Parazit: Arash Sobhani

Interview with Kiosk leading man & ...


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بله، ما که هیچی، سعدی هم از همون اول گفته بود:



سعدیا، مرد نکونام نمیرد هرگز // مرده ان است که نامش به نکو ای نبرند

Yadam Beh-Khair

Bright man

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

I have a lot of respect for Arash Sobhani and the new generation of Iranian youth. I believe they will soon get rid of this plague called IRI.


good job guys

by mahmoudg on

keep it up

Mash Ghasem

Their best program yet

by Mash Ghasem on

Sobhani is one of the brightest stars of his generation. "Love in the time of Facebook" remains one of the best expressions of his generatrion's capacities and limitations: lyrics done with an eye towards Nima, Forough, Shamlo..


Dear benross, I don't know

by Arthimis on

Dear benross,

I don't know you , but as a "Ham-Meehan" please know that I appreciate your honesty about Arash Sobhani and Kiosk... Art is subjective and every one has his/her own take on that and rightfully so... But what unites us as human beings and in our own case, as True Iranians, is the fact that we can see and feel "TRUTH" in our souls...

All the best... 

IRAN before any religon and ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians. 


Kiosk was first introduced

by benross on

Kiosk was first introduced to me by a friend through their famous video. I was a Dire Straits fan so this is the first thing that struck me. So it didn't sound so original to me. The video, which I now know was the work of Ahmad Kiarostami, also didn't struck me as an original concept. I don't know the timeline but I had seen that concept before, in one of Nickelback video clips.

But it didn't take away from me, the value -and the originality- of what that song, that sound, and that video was representing in Iranian context. I probably will not become a Kiosk fan. It's beyond my age. But I greatly appreciate the honest approach of Arash Sobhani, and this whole generation I should add, to who they are.

Great show as always.


Great interview with Brilliant Sobhani

by Monda on

This to me was your Best Ever. Not only because I respect Kiosk and Arash Sobhani but there was a nice comfortable flow of energy between Kambiz Hosseini and his guest, even through the screen.



by AlexInFlorida on

Thanks For reminding us again and again why Islamic Republic of Iran must Go and why the people need to have a free choice of their form of government.  However, You also missed the fact that the government that pays for your show, VOA, are the ones who supported Khomeini and deny Iran Air Plane parts in practice.  Javid the defenders of Iranian culture and Iranian Freedom, Shah of Iran.


Thank you Kambiz and Saman

by Arthimis on

Thank you Kambiz and Saman for another excellent show...

And Arash Sobhani and Kiosk are not just fantastic musicians, but also True Iranians in my book!

I admire Arash not only for his Thoughts as a "True Iranian" but his courage to stand up as an exemplary Free Human being against Tyranny and express his TRUE THOUGHTS and WISHES for IRAN and Iranians which by the way is shared by Majority of Iranians inside and outside Iran perhaps without enough and proper actions as he rightfully put it!!! 

I solute his courage, and truly believe more Iranians must STAND UP and BE HONEST and do something positive for Iran, for the sake of our future and most importantly Iran...

Iran before any Religion and Ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians. 


I wish I liked this band,

by SargordPirouz on

I wish I liked this band, based purely on its select popularity. Alas, I don't.


Arash Sobhani

by KingReza on

This guy reminds me of him:



Arash Sobhani

by Benyamin on

Is a world class musician.

Very good "ejra"


Great Job Arash Sobhani

by masoudA on

Free spirited, clear thinker, Iranian who knows how to move forward. 

Great job Kambiz and Saman


Good show

by Solitude on

And Thank you JS jaan for posting it in its entirety (as oppose to three 10 minutes segments) I especially liked the interview with Arash Sobhani who is such an intelligent and patriotic artist of our country. Good job guys and congrats for making it to the Daily Show!!!


great interview

by Bavafa on

The interviews have been the most interesting part of this program for me and this one is just as great as any of them.



They will be on the daily show with jon stewart!


Excellent guys. I will make sure to watch it!

Jahanshah Javid

Welcome Back

by Jahanshah Javid on

Great show guys. Missed you in the past two weeks.

And thanks to Arash Sobhani. Great interview. Rational and unpretentious.