Hejab "not required in Islam"

Female slaves are not allowed to wear the hejab, even though they are women


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No Fear


by No Fear on

i am not happy with many things that Khomeini has done and said as well. Here, i wrote a blog about too.


But your approach to put all IR politicians on one plate and declare it dog food is simplistic and kiddish and its far from the complex realities of Iranian politics. Seriously, you've been saying this in vain for 3 decades with no plan B in place. Do you expect this major reform to fall down from the sky? Anyway ..

I usually follow your post because i believe you actually do have something meaningful to say. While i understand what you like to see and wish for Iran, i have not figured out how you want to get there. Best of luck.



Major reforms R needed - if happy w/ current, then no discussin!

by MM on

My idea of major reforms refers to the sad current situation in Iran where human rights are violated with impunity and the country is run by incompetent leaders whose qualifications are based on nepotism

But, let's just start with

پنجاه دروغ آيت الله خمينی زير درخت سيب






COP: "we be dead"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Cop, my intent was not to bad mouth pahlavis (what'd be the point?) or even islamist regime for that matter. But I believe shah did some  changes in his regime to quiet down the people (replacing Hoveyda and chief of savak, etc). Similar to what islamist regiem is doing (Mahmoud boi-mokh pretending to become nationalist/anti hijab, etc). These are all knee jerk  reactions of a pathetic tin pot dictatorship running out of options.

Perhaps if there was internet in 1978, there would've been some  savak guy/gal with picture of shah as his avatar, defending the shah, like the scum bag cyber etelaati here!

But yea, I agree with you, Shah despite all his dictatorship, did some real good stuff for Iran, and  Whatever bad he  did, came not even close to what these murdering, incompetent terrorist scum bag Islamists are doing to our country. Looking forward to seeing  these islamist traitors  all dangling by their necks on  every street corner of Tehran and Rasht!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

No Fear

Again, you are missing the point.

by No Fear on

There would not be a " major reform". Nobody wants a " major" reform ( except those who don't live in Iran ).

I rather have a government that introduces small reforms but it is consistant in its implementations. I am already happy with Ahmadinejad major economical correction plan, his non compromised approach towards our nuclear rights, his defense of women's right and giving them more power in our politics, his determination which exposed many corrupt IR politicians, his disagreement with VF which broke a taboo in our politics, his purging of religious entities from administrative powers  and  etc etc etc.

What else do you want to be qualified as " major reform" ?

Do you want him to come out and declare Islam is bad? or VF no more? LoL ...



Frankly - It is difficult

by MM on

Frankly - It is difficult to think of major reforms based on a TV interview or a simple act here and there, that may or may not have other hidden agendas.  Meanwhile, scores of Iranians are being intimidated, jailed, tortured and murdered while incompetence and plundering is at its all-time high.  So, while I do not have confidence in AN in accomplishing major reforms, I will use a Missourian expression and ask - show me.  Or, as it is said in Farsi

 با حلوا حلوا گقتن، دهن آدم شیرین نمیشه



No Fear


by No Fear on

You first have to forget about putting all your hopes in one man to change Iran for the better. This is such an outdated idea. Expecting Ahmadinejad to change everything, its not only wishful thinking, but in the context of gradual changes, it is wrong. Dramatic and radical changes in our constitution can only happen if there is a violent removal of IR through revolution. If this is what you want, join the dime a dozens jujeh revolutionaries who flock on this site regularly.

Ahmadinejad is our first step. He would be replaced by another politician in three years. If our faction is successful in gaining control over the parliament while holding on to administrative powers, we would see a faster pace for change.

I am a strong supporter of our military personnels, specially IRGC. I don't believe we are heading towards a military dictatorship. People who use this term are misinformed and don't know what is a dictatorship. Our country is under heavy sanctions. Sepah is the only organization who has the engineering skills and cheap labor to manage big projects in Iran. Their involvement in our economy is mostly due to necessity. History has shown the efficiency of military structures when involved in productions. This is a welcoming temporary approach and a lot better than a consortium of smaller businesses who are managed by corrupt politicians, similar to what is happening in Tehran Metro.


IRI is in moving towards a military state then

by MM on

If only a tweeking is needed to do everything that noFear expects to see, then I do not see how AN can remove the akhoonds from power, separate Shari'a from civil laws, give freedoms to the people while the sepaah controls a large percent of the Iranian economy.

In my opinion, it will take a major re-write of the IRI constitution to fix it.


No, I don't

by Cost-of-Progress on

" Very similar to last years of pahlavi regime and all those desparate attempts, dont you think?! "

Eh...., actually, no! If the Shah had an iota of similarity with these occupiers, then perhaps, we would not be in the sewer-of-a-situation that we are in now.

If that were the case, a lot of us would not be here today to bad mouth the past in the same breath that we oppose this anti-Iranian, poor excuse for a government entity.

As they say in ebonics: "we be dead!"





Hijabed sight

by comrade on

Thanks to the ideas and humanitarian efforts made by some of God's children, as well as His chosen people, and those who do not see a reason for His existence, we can now (for now?) freely ignore yet another dreadful tenet of Islam which still acknowledges the right to enslave non- Muslims by believers in Allah and His Messenger.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



"step by step"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This regime will remove it's "islamist mask", and reveal it's ugly fascistic face. Let's face it, what choice has this regime got when the opposition demonstrators are murdered on ashura day by "islamic" basiji thugs or people are arrested, jailed and tortured by this "Islamic republic" for shouting "Allah o Akbar" from their roof tops as a sign of protest?

Very similar to last years of pahlavi regime and all those desparate attempts, dont you think?!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The Time Machine

by Demo on

The time is like 80 yrs ago when "AN" illetrate man (Reza Khan) was in charge of the country & had to argue with the illetrate Akhoonds over the "Hejab!" The "Jahell" on the video is acting as Reza K. talking to an Akhoond! As if the viewers have nothing else to worry about in their miserable lives under the AN's Kingship! "Jahl" to the Maxima!

FYI: There is no such command titled as "Hejab" anywhere in the Quran. But as for the "beliving females coverings," the verse 31 of Section 24 in Quran states very clearly that: "and say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof;........" It must be noted that this verse is only & only to the believing women & not even to the Muslims women as not every Muslim is necessarily a believer! And since GOD and only GOD has access to one's heart to know about his/her belief one should go & figure about all the so called "Islamic" prefixes set by the self claimed Ayatollahs, Moolahs, Doctors in Religion, & etc!

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Of course, I read the whole thing. Trust me, nothing can be interesting about what these criminals are saying. Also, I reacted to the middle part of your comment. A misogynist? Hardly! I admire beautiful women more than anything. I pissed off a 22-year-old beautiful Italian friend last night when I praised another woman of the same age "too much" You should have seen her face. She was so infuriated. Anyway, I'd say more than 90% of my friends are women. I find most men boring. Once going to lunch with a young Russian friend, he kept asking me if I knew the women I talked to on our way to the restaurant and was kind of surprised to find out I did not know any of them. If I were a better writer, I would write so many fun stories. Anyhow, as I wrote down below such issues are irrelevant when dealing with a regime like IR. One's hairstyle, clothes, lifestyle in general and sexual orientation are not for the state to decide. The state exists to protect such rights! There are more important issues the state should deal with. ADHD? Wrong again! I work with women. You know how women and people in general like to talk all at the same time. I've had lots of practice listening to several people simultaneously!

Sheila K

Rahmanian, did u read the whole thing?

by Sheila K on

No offense but some of my hamshahri readers seem to be suffering from ADHD or they are just down right misogynists. 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Ahmadinejad said many more "interesting" things before his first "election" as president. They ended up raping men and women! Read more about what's happening inside Iran. "Interesting" is not the right metaphor!

No Fear


by No Fear on

Ever since Ahmadinejad took control over our administration, he has made several attempts at breaking stereo types and taboos in the Islamic republic over Women's rights.

Ahmadinejad is the first president that has given a ministery to be controled by a woman ( Marziyeh Vahid Dastgerdi is the minister of health in Iran ).

Ahmadinejad has also allowed women to enter football stadiums. He told a reporter on national TV those who are against women entering stadiums are disrespecting our women. He said a women does not go to stadiums to watch men's legs. Our women have integrity.

Ahmadinejad also halted the Monkerat bill for 5 years and block the bill by not introducing it. Again, on national TV he said the job of his government is not about how long a women scarf should be.

The other day i was watching a tv program from Iran and i saw women openly playing musical instrument and singing as a choir group. This is unprecedented and it is making many religious organs uneasy.

I think it is true to assume whatever a leftwing ( reformist ) wishes to have, a strong rightwing politician would make it a reality.

Sheila K

this is shocking

by Sheila K on

Since 1979, Hejab has been systematically enforced through every aspect of a woman's life even for little preschoolers which is horribly appalling. They have spent more resources and money to protect Hejab tyranny than anything else. Putting women in a goonie is more important than anything else.

Some of you must understand that there is very little freedom of speech in Iran so those on the TV show have to be very careful as to how they are approach the subject without getting themselves into trouble. I think the debate was very interesting as he asked to get to the root of the issue. 

These may be signs for a new branding of IRI. It was interesting how he mentioned Beirut. Iran is losing its power in Lebanon (Hezbollah party being accused of murder/assassination). And they are realizing that they can't impose the same Islamic revolution of 1979 in their friendly countries like Lebanon instead they need to look more modernized on the surface to gain acceptance. 

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

And in Iran the cult is known as "12th emaami." A doomsayers' cult led by Ahmadinejad and his sidekicks. Here's a Jew turned Muslim turned cult leader claiming he is in contact with the 12th Imaam.


VF will remain the ultimate

by vildemose on

VF will remain the ultimate " religious " leader of muslims worldwide.

Hope, once and for all,  people realize that we are  dealing with someone who is ultimately detached from reality at large. This is proof he/she is not of sound mind. His/her delusion is emblamatic of a deranged brainwashed cult member. Please do not feed this troll anymore.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians will live under the reign of terror happily ever after. P.S. Thanks HG! I'm trying my best!

No Fear


by No Fear on

The Ayatollahs in Qom will continue teaching in Qom and the VF will remain the ultimate " religious " leader of muslims worldwide.

Everything is where its suppose to be. Only some tweaking is required to eliminate interferences.

hamsade ghadimi

well said rahmanian.  this

by hamsade ghadimi on

well said rahmanian.  this whole discussion, as khatami put it, is "tadaarokchini."  in other words, 'nokhod siah.'  it's the period of so-called enlightenment followed by dark ages and the continuing cycle of 'sar-e kaar gozashtan.' it's all korsi sher if you ask me.

G. Rahmanian

Who Gives A Damn!

by G. Rahmanian on

Who gives a damn what lame-brain IR officials say about "hejaab." The issue is not what women should or should not wear. The issue is the whole IR apparatus which is NOT legitimate. When Iranians don't want the regime talking about "hejaab" is only a distraction!


no Fear - how r u gonna get VF and Ayatollahs to go along?

by MM on

Besides, a re-write of the preamble means the end of the IRI.  Doesn't it?

No Fear


by No Fear on

First there must be open and public debates on these issues to increase public awareness.

Then we need to elect our representatives in the parliament.

Once we have the majority in the parliament, we can choose and elect half the judges on the guardian council.

Now we can pass bills or change the constitutional laws in the parliament. With half of the guardian council on our side, it would be a political suicide for anyone who stands up against a strong majority.

Unfortunately, the current majority in the parliament is generally against Ahmadinejads social and political reforms. We need to defeat the alliance of the reformists and the traditional conservatives in the upcoming parliament election next year.


I do not understand how

by MM on

I do not understand how AN's people want to take the religion out when Shari'a is embedded into the IRI constitution.  In my opinion, this task will require a complete re-write of the IRI constitution.  For example,

The preamble of the Islamic Republic Constitution contains 158 eslaam(i) words,


with the emphasis that the civil laws of the IRI have to conform strictly to the Islamic laws and Shi'a in particular, and that an Islamic judge will have preeminence over the matters if there is a conflict.  To do so, the velaayat-e phaghih, shooray-e negahbaan and other committees are also enabled to insure that the civil laws conform to the Islamic laws.

This preeminence of the Islamic over civil laws is the reason why the judges can sentence someone to stoning while there is a moratorium imposed by Khamenei because of the international pressures.

Jonny Dollar

Of course, hejab is not in eslam! created in 1900 for rich

by Jonny Dollar on

families as a status symbol, saying that "I am so rich that i don't need to do chores!" Look at all the villages and traditional iranian women dresses, kordi, lori, azari, etc. which one has chador as part of our culture?

This is another BS from this regime to put down women! Look at the poor interviewer! She is actually pretty, and she wished she wouldn't need to be covered like penguin! This regime screwed islam, people and the country! ALAHI KEH HAR CHEH ZOODTAR AZ DESTESHOON KHALAAS BESHIM! DINAMOONAM AZ DASTEMOON DAR AVORDAN!


"God is love!" 



by Doctor mohandes on

What a Joke! 

But what you realize quite commonly is that a new faction is defining a new version of islam based on different interpretations.


lol...I actually happen to agree with "no fear" on some points!!

by Benyamin on

This is amazing! I had no idea "kaneez=slave" actually didn`t need to wear hejab??? I always wondered though, if Islam is a religion of equality and "complete" why the slaves and kaneeze are/were still property? why weren`t they benefited from islam?

As it comes to the hejab issue in general; it is true that quran talks about it but no one knows what were the criteria and what was meant by it.

These guys are almost denying hejab altogether, one of them said it was a leader issued decree. I amnot sure who these people are or where these guys have been up to now, but it sure is strange and unprecidented the least.

It could be a new trick played by Ahmadinejad`s front to divert attention from poverty stricken society in Iran due to lifting the subsidies.


Step by Step....

by Tavana on

toward more of "No Fear" wickedness. The "Ghol-Chowmagh" is for sure a 100% Ahmadinejad suppoter per the "No Fear" below. His talk clearly suuports such claim as his way of talking is of an elementary schooler while he is being called a "Doctor!" as his boss's counterfeit PhD!!!

No Fear: Go read Quran before your chiken's like S#@T drop!!

Simorgh: And what is Western Civilization & Western Culture?? W.C.


No Fear

by Simorgh5555 on

Yes, you can remove the hijab but its permissible to consummate a marriage with a nine year old. You can see the Archbishop Gabriel in a dream who warns you against a Jewish tribe and decapitate all their men and sell their wives and children to slavery. You can war a hijab but you can't listen to wind instruments, dance or hold your girlfriend's hands in the street. Islam is the filth it is whether the hijab is compulsory or not.