Ahmad Khatami: Atttacks on Clerics and Basijis

Attackers are enemies of god, says Friday prayer leader

Recently there have several reports of attacks on Basijis and clerics who have tried to carry out their "amr-e be maroof" duties. He says people who carry out such attacks should be treated as enemies of God:

Report on young cleric attacked "while trying to prevent vice":


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silly joojeh shikh

by Khebedin on

I agree with J.J. Good points. I also agree with Choghok, very valid argument. I further confirm that I have seen some of these “ Joojeh Shikhs” to be very selfish, inconsiderate and often provocative. Having said these, I find it very dangerous to justify violent actions by ordinary people towards such idiots.  Our society, more than any thing, needs to be orderly and avoid any conflicts between people. I condemn the physical attack to this young and stupid Shikh and I hope he recovers soon and avoids such arrogance behaviour, he should know more than anyone that it is not up to him to tell people what to do, the city has many officials who deal with such matters and if he doesn’t know how to use his wit and charm to guide the one in fault, he should shut up and mind his own business.  I seriously think that part of religious teaching should be for every Shikh to go to Isfahan and learn how to talk.  



Count me in as an

by fidelio5 on

Enemy of God.

I stand ready to wage war upon God on Earth and defend civilization.


I am enemy of God and proud of it

by عموجان on

When these morons are his representatives. 


هر مشکلی یه دوايى داره


یکی نیست به این ابول-گوریل بگه برو اول کف دور دهنتو پاک کن، بعد مشکل هاری رو پاستور ۱۵۰ سال پیش با واکسنش  حل کرده. 

هرکی بیاد و برای خوبی  به بشریت این واکسنو به این بنده خدا بزنه متشکرش میشیم .... مطمئنا حالش خوب میشه و اینقدر دیگه  پاچه مردم رو نمیگیریه


Yep, things are not looking up for "clerics" and "Bassijis".....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


US army will be the next, as soon as the rag tag "Army" of a few hundred  Kurdish guerillas are dealt with, ensha_allah :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Jahanshah Javid

3 nokteh

by Jahanshah Javid on

1 - If the attack on a cleric or a basiji is no big deal and these incidents are just "exceptions" and not "systematic" across the country, then why are you so worried about it? Why do you bring it up at Friday prayer?

2 - If a cleric or a basiji or any thug tries to "prevent vice", faces resistance and gets beaten up, the person commiting "vice" and defending him/herself is a kaafar? a mohaareb? you've brought down the bar that low? what's next? people will be hanged for turning their backs against you?

3 - you are scared. very scared. these incidents are not exceptional at all. people are fighting back more and more often.


Then basijis are muhareb

by choghok on

According to his own logic basijis are against god and should be punished by death.