IranAir Crash Near Orumiyeh

Dozens killed

AP -- An IranAir passenger plane crashed Sunday night in the country's northwest, and around half of the 95 people on board survived with light injuries, Iranian media reported. The Boeing-727 operated by Iran's national airline crashed shortly before it was to land in the city of Orumiyeh, 460 miles (700 kilometers) northwest of the capital, Tehran, said Abbas Mosayebi, spokesman of the Iranian civil aviation organization, state TV reported >>>


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by MRX1 on

What sane person travles with Iran Air these days? I won't use Iran Air even if  some one provides me a free ticket. This is not your daddy's Iran Air. Those times are over get over it.

Shifteh Ansari

70 کشته در سانحه سقوط هواپیمای بویینگ 727

Shifteh Ansari

آفتاب: افتخاری مدیرکل پزشکی قانونی استان آذربایجان غربی اظهار داشت: قریب به 70 کشته حادثه فرود اضطراری هواپیمای تهران ـ ارومیه به پزشکی قانونی این استان انتقال داده شده است.
به گزارش پایگاه اطلاع‌رسانی سازمان پزشکی قانونی، وی افزود: با توجه به وخامت حال بعضی از مصدومان امکان افزایش آمار تلفات وجود دارد.
هواپيما بوئينگ شركت هواپيمايی ايران اير حدود ساعت 19:30 امروز در منطقه شمال شرقی اروميه فرود اضطراری داشته است.
خلبان اين پرواز توانسته است از سقوط و انفجار آن جلوگيری كند.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Too early to assess the true causes behind this incident! But,..

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

as others have indicated here whether pilot error, management, maintenance, mechanical problems, structure fatigue, air traffic control, weather conditions, or any other causes the buck stops right and square on the AmMaMeh of the incompetent, ineffective, and careless government of Islamic Republic Rapist (IRR), period!

Incidents like this should be a WAKE UP call to all those who ignorantly and blindly advocate construction and operation of nuclear reactors in Iran. If these IRR idiots can't safely operate airplanes how do you expect them to operate nuclear reactors that are 1000 times more prone to incidents and catastrophic consequences that can be measured in millions of casualties (e.g., Chernobyl!?)


You are right,

by moniri on

you absouletly right JJ,this is nothing to do with sanctions,to me as former Iran Air pilot ,this is pure management error,not even maintenance,

 Airplane should not be dispatched  when reported icing and snowing conditions,at distination Airport condition,above all the captain of the flight has right to refuse to go,but who can say no in IRI mentelity.


Sanctions, all the planes....

by UnitedIran on

All the planes are affected as long as they have more than 10% American parts which is just about any planes they have except the Russian junks. Maintenace has very little to do with it if you have to buy your parts from junkyads in Africa!!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I have not seen any wire reports saying the plane was a Boeing. CNN says Boeing. But in any case, many things are unclear. They haven't even figured out how many were on board and how many (if any) survived.

Shifteh Ansari

Meanwhile, back at the conservative Raja News zoo...

by Shifteh Ansari on

بي توجهي "ايران اير" به نماز مسافرين
"به گزارش رجانيوز ، اين مخاطب که از مسافرين شرکت ايران اير بود از بي توجهي شرکت هواپيمايي کشور و عدم نظارت بر پرواز شرکت ها گله کرد و اظهار داشت: زمان پرواز مسافرين با وقت نماز تداخل داشت که مانع از اقامه نماز شديم و حتي نتوانستيم در مقصد نماز را به جا بياوريم."
Read the rest here: //


Boeing 727

by bahram9821 on

I think the plane that crashed was a Boeing 727.


Jahanshah Javid

So angry

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's important to note that most of the crashes in Iran have involved planes which are NOT affected by US/international sanctions. Which only points at poor maintenance and/or training of Russian or non-Ameican aircraft. Officials simply do not care enough what happens to passengers. Pure and simple greed. So awful...