Nasrin Sotoudeh

Lawyer sentenced to 11 years in prison

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called the 11-year prison sentence of leading human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh a “gross miscarriage of justice” and said that it should be overturned by an appeals court. Sotoudeh was sentenced to 11 years in jail, and banned from practicing law and traveling for 20 years. The judge sentenced her to five years in prison on charge of “acting against national security,” another five years for “not wearing hejab (Islamic dress) during a videotaped message,” and one year for “propaganda against the regime.” Reza Khandan, Sotoudeh’s husband, in an interview with the Campaign described the ruling as “highly strange and unjust.” Sotoueh’s interrogators had repeatedly told her that “they won’t allow the judge to sentence her to less than ten years.” >>>


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Law Society calls on Iran to release prominent lawyer

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Law Society calls on Iran to release prominent human rights lawyer



The Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, has urged Iran to release a prominent human rights lawyer who has been sentenced to 11 years in jail.

The society has joined several human rights organisations in appealing to Iranian officials to release Nasrin Sotoudeh, a 45-year-old lawyer whose efforts to highlight human rights violations in Iran have infuriated the Islamic regime.


Nothing scares Islamic Regime more than

by aynak on


educated, freedom seeking, smart women.   That is why Zahra Kazemy was murdered while she was making report in front of Evin.   That is why Zahra Bahrami, another brave Iranian women who participated in post coup rally was sentenced to death!   

Nasreen Sotoudeh has small children who have seen her only a few times since her arrest.   Khamane-ee is the one who issued this sentence.   As Larijani said himself, we dont do anything with approval of "Rahbar".




by yolanda on

Thank you, AlexInFlorida,

    Thank you very much for your long post and history lesson....yes, Iran is the original founding member of US brought Khomeini to power for its own the hindsight is that US helped create a monster ---IRI!


Shame on

by statira on

 the Slumic regime and it's injustice.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Amnesty International has denounced the prison sentences imposed on two leading Iranian human rights defenders and urged the authorities to drop all charges against them.



I am so glad i am a mohareb

by mahmoudg on

Probably the most auspicious title ever bestowed upon me.  We will defeat this backward, Islamic Rapist Cultist regime, soon enough.  The likes of Ms. Soutodeh and all freedom loving people, of all ilks and sects, including that of the Islamic Rapist Regime, will be free to operate in a free and democratic framework.  All will be free to speak their mind, including those like minded people who believe Mohamd was a child molestor.  After all that is what freedom is to be able to think and speak freely.



by AlexInFlorida on

The only way that Iran will be Free is if those 4 countries that brought the IRI /Khomeini to power decide to change their course. 

The USA worked to remove the Shah and to bring a maniacal khomeini to power for 2 main motives.

1) to control the oil market/which Iran created and had control called opec

2) Remove all political opponents of the west like communists which were murdered in their 10,000.

And the direction they need to change to is one that is in harmony with Irans Culture and the wishes of the majority of people not just educated people or one specific group.

Cyrus The Great and his monarchy are considered by historians as the greatest Freedom lovers of all time, who's culture and country spread from India to  Egypt and governed 60 kings, while respecting each and every local religion, something the IRI can never do.

The monarchy taught the world what is possible if people let go of their self interests and focus on the common good.

That is why the Monarchy created Opec, not as a cartel but as a sellers group to prevent small countries being ripped off and making sure the entire market was fairly priced.  It worked well and the worlds known oil reserves increased 400% from 1974 to 1984 when prices went up, because it became profitable to search for the oil.

Considering oil is today at $95 a much higher price even if you consider inflation than it was during shahs time it just 100% proves that his policy was right economically, while not good for the US economy and businesses in the short term.  

So in the end it is the USA also has to see its own ignorance and hold up its own evil under the light of day before the Crimes against Humanity being committed by USA can come to an end.

Only then can the USA have the possibilty of changing and be able to hold a place as a great country in human history... otherwise upon reflection the USA will be remembered as a country which lead humanity out of one form of tyranny into another one.

Any People can mislead themselves until they destroy themselves from within at the hands of their own society. Today the USA has the greatest Poverty Rate of any developed nation something like 47 million people, thats a growing trend and a lethal threat.  A people so stupid to ge to such a low place I can't say I'm hopeful they will change. 

Lets hope America goes down a path that will give it more possibility to change and more possibility to defend the character and dignity of good people in place of doing the exact opposite.



Don't feel sorry for Sotoudeh and her children

by KingReza on

Her name will forever be engraved in Iran's history as a hero and a patriot. Her children will grow up knowing their mother was hero and because of her sacrifice she paved the road toward a free Iran. Sotoudeh and people like her have done more for Iran than any of us can dare to dream. We should feel sorry for ourselves.


Tragedy, shocking, awakening!

by AlexInFlorida on

When one looks at the report card of USA/UK/FRANCE/ governments and their bureaucracies attacks against the Shah for Human Right Issues and the total lack of support or acknowledgement of the human rights situation for 31 years can any one wonder why most knowledgeable people see the USA/UK/FRANCE at the same level as with the dictators/rapists and murderors of the world. 

To think the real USA invented a word called insurgent to murder so many people in cold blood in Iraq that the Iraqi government statistic says that 50% of alll children in Iraq are orphans. 

America is truly the greatest country in the world, soon its giving people will over take even the fascists of germany because the govt only focuses on unbridalled self interest with no basis in morality.


Dear Nasrin, The West Put the thugs who put you in jail in power and have already washed their hands of you and tens of thousands like you.

Human Rights are not the concern of the Western Colonialistic governments.  They need the oi, not your freedom.  Which is why they deceitfully pushed the Shah out of power using the mass media to frame him as a tyrant/ which ironically shows what tyrants the USA and allies has been in fact. 

It was not repression of pahlavis or corruption in the country that brought to power in Iran your jailers.  But it was the Greed and immorality of the US Banks, US OIL Corporations and Wall Streets Leaders that used lies to take down the Pahlavis by usng the very Freedom that they had created.

One would have to be blind to not see how in terms of actions barry OBAMA has done nothing but speak with a Regime he wants to see last in power for a long time and forget the pain you are suffering.  This America is truly against you in actions and words, lets hope on this side in the west we can do something to change that and transform America from Mullah Pimp Daddy to Leader of Freedom and tolerator of immensely different cultures like the real pre Islamic Culture of Iran.


this is the sort of human rights calls I can get behind!



Shame on the regime!

Anahid Hojjati

I agree with yolanda, what a sentence

by Anahid Hojjati on

I have such a respect and Admiration for Nasrin Sotoudeh. Hopefully, IRI will be gone and she will be set free so her long sentence will not truly happen.




به خانم ستوده و خانواده ایشان خصوصا کودکان ایشان که مادر خود را در این چندین ماه فقط ۵ دقیقه دیده اند


Here We Go Again!!

by ramin118 on

Well, once again, we are reminded of the most unjust government in the world!!

5 years for not wearing Hejab??  Who the hell are these people???



11 years?

by KingReza on

Stay strong. We'll get you out pretty soon.


The crimes of IRI against humanity gets ever more so vicious

by Bavafa on

This criminal regime is digging its own grave ever so fast and hope brave young of Iran stand up against this injustice and crime and hold the IRI responsible.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

what is the best way to put stop to all these nonsences ?

They(IRR) have to go .




sang e bozorg alamat e nazadan ast

by Benyamin on

These types of sentencing showe and prove how weak and alaramed the IRI has become. If they were strong they didn`t need to sentence like this obviously they feel by this kind of sentencing people will back off and wont ask for their rights(what a stupid thinking).

I truly believe that the IRI is nearing end.


11 years? Shiiiiit. Nasreen, stay strong!

by Fesenjoon on

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" --Blaise Pascal



by yolanda on

Wow! 5 years for not wearing hijab!  IRI is desperate and irrational! IRI is approaching its demise.......the sentence is egregious and unreasonable!

I hope this outrageous verdict will generate international headlines throughout the world!

Free Iran