Ahmadinejad Meets Martyr's Family

To counter pressure from his opponents



Watch please this movie

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  You want to lear about who famile shaheed is what we experienced what is real .. watch this movie badan khodet ehjaze nemidi ye bi ehterami bashe... //www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbfbKhgAxa8&feature=related


Base be khoda sharm dashte bashin

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"    You guys are very wrong, what do you mean Hezbolla shomaha ke kheyli vaght az iran dur astin hamaro ba ye rang mikeshin???? Its enough we had it, mishenin tuye america be maha ke iran budim nazar midin??? Kojaye famile man Hezabolla astan???? Kojaye ham sangare dadashe man tarafdare Rejime bud???   Kojamun?? pedaram ke rayees daneshgarde bud, madaram karmand mashinsazi... khodam daneshju... kojaye ma tarafdare Rejim astim????    Avazin ke biayin tashakor konid, hala tashakor chera  TOHIN CHERA?     Agah man familam musalmun nistan IRANIAN... ma as aghliyat astim...    Dahrk konid shomaha ba iran emruz hich ASHENAYE NADARIN...  jalebe na iran budin, this is obvious some of you did not even recognize the soldiers clothes saying its basiji clothes actually the basiji usually weare cloth pants and white shirt those of us can see them fast, and we can easily see  tamize doost az doshman..    Please if you don't know put your opinion aside its offensive we are tired of being judged by people who don't know. Tohmato Toheeno az una ye taraf bia America einaro beshnav as ein tarafe..   Khejalat bekeshin


"چون ايران


"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"


there was not

by rtayebi1 on

just hazbollahis fighting the war. There were Armenians, Jews, communists and other brave Iranian that died in that stupid war. This was not just about ideology it was about protecting Iran from Saddam. The dirty mullahs  have no claim on these patriotic Iranian.


No respect for Hezbollah

by ahosseini on

Imagine a situation where Khamenaei agitates pro Hezbollah forces
to cause problems for Bahrain (considering Beharin is being ruled by a
dictatorial Sheikh). Then with the aid of Arab states like SA and other rich
and powerful pro western governments, Bahrain goes into war with Iran. This was
the situation when Iran-Iraq war started. The Iran-Iraq war was an unwanted war
on the part of the people. Do I really respect those who wanted to export their
ideology and expand Hezbollah rule. For one min consider Iran had won the war
and we had two counties ruled by these nasty fanatics.Campaign to stop such a
war and not involvement is the best answer. The families Ahmadinejad goes and
visit have more or less the same kind of mentality. I personally have no
respect for their ideology, their jihad and their victory. The best way to
defend Iran was to campaign to stop the war. Expanding Iran under IRR is the expansion
of hard line fanatics.

I have no respect for their ideology, their jihad, or their
expansion, do you?  


GolinedaIrani....very well

by Kooshan on

GolinedaIrani....very well said!

I remember those days and how these brave young souls passionately went to war for the sake of Iran powered by their belief.

We Iranians think usually either black or white....alas the only reality in this world is just Gray with varying scale! Ahmadinejad is popular for his simple life and befriending with the poor!

Sheila K

VoiceOfReason: ever heard of a narcissism?

by Sheila K on

How can you give him ANY credit? after 32 years of so called revolution we have more political prisoners than ever. People's children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters... have been tortured raped and executed in tens of thousands over the past 3 decades. Where was AN to receive any credit? By the way, he won a fraudulent election -- his hands are bloody!!  


Mehrdad jaan you are welcome

by Disenchanted on




U have to be

by rtayebi1 on

an idiot to not appreciate this family. These brave Iranian gave their life for Iran. Some of the comments here R just disgusting. 


well said disenchanted, many thanks for that

by Bavafa on


'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



Folks have some respect...

by Disenchanted on


         Absence of sacrifices by likes of this man's sons we will be all speaking Arabic in Iran!

         There is nothing funny when it comes to remembering and respecting those who gave their life to keep Iran away from the criminal hands of Saddam.



Salvate be shahida...

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"   Out of all due respect most comments here are very rude. Danesh who ever he was from the picture you can tell was a soldier during the war let me tell you my brother was not even 21 when he died during the war, and the word Basij, belongs to him. Basiji asl Basiji vagheyi tuye delle ma Irani ja dareh, thats why our generation who is green and the generation out of Iran for 30 years will never speak the same language. Its unfortunate because we want the same thing. Yes azadi5 we had basijis that everyone in the neighborhood even old Shahs Soldier would respect and kiss their face and pass them under quran before they went to Jebe, it is because of them, we have Khoram Shahr it is because of them, we didnt loose the war...there is a movie if you don't understand what I'm saying you should watch it is one of the most famous movies based on this discussion Ajanse Shishee bebin basija va shaheeda vaghan kee budan az koja umadan ,,, va ma chegadar bayad madyuneshun bashim...    As for this video many families lost a son and they are institutionalized into being a famile basij, remember how many casualties that is and how many family members that is...  daneshga raftan ta kareh dollat gereftan this regime has abused this situation and made strong followers for itself... although be nazare man una ke jepe raftan haqeshune beheshun beresan vali motasefane juri shod ke einaro keshidan soraghe khodeshun va una geyrateshun tuye famile shahid budan gir karde... khob chizi dige nadaran kheyliashun momenan va faghir vali man shaksan 1000000% ehteram daram baraye shahidamun,,, va yadetun nare ma bachehaye ein nasl unaro shahid dar rahe haq iran midunestim va...Neda, Sohrab einam shahide rahe haqan... 


وصیتامه شهید


این گل که پر پر شده  

هدیه به رهبر شده

حسنی بوده خر شده


Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

What if you're of the opinion that they're both baneful to Iran's welfare and should both be taken out of the picture?...


Gotta give him credit on this

by VoiceOfReason on

On this point I have to give Ahmadinejad credit. A not too distant relative of mine was Ahmadinejads commanding officer in the war and was killing in combat. His family lives in a very small village. Ahmadinejad has visited them twice since becoming President. His ability to connect with some people can not be under estimated. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to those folks who fought to save the country from Saddam. Even if we have internal challenges we should not confuse the two. 

A small suggestion for Iranian.com. I'd like to see a poll asking

In the internal conflict that is brewing in Iran who do you support?

-Khamenei : the hell of Ahmadinejad

-Ahmadinejad : anyone who can sap the power of the clerics is good

Would be interesting to see out come.


Fat Bastard!

by afshin on

There is a guy that hasn't missed a meal in his day...


These two

by Vattan on

These two need to get a room.


As Azadi5 rightly has pointed out...

by Bavafa on

It is not clear how, why he died?

The term "Martyr" much like the word "terrorist" has been used and abused much that has lost its meaning and significant.

Nevertheless, feel sad for the parents.  Not only they have lost a son, now they have to put up with AN's PR show.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



Who was Movahad Danesh?

by azadi5 on

How and when did he die? he looked like he was in a Basiji uniform in the picture they show.