Emergency Room Chaos

TV reporter's surprise visit to Imam Hossein hospital in Tehran


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Clear example.

by comments on

I am well aware of all medical and analytical instrumentations.  Actually, that's my job.  You get the point yourself by below example:

I did my education in a low funded University laboratory in the US with a very old instrument (20 years old), which was the main part of my project.  I spent two years of my research to make the instrument to function and replace the parts with donated parts from other researchers.  I worked for 2 more years and I got an excellent result after it was fixed. 

After my graduation I went to Iran.  I saw the brand new of the same instrument (2 years old) in an Azad University in a remote area in Iran.  They told me that they used it for one day, and it broke and couldn't fix it.  What about the waranty?  What about taking time and fixing it. and so many other what abouts.      My understanding: they are koon goshad or have no respect, understanding or motivation for research.


Can we ever change something in Iran?  They only know and understand routine jobs such as doctors, nurses and etc.  However, the income gap and the lack of respect is still the main challenge.  You tell me that how a nurse is respected in Iran?  How is her income?  Aren't those poor nurses are known as loose characters?


Islam hame chiz midehad

by jasonrobardas on

Ab va barghr majani , otoboose majani , bimarestane daraje yeke majani , Islam zendegi  maddi va manavi shoma ra tamin mikonad .

Maryam Hojjat

Khebedin, You are Right

by Maryam Hojjat on

Shame on all IRR/IRI that cannot run the country but only blouf!  Poor IRANIANS & IRAN in hands of Bastards enemies.


What on earth do you

by Khebedin on

What on earth do you expect?. Nurses get $500 salary per month. So?, they leave to go and work outside Iran. He says: We don't have " NIroo", meaning technical staff and nurse. It is the most unfortunate situation. The doctors get thousands of $ and supper income in the private section, but the government doctors and nurse get very little and not enough to cover they rent. Of course the system fails. Shame of the ministry of health, shame of the Rahbar and his president. Shame on the Islamic Republic. They are not capable of running a country which has always had enough resources for a smooth oeration. Shame, Shame , shame. Nurses work two shiefts to cover their rent in Teharn. Housing bacame a serious problem ever since Islamic Repulic took over, remember that stupi Molla who was going to give everyone a hpuse ?, in 1977. This government must change Iran and Iranian desreve a better government.