Ameneh Bahrami: Pardons Acid Attacker

Victim spares attacker from blinding retribution

Reuters: An Iranian woman blinded with acid by her suitor for turning down his marriage proposal spared him at the last minute from being blinded too as punishment for his crime, Iranian media reported on Sunday. "I have been trying for seven years to get the qisas (retribution) sentence, but today I decided to pardon him," Ameneh Bahrami was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency. Bahrami lost her sight in 2004 when Majid Mohavedi poured acid onto her face after she spurned his offers of marriage. In 2008, a court sentenced Mohavedi to be blinded in both eyes for taking away Bahrami's sight, using the principle of retribution permitted under Iran's Islamic law >>>

BBC Interview:

Iranian state tv:


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Don't understand this Iranian man acid combination

by choghok on

Have read stories before about acid used in jealousy and rage being used by Iranian men in Iran but also in Europe, do not know if it part of our heritage some how, never heard of an Arab or Turkish guy doing that, not that they are saints, I think they just kill the woman or do something else. Indians (from India) would burn the woman alive, so I guess this is the Iranian version.


Khomso Zakat

by statira on

What really happens to all the Khomsozakat given to those moftkhor mullahs? She is a good recepient for all those donations.

For the criminal who did that to her, he needs to stay in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

Good for you Ameneh jan for not going forward with that cruel punishment( Ghesas).


God forbids, I didn't meant

by Aviva on

God forbids, I didn't meant that !

I just wanted to say what a great creature she is.



by choghok on

You sound as if she would be dead.


God bless her pure soul

by Aviva on

God bless her pure soul !


But I am very surprised that the sentence was to be carried out in Ambulatory hospitalization, local anesthesia and worse of all that a doctor had to instill the drops.

"I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I
make a suggestion to this effect. In purity and holiness I will guard
my life and my art".

The Hippocratic Oath

Mohammad Ala

Non-governmental fund(s) . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

I am for a non-governmental fund to support people such as Ms. Bahrami.  I am not rich, but I will contribute.


It is good to hear that this

by Khebedin on

It is good to hear that this lady has managed to conditionally forgive him. It is also nice to see a system which allows the victim to receive justice. But I belive, this guy should stay in prison for the rest of his life and until he manages to compensate the victim. I consider 200M tooman to be very little. The victim is young and needs to have a reasonable quality of life for the rest of her life. I feel any conpensation needs to be continious and indexed with inflation, or a lump sum which allows the victim to invest the funds so that she can live a comfortable life for the rest of her life. This compensation is not geneder related but inflation related. I am sure there are many avenues in Islam to find a solution which allows her to receive a compensation which would allow her to live a reasonable life for the rest of her life.

David ET

The WHOLE thing is SICK

by David ET on

The whole juidiciary system and people trapped in the system: The Gulity, The victim and the verdict, 



Doing the right thing is not always the easist

by Bavafa on

But it is the best way to ensure a clear conscience

Congratulations to this lady to overcome her [understandably] desires for revenge

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by choghok on

Somewhere it is said that pardon was because of international pressure somewhere it is said it is because she never meant to follow through.

I remember a case where mother of a guy killed in street fight said how happy she was because of qisas and that regime was pushing her to forgive but that her suurounding was pushing her for qisas. Question is if who to blame for these medival justice.

That said I hope the men like this guy are punished for their horrible crime.


International Pressure @ Work?

by Tavana on

Right!! Are we talking justUS or justice here? Why is it that the mass disfigurements/maythems/killings of Afghanis/Iraqis/Pakistanis civilians for the past 10 years by the US attacks have not been stopped if such imaginary thing as the Global Justice really exists?

PS: Does the 'forgiveness' timing have anything to do with the begiinning of Ramazan? The sudden change of heart had not been felt from the previous videos of the unfortunate victim. Even though no amount of cash will bring the victim's face back but as for the Americaqn lady hiker who paid $500K to be released from prison only GOD knows how much cash has been changing hands here. Do not ever underestimate IRI's showiness.  

Babak K.

Banoo Amaneh,Sometimes

by Babak K. on

Banoo Amaneh,

Sometimes on this site, we meet Iranians that are great scientists, or great achievers, or CEO of this company or that company or a great athlete, and because of that my fellow Iranians say that how proud they are about these people.  Myself never feel any pride about these Iranians, never.                                               Today, I am poud of your humanity, your decency, and your big heart. You have Vojdan and Sharaf, something that most of my fellow Iranians lack.  I am speechless and have very hard time writing about your greatness. You are an angel.  I must say that, I cried because of my anger about what happened to you, and cried when I saw how great you are, and you are a hero in my eyes, you are my Iranian hero.  I wish that my fellow Iranians learn from your greatness and your humanity.  I hope that every clergy and politician can learn from you.  Sometime ago, I saw a clip about your family on TV, you also have a great family.  Your family was a very unsual Iranian family, everybody was classy, with a lot of humanity in them.  Therefore, I am not surprised about your humanity and decency.  I wish that some of Iranian parents were like your parents, decent, Ba-Vojdan and Ba-Sharaf, with great humanity in them.  I wish that all Ayatollahas and clergy, and all Iranian intelectuals look at you as a role model, and learn from you the compassion and kindness that is in short supply in my country.  You are my Iranian hero of all times.  From far far away, if you allow me I kiss your hand.

With outmost love and humality, and respect

Babak Kalkhoran





by yolanda on

What a shocking video!

I am glad the lady has forgiven the attacker....but I am still very sad and feel bad for the lady.....also it is scary to see all the doctors were about to carry out  one of the cruelist and unprecedented procedures in the world!

International pressure does work!