Ahmadinejad: "They Are Not Afraid of Our Four Missiles"

Can't close off the country; remember the old Soviet Union? he asks


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Sorry guys, but I support....

by comments on

I support every words in this video.  Just the posted video.  I wish we could have heard them from someone who is influential and has some positive reputation in Iran.


Politics is a business, and you have to show some power to be counted in the world.  I wish their power was diplomatic and peacefully sound. 


He may not have a good PR,

by Khebedin on

He may not have a good PR, he may not be good at international politics, he may have many short falls, but for one thing he should be appreciated, and that is the removal of subsidies, most importantly the subsidies on Energy/petrol which was killing everyone and was costing the contry its life. No other president in Iran had the balls to do this.

payam s

It's all about the elections and public opinion!

by payam s on

He is influencing public opinion for the next elections. Mashaei is being groomed. The coming year will be very interesting in terms of power struggles in Iran. Despite the 2009 crackdown, Mashaei and ahmadinejad will have support for the next elections due exactly to these PR stunts. Unlike what many think of him, he is very clever.


AN bragged about crushing the demonstrators in 2009...

by ham1328 on

And now he is playing a different tune!!
همون خره میخواهد پالونشو عوض کنه


That is why they're probably making nukes at Undisclosed sites

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Missles don't bother anyone... it's what's in those missiles that are cause for concern for me.

Imagine if this same regime is around in 10 years time.

No question it will have ICBM technology developed with it's cash resources, and nukes too, which is why the regime can ot be negotiated with.

G.W. Bush also had a moment of truth, when he said, a Nuclear armed Iran will cause a third world war. 

I'm ot sayig it's going to happen tomrrow, but give them 10 years and the game can change a lot in that time.


ZERO credibility- game over

by Fair on

One day this thug calls the people "dirt and dust", another day he magically realizes decades too late that the world is connected and that powerful countries are not afraid of inaccurate, militarily insignificant missiles with 50 year old technology.  Perhaps he should take a bit of his own advice and stop participating in the imprisonment, murder, rape, suffocation, and imprisonment of the great nation of Iran, and promote the development and technological and scientific advancement of Iran instead of development of junk technology.

If after 32 years of this crap, any Iranian still has any hope of an islamic republic  amounting to anything with any accomplishment, he or she really needs to get his or her head examined.  Very few ideologies in history have descended to this degree of bankruptcies and still survived in power.

The islamic republic with all its founders and bankrupt ideals must do itself and the people of Iran a favor - it must remove itself from the face of time.


Read David ET's comment

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You fudamentalist Reformist fools.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

David ET

که از ماست که بر ماست

David ET

باوور کردنی نیست که بعد از انتخابات قلاّبی، و این همه کشته و زندانی ، و هشت سال دروغگویی هنوز به دو دوزه بازی‌های این روباه شّیاد ارزش قائل میشوید .



He is a constant struggle between his apocalyptic views and

by Disenchanted on


      bursts of pragmatism!

Ari Siletz

Suggestion to AN

by Ari Siletz on

To come across as sincerely against policies that have led to Iran's isolation, stop using the phrase "ghodrat haaye sheitaani."Try "ghodrat haaye ragheeb," or some such.


He Just Realized All This?

by ayatoilet1 on

This is all new - from him! He just realized that we are living in an interdependent world ... so wtf is the regime behaving like it does? Can they really contain the aspirations of Iran's youth (who are very well aware of the world)? The regime must change and engage constructively with the rest of the world. Otherwise the regime really is doomed. Diplomacy, decency can go a long way....murder and torture will not.


البته موشک ما هم، موشکه ها، هه هه، موشک درست و حسابیست !!


آخه موشک 'درست و حسابی'، "هه هه" داره؟  این مموتی برای یک دفعه هم که خواست آدم باشه، باز نتونست!


The little socipathic

by vildemose on

The little socipathic weasel being truthful only when he has nothing left to save his legacy. He did the same thing before his first election.



موش موشک آسته برو آسته بیا!



موش موشک آسته برو آسته بیا

که گربه شاخت نزنه

سری به سوراخت نزنه!

Nothing brings clarity and focus into one's thought process more than fear, and the Regime is fearful right now! Sanctions work

Where are all those Regimis now to contradict Ahmadi about their missiles


He knows well how to play both sides

by Bavafa on


'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

He's making sense

by Jahanshah Javid on

... suddenly! Public opinion is the only thing that could possibly save him. And he knows the public are sick and tired of lies and false bravado. He's giving common sense a try... good luck!

Maryam Hojjat

AN making sense

by Maryam Hojjat on