Security Forces Brutality

Protester beaten


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Dariush Kabir

Mullah Sargord

by Dariush Kabir on

Just like a good Mullah, Mullah Sargord will not talk to the burtality of his masters in Tehran, who cares about your family and cars, don;t change the subject, and like a loyal dog defend your masters, are you ashamed, or once you have nothing to say?!


Yet another

by MRX1 on

day in islamic paradise. nothing new.

David ET

Islamic Republic in Action

by David ET on

I remember seeing same type of brutality by shah´s forces when I was in university. It is even worst now 

که از ماست که بر ماست


Big Boy

Poor Sargord Piaz

by Big Boy on

Don't know who to feel bad for, the guy getting beaten up by those savages of the IRI or Colonel Onion.  One is getting beat, the other seems to have finally lost his mind.  Here I was thinking Colonel Onion was just a professional shit-disturber.  I was wrong.  He's just a bit ADD...and a little loopy.  Poor guy. 


Once again...

by Doctor mohandes on

SP's shamelessness is on plain display.

Notice how he shifted the subject so cleverly from Anti-drug bust !!! to various type of cars police forces in different countries use. As if busting one person is the standard procedure when it comes to an anti-drug operation.


Yeah Sargord,

by Hajminator on

and how about Polizia Alfa with 19" tires to roll over people? ain't it cool?


Country of Animals!

by Daadaash on


Sargord Pirouz

Isn't that Polizia Alfa

by Sargord Pirouz on

Isn't that Polizia Alfa cool?

A few days ago I caught myself lusting over a Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart 1000LE.

Those Italians. Many of the IRGCN HSPBs are derived from Italian designs. 


goh khordam goh khordam

by rtayebi1 on

goh khordam goh khordam ghalat kardam galat kardam  say it and then be him and say it again goh khordam galat kardam goh khordam chera mizani chera mizani



by Hajminator on

OK cool, nice car. Why don't you return to IR and ask them to drive one of these cars? I bet that as they look for blood-suckers, you'll be hired. Really! You'll be the proud of your family.

What's the problem? You don't know how to speak Farsi? That's no problem, they just look for blood-sucker beasts who believe in the supreme leader and who can just beat. You're one of these guys, right? So go ahead, IR is waiting for you.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

I prefer the CHP pursuit Camaro to the NAJA M-B C-class (if that's what we're really seeing in the pic.

But here's my current favorite police car:




by Hajminator on

So the answer to my early question is Yes.

You would like to drive in Mercedes Benz class C cars and beat and terrorize people for some of your "good" reasons in order to resemble your family members working at Police.

Reich policemen too, were good looking people, very disciplined and drove Mercedes Benz cars. I bet that if you lived in Germany some 60 years ago, you would have fallen backwards in front of these SS policemen.

Now, tell me do you know the meaning of the word Fascist?


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

We have dedicated law enforcement personnel in the family. One is a top level CHP officer, another a highly decorated police captain and another a retired Deputy Sheriff.

We also had a very close family friend that was a mid-ranking municipal policemen back when we lived in north Tehran (he's now stateside). 



by Hajminator on

Confess, you would loved to be one of these policemen, moving on Mercedes-C and beating people for some "good" reason. ain't it?

Sargord Pirouz

This is actually fairly

by Sargord Pirouz on

This is actually fairly typical of anti-drug operations in the past. Here are a few pics of anti-drug operations published in Iran's media from a few years ago:




Note the black coveralls used by NAJA special officers, as well as the unusual issuance of sidearms.

The drug problem in Iran is intensifying. Here is a recent article that's alarming, to say the least:




by Roozbeh_Gilani on



از موضع‌گیری‌های پلیس لذت می‌برم


Azarin Sadegh

Criminal Police force!

by Azarin Sadegh on

When a bunch of criminals and murderers become responsible for keeping the order in a society, this is what happens! There is no distiction between the police force and the outlaws...


Put a bunch of "Gerdoo Froosh" in charge of policing

by kazem0574 on

You can't expect any different

لعنت بر همشون، يک عده گوماشته عقدیی

maziar 58

.. shame..sargoh

by maziar 58 on

They should hire Rodney king's attornies to defend the poor soul under attack by bunch of wild dogs; And to prevent the riot!.

shame on you sargord its during protest and not narcs at least listen to the video. 

A person is beaten and you're commenting on class c ?

what's your class ?



Merci Sargord

by ali_aaa on

Khoda Sayeh Sargord ro az sare ma Kam nakoneh


Once a person is in custody, this is called police brutality

by MM on

Once a person is in custody, especially if not resisting arrest, and most definitely when under a lot of pain from being beaten to a pulp, this is called police brutality, regardless of whether if the guy is a drug dealer, a protestor or whoever.

I am sure the beaten guy does not care if he is being transported by a Ferrari, a Benz or a Peykan.

Sargord Pirouz

Appears to be an anti-drug arrest

by Sargord Pirouz on

The black NAJA uniforms and the holstered sidearms on the hip indicate this is part of an anti-drug operation. 

The behavior of the suspect also indicates this is drug-related.

Interesting the NAJA vehicle appears to be a newish Mercedes-Benz C-class. First time I've seen one deployed by NAJA, if this is in fact a C-class and the video is legit (which it appears to be, anyway).

Dariush Kabir

WOW, only in Islmic Republic!!

by Dariush Kabir on

There is no way a normal human can be capable of this kind of brutality. It takes a lot of Islamic brain washing to produce animal like these people. And only Animals like this would enjoy this kind of beating of Iranian people, this is right up Sargord's ally, I guess he will declare Basigi the winner of this beating too!


Lets see what the Islamic Rapist Cultist

by mahmoudg on

Supporters on this site, have to say about this.  Perhaps they will tout it as the greatness of Islamc teaching, or some BS to justify it.