IRI Naval Academy

Naval Sciences University in Noshahr, on Caspian Sea




by mahmoudg on

the first set of attacks off any US cruiser these same guys will run off to hide somewhere.  the Iranian navy, is a fact secured by the information obtained by the US intelligence serivces, is no more powerful than it was back in the Shah's time.  There are a few more sailors, but the hardware is hardly anything to worry about.


mamadali, I don't know if

by Arthimis on

mamadali, I don't know if you were referring to my comment as "ill wishers..", but if you were, then you are wrong 100% Sir! I personally never wish ill on my people and those who are truly serving our beloved country, Iran. I only mock the system and the I.R. regime and rightfully so because they are NOT Iranians period and are just using the Iranian name for their own evil agenda!!!  The sane Iranian and the entire world has been proven for almost 32 years that These occupiers have put their Religion (by brutal force) upon my people and beloved country, Iran! Just see their own clips!!!! All they talk about is Islamic terms and in favor of Islam and Islamic Republic INSTEAD OF IRAN!!!! I hope you are not blind and or deaf!!! Because the sane Iranians are NOT!!! Every true Iranian knows and feels the same as I do when it comes to Islamic Republic...

Iran before any RELIGION and Ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians.



by mamadali on

It's unfortunate to see ill wishers to our great armed forces posting their usual alien loving blather. On the other hand, It's great to see our independent armed forces powerfully shining, professional, and dedicated, unlike the plastic and hollow armies of the recent past.

Javedan Iran!



by fussygorilla on

Do you have a secret channel that gives you this information or, should we call it misinfromation?


"Allo, What are you SINKING

by Arthimis on

"Allo, What are you SINKING about?" lol :D

I hope and pray NO WAR ever breaks out in this world and certainly not one against my people in Iran...

But can't help not to post this clip here about "German Coast Guard" which reminds me of our current poor military! compare to what we once were.... Sigh....




I get a kick out of all the

by SargordPirouz on

I get a kick out of all the old school analog displays, dial gauges, switchgear, CRTs, etc.

The vintage stuff still works. Best part about it is there's no external strings attached as there was in the past. 


when i see this

by asadabad on

I just feel sad.  Because I know the US is going to attack Iran and all of these young/innocent recruits will just be massacred mercilessly.  Their only crime will be that they don't want to be slaves of US global hegemony.