get it, what a shame. This video is bunch of Arabic mumboo jumboo though. I clicked on parts of of it and did not see a poem.


listening to this made me

by alx1711 on

listening to this made me feel like vomitting.....


how many has that crowd killed

by seannewyork on

i am thinking millions with the extension of iran/iraq war, killing of iranians, americans, iraqis, lebanese, now syrians and many other terrorist attacks.

and you guys got rid of the Shah for this.  what fools our older generation is/was.

we have no future because of parents generation and they cant admit they made a mistake and try to fix it by joining the youth to over throw the regime.