Efforts to Delist Mojhahedin from Terrorism List

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MM Jan: Thanks for all

by Bavafa on

MM Jan: Thanks for all your effort in shining more light on this cult

But none of these are much news or surprise to many of us Iranians. What it signifies and we should make notes of is the effort and betrayal of the special interest in US and their plans for Iran and Iranians.

In my mind, Iranian people are fighting two evils on two fronts, one being IRI at home and the other is the greedy special interest which currently is dominated by Neocons/Zionist. Iranians MUST not trust either.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



Mehrdad - RAND report estimates 70% trapped in Ashraf

by MM on

Not all those who joined MEK are idiots, but I would call them desperate, soldiers of Iran trapped by Saddam and Rajavis, or running away from Iran and lurred by MEK promises of land, money and residence and got trapped in Ashraf (See, e.g., Rand Report on MEK):

Page 18 of Rand Report on MeK’s fraudulent recruiting practices.

...... "a significant, indeterminate portion of the MeK rank and file in Iraq were at Camp Ashraf only because  of the MeK’s fraudulent recruiting practices. For example, Iranians taken prisoner by Saddam’s forces during the Iran-Iraq War were promised repatriation to Iran if they transferred from Iraqi prison camps to MeK facilities. Iranian expatriates in third countries were told that they would be granted asylum in European countries. They were also given offers of employment as translators, along with promises of land and spouses. Some Iranians were enticed to MeK camps by offers of free visits with family members. Others who paid to be smuggled out of Iran found themselves trafficked to MeK camps rather than to their intended destinations. Although the exact figure is not known, it is estimated that approximately 70 percent of MeK members now in Iraq joined the group after its relocation there and subsequent decline in popularity. Many of them were victims of these fraudulent recruiting practices."

"In addition, these victims as well as the MeK’s true volunteers (most of whom joined prior to the MeK’s exile from Iran) have been trapped in a cult environment: The MeK leadership has confiscated their identity documents, threatened them with persecution in Iran and prosecution for illegal immigration in Iraq, and prevented those who wished to do so from returning to their home country. Therefore, humanitarian considerations regarding the MeK must not assume that the wishes of the MeK’s leadership are the same as those of the rank and file, particularly those who were deceived and then trapped at MeK camps."



Such actions by USA clearly

by Khebedin on

Such actions by USA clearly shows why Iranian can never trust Americans. AND, no matter what the American policy is on this issue, it has no effect on what the Iranians think of these idiots. Let us waste no time on such issues and uses our time and resources where we can benefit from.


Dear Bavafa...actually I thought of it :-)

by Disenchanted on


       Basically you are correctly saying those who support MEK are either idiots or members which are also idiots to begin with to join the group! :-)

       So it goes like this if you support MEK you are either an idiot or well, an idiot! :-)

      I guess the difference would be either you know who they are and what is their history and what they stand for and support them or you don't know and still support them. It is a close call as who is more idiotic!

      They manage an army of zombies. People deprived of freedom and emotions following orders and committing atrocities, treason and being proud of it. I can hardly think of any cult in Iran's history with such a glorious resume! 


Delisting MEK will be a victory for the American Empire no doubt

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

But for the sane people on this community, the USA will yet again for the 1,000,000 time have proven to the world, empire is their only goal, not freedom, democracy and justice.  As we know what MEK are.

Not that most people won't continue to be fooled by the main stream media and still remain blind to the obvious and allow themselves to be used as tools by the USA. Niave is the new cool.

Having people love America while enrolling them in the name of pursuing their own real desires that are legitimate and good, while doing another thing all together never stopped anyone from enjoying a kentucky fried chicken did it? 

1 million dead, 2 million so what right?  Freedom, Democracy and Justice are just words anyway so why not use them and people who know no better, it's not like we actually have to show anything for it? 

I guess since we do in reality have 2 groups of people that are happy to be ridden like donkeys for the rest of their lives, the religous crowd and the democracy crowd, why walk?

Ari, JJ where are you guys? The Empire Loves You, remember that as you promote anything.


Dear Disenchanted: Isn't that a bit of oxymoron :)

by Bavafa on

I mean, if they weren't idiots, would they still join this cult?

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



If you support MEK, you are either a member or an IDIOT!

by Disenchanted on


         If the criteria for listing and delisting is opposition to Iran's ruling mullas, I'd say delist Al Qaeda too1 Believe me there is no love lost between the two. now came to think of it, top 10 similarities between Al Qaeda and MEK:

          10- Both have Islamic ideology

            9- Both oppose regime in Tehran

            8- Both employ suicide bombers

            7- Both of their leaders have had multiple wives...

            6- .....


Here's a thought...

by afshin on

Let them be delisted.  Who cares?  Their delisting will not bring them any closer to making them popular in Iran.  Look at Chalabi?  What happened to him? Where is that charlatan?  He's where all like-minded charlatans reside, in the ash heap of history.  The MEK has a bankrupt hallow ideology.  They will fail on their own merit.  Banning our opponents will not make us any stronger, and will do nothing to further the cause of democracy in Iran.  I say delist them.  That list has been largely symbolic anyway.  They were under the US military protection in Iraq, while they were on the list.  Their members openly court members of congress in this country with impunity.  Their delisting is meaningless.  Almost as meaningless as them getting on the list in the first place.  Ultimately they don't have the political gravitas to even be a viable political opponent, let alone be cause for regime change.  


A terrorist is a terrorist by any other name!

by jasonrobardas on

 Iranians need (Mojahedin-e-Khalgh) , like they need a bullet in their heads . This cultish fanatical group is the most undemocratic entity in the iranian opposition .


Human rights.

by comments on

I only value human rights as Iranians main challenge, and I have no idea what kind of people supports such a fundamentalist islamic group. 

How different could they be from IRI?  Any clue?  Is that all because they designated a woman at the top of their hierchy, and humiliate other female members?  Are Iranians residing in Iran are that naive to fall to such a trap?  Believe me.  No way. 


It is our RESPONSIBILITY to take action

by Bavafa on

Either individually or collectively to voice our outmost disgust with this treasonous group and the move by Neocons in US to legitimize this viscous cult.

Also, allowing to distract the focus from this important topic and policy is indirectly helping this cultish group. so don't fall for the trap.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Maryam Hojjat

Oh, SH.T, President of IRAN Maryam Rajavi

by Maryam Hojjat on

 a role model cult leader! Who does not care about IRAN & IRANI.  She and her Hubby Masoud have proven to IRANIANS their thirst for BLOOD of IRANIANS, MONEY & Power.  Shame on any one who does not want to see the crimes of these backwarded cult mentality of so called IRANIANS.

Jeesh Daram

سه رنگ

Jeesh Daram

این عکسها را که نگاه میکنم و تصمیم ناگهانی گروه مجاهدین خلق در انتخاب رنگ زرد برای نشان دادن خودشان در تظاهرات، به این مطلب می اندیشم که ما الان رنگ سبز داریم، زرد هم داریم و بسلامتی همین روزها آمریکا با صلاحدید انگلستان یک رنگ دیگر هم برایمان انتخاب میکند که اگر روزی و روزگاری که بسیار هم نزدیک بنظر میاید حاجی گوز را داد و قبض را گرفت کاملا بتوانند ملت مارا با سه رنگ بجان یکدیگر بیاندازند.  حالا اگر قرمز را انتخاب کنند خوبی اش اینستکه آدم را یاد چراغ راهنمایی سر چهار راه میاندازد و میداند چه موقع باید حرکت کند و چه هنگامی توقف کند و بایستد. شاید همان سه رنگ را هم بعدا برای پرچم آینده انتخاب کنیم و ایران تنها کشور دنیا بشود که انقلاب اولش پرچم با نقش سیکهای هندی و فراماسونری را انتخاب کرد و در انقلاب دومش عکس چراغ خطر را روی پرچمش چاپ نمود که علامت عابر پیاده هم دارد.  حالا اگر شما رنگ بهتری بنظرتان میرسد ذکر کنید تا سفارت انگلستان در تهران روی آن مطالعه  و بررسی نماید 


Tirida Tarsi(deh) Message

by Tavana on

And the following is an email received from the Neo Iranian American Cons (NIAC) president, Tirida Tarsi(zadeh), aka. Trita Parsi, before he goes to coma due to excessive fear of Mojahedin's delistings:

Dear friend,

The push to remove the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) from the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations is intensifying in Congress and in pro-war circles in Washington.

A vote is coming before the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week on whether to endorse removing the Mujahedin from the U.S. foreign terrorist organizations lists. This would enable it to operate freely and even receive U.S. funding for renewed attacks in Iran.

And John Bolton and Daniel Pipes, who have openly called for the U.S. to bomb Iran, have recently ratcheted up their calls for the Mujahedin to be taken off the terrorist list.

Supporters of the Mujahedin don’t care that the group has no support in Iran. They favor the Mujahedin because it uses violence and terror.

We are standing up to the Mujahedin for three reasons:

1) Delisting the Mujahedin and unleashing its violence would be a major blow to the non-violent, pro-democracy movement.

As Iranian-Americans, we more than anyone else should know from experience that violence can defeat a dictator, but it cannot give us democracy. We have to break the cycle of violence, not perpetuate it.

2) Delisting the Mujahedin would unleash a major force for war.

For years, the Mujahedin have lobbied for the US to attack Iran and to help install MEK leader Maryam Rajavi into power. We’ve seen how effective they have lobbied for war even while they are a designated terrorist organization. De-listing them will be a major boost to their lobbying campaign to start a US-Iran war.

3) Delisting the Mujahedin threatens the free, peaceful voices of the Iranian-American community

For years, the Mujahedin have smeared and defamed anyone and any group who differed with them, including Iranian-American organizations and even individuals like Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi.

As Iranian Americans, we have the ability and responsibility to help break the cycle of violence that has engulfed Iran. NIAC is the only organization standing up to prevent this from happening.

But we need your help.

Join us in taking a stance for non-violence, democracy and human rights.

Donate $100 today for our efforts to prevent war, protect the pro-democracy movement and break the cycle of violence.

Trita Parsi


National Iranian American Council
1411 K St. NW Ste. 600
Washington, DC 20005
ph: (202) 386-6325

Web: www.niacouncil.org
Blog: www.niacINsight.com
Facebook: acebook.com/niacouncil
Donate: www.niacouncil.org/donate
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War of the cults

by Fred on

Looks like despite all the fearmongering by the NIAC lobby/cult, it will soon have to compete with another cult.

BTW, isn’t that Reza Marashi in the clip an employee of the NIAC lobby/cult, if so why didn’t BBC identify him as a current employee of the lobby/cult and not just a former US State Dept employee?