Iranian Jews

Performing Hava Nagila in Tehran

Jewish hall in Tehran. Ramyar Behzadi (singer), Igal Sasson (daf player).


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This is how I've always imagined both of you

by Rea on

Playing today, my 50.

Wishing you peace and happiness.


God bless Iran and all of

by Milan on

God bless Iran and all of her sons and daughters, whether they want to be associated with her or not.

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

All the Iranian Jews I know abroad changed their names and are ashamed of being associated with Iran and talk foul about ALL Iranians. They only know Persians when they need a shoulder to cry on!

I remember Yitzak Rabin when the Iran-Iraq war ended came on TV and said: "The good eight years are over"!

Now if somebody questions the extent of the Holocaust they all go ballistic but the fact that Yitzak Rabin openly said that the good eight years are over in English does not get any press?

The fact that they don't have "shakh o dom" may be exactly the issue. Then one would know what they are up to!

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

enjoyed it.

Specially the introduction of 'Daf' to this song.

Thanks for posting this version by our Iranian Jews.

Here is the translation of lyrics:

Havah nagilah -- Let's rejoice
Havah nagilah -- Let's rejoice
Havah nagilah venismechah -- Rejoice and be happy
(repeat stanza once)
Havah neranenah -- Let's sing
Havah neranenah -- Let's sing
Havah neranenah venismechah -- Sing and be happy
(repeat stanza once)
Uru, uru achim! -- Awake, awake, brothers!
Uru achim b'lev sameach -- With a happy heart
(repeat line three times)
Uru achim, uru achim! -- Awake, brothers, awake, brothers!
B'lev sameach -- With a happy heart

Mona 19

Very nice...

by Mona 19 on


Sheila, thank you for your sensible comment.

Hava Nagila ~ Andre Rieu




They don't have shaakh-o-dom

by ghalam-doon on

What is a typical Iranian, one might ask.

Jewish-Iranians have lived in that part of the world for thousands of years. We sat next to them in school, befriended them as equals and never even thought of them as different, until now.

Many of them even don't speak Hebrew and have chosen Iranian names. 

Thanks for posting this. It made my day.



Powerful piece

by Rea on

Have known it for a long time but never knew what it was.

Thx GS. 

Sheila K

Jonny Dollar, have no idea what's like to be a minority in Iran

by Sheila K on

Jonny Dollar, don't make a rosy picture for minorities in Iran. They may have been better off during the Shah, but not before him and nor after. There are many who believe Jews are Najest and the Bahai's are Kaafar deserving capital punishment. I know how some used to chase after Jewish kids and beat them up. If you are not born a minority in Iran, you were blessed. Why did the Jews fled Iran after the revolution? Do you know their history in Iran? Do know how many were killed since Islam; how they were forced to convert to Islam or else?


What a total ignorant comment!!

by Majid on


How come they look like a typical iranian, not the israeli jews?

Are they mixed with us? No wonder I think of them as one us. They really are Iranians with a different religion.

Mash Ghasem

روحش شاد گشت زین " هاوا نگیلا"

Mash Ghasem

کماکان ، آن نور و تور و موسی عمرانش آرزوست!   


loved it

by rtayebi1 on

very nice



by ali_aaa on


Jonny Dollar

How come they look like a typical iranian, not the israeli jews?

by Jonny Dollar on

Are they mixed with us? No wonder I think of them as one us. They really are Iranians with a different religion.  I am glad we have patriotic Iranians like that who would rather to stay in Iran than emigrate to Israel! That's the beauty of our culture respecting different religions.

"In the end, a man's life is measured not by what he has but by what he has given!"


comrade you are mental

by prah001 on

re: comment by comrade on 

"advantages of our nuclear technology" ??? we have isolated iran even further, we have extreme poverty, unemployment, and our passenger planes are falling down left and right yet we somehow manage to try to have nuclear technology, with Ahmadinejad and his thugs having control over it???, don't forget iran's nuclear power was started during shah's time with plenty of international support, so this government is no hero.


Fine tune!

by comrade on

It won't be long before these "Irooni" dear fellow citizens of ours start enjoying the advantages of our nuclear technology; just like the rest of our nation.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Nader Vanaki


by Nader Vanaki on

ایول زدی تو خال، من هم توی مهمونی ارامنه این آهنگ ویگن رو اوّل شنیدم و اون زمون هم باهاش خیلی بزن بکوب داشتن.


شاید بیایی، شاید ببینی رنج شبهای انتظار من!


Thanks for the post GS.

Vigen played this song in the pre-I.R. Iran and it was very popular.

I heard it for the first time in a wedding, as a kid.

It is a shame that everything including the music has become political these days!