Mrs. Vaziri

Tar for grandmother

Iman Vaziri is a young musician whose latest artistic project is the album he and Sepideh Raissadat have produced. This video clip is Iman's personal reflection of his relationship with his grandmother, consisting of family photographs and his sweet tar:


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min. 5:25 brought me tears!

by Arthimis on

min. 5:25 brought me to tears! wow! very profound, meaningful universal love that humanity yearns for... Indeed very moving ... Thank you.

Red Wine

همه دور از خانه و همه ماتم گرفته

Red Wine

قطعه‌‌ زیبا و خوبی‌ بود... خواه ناخواه به یاد گذشته افتادیم،خدا رحمت کند مادر بزرگ ما را،خانم جان !

خدا سالم نگاه دارد مادر جان ما را و مادر همه ما را..

دنیای غریبی است و همه دور از خانه و همه مغموم و دل‌ گرفته،گفتم که همه دور از خانه و همه ماتم گرفته.



Beautiful and moving...

by alborz on every regard.  A journey through life memorialized.

Thank you for sharing.