1981: Khamenei Assassination Attempt

Documentary on Iranian state TV

Wikipedia: In June 1981, Khamenei narrowly escaped an assassination attempt when a bomb, concealed in a tape recorder at a press conference, exploded beside him. He was permanently injured, losing the use of his right arm.



The Day the Olagh became Cholagh

by mahmoudg on

perhaps also the turning point he decided to kill millions because of this event.


Have you ever wondered how

by Simorgh5555 on

Have you ever wondered how he washes his backside witbout the use of his right hand? How does he keep the aftabe or shelange ab to clean bimself after a poo? Ha Ha he has to clean and eat with his left hand which is Haram in Islam.


had he died , It would have

by Arthimis on

had he died , It would have been best for him and everyone else... He has taken his ultimate revenge on Iran and Iranians because of losing his hand in particular!!!

He is a vengeful/evil monster behind that smile & under that cloak aka : Abaa ... 

Free Iran and Iranians. 


Of Khamenei and his doctor...

by پندارنیک on

I ain't gonna name names, but I'll tell you this:

When he was taken to the hospital he received inadequate emergency treatment by the then-young residents until Dr. X arrived at his bedside, who spotted the negligence and as a doctor who had sworn to save a patient's life and, of  dramatics, starts the life-saving treatment........and guess what.................in less than a month his son was issued a Central Bank Certificate to receive whatever amount US dollars he needed at the lowest  rate inaccessible to the public........and he flew to......you guessed it again......a reputable US of A  university.

By the way, those two young resident doctors-to-be have yet to be heard from again...

Bahram Gohari


by Bahram Gohari on