Rafsanjani's Daughter Harassed

Thugs confront Faezeh Hashemi at Shah-Abdolazim, south Tehran


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by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد"  She has done quite a few things for women in Iran and overall has a positive following she is not responsible for her father, they arrested her brother they have harassed her son, she is not living in glory in Iran and has always been pushing for reforms for women.. 


Basijis are similar to the brown shirts

by jasonrobardas on

   of the Nazi ( German fascist party ).   Hard to feel sorry for someone whose  powerful and wealthy daddy  has been runniAsng the show all along . As MalcomX said " the chickens are finally coming home to roost ."



by yolanda on

Hi! DM,

    This is 1st page of Khamenei's website.......his site is created in many languages........he wants people throughout the world to ask him questions................I consider my question "polite"........I did not write "marg bar diktator!"

Sure, I will keep a distance! Oh Gosh, I don't want to become famous......hopefully, he won't mention my name in his speech! :O)

Thanks, DM!



The Mrs.

by Doctor mohandes on

I share the exact same sentiments as you but it is the method and the approach and thuggish and Bullying thing that abhors me.

I could not care less who is after whom and who makes more sense that the others. What kinda Mozzalaf bazi is that?



by Doctor mohandes on


 Don't get too close. Things may get outta hand and before you know it, you will be the accused one, and you will be the one on the hook. You know how things work over there.

Ay ya ya, Chiquitita. Maybe you should ask George Lopez send the email, he knows just what to say.

Oh yea...hey akhhmed. Yolanda liked the one about The tie, yakh yakh yakh. So, who wants to go next? Come on . There are plenty questions out there. Khamid? Khaled?...:)))


Even though this behavior is

by TheMrs on

Even though this behavior is uncivilized and should be (if it isn't) illegal, I find if hard to have sympathy for anyone who has benefitted from the IRI. It's pretty bad but it doesn't break my heart or anything. Khoob hamashoon too jooneh ham oftadan.



by yolanda on

Hi! DM,

    LOL! LOL!!! I got too much free time on Saturday.........I e-mailed Khamenei before...it was a couple of months ago........he e-mailed me back.....I asked him if it is OK to wear an Islamic tie.....he said "No, it is bad idea to spread foreign culture!"

   You really cracked me up......you called me  a "fan" of Khamenei........:O)) Ai ya ya, I can't stop laughing!

Please don't take Khamenei's e-mail contact too seriously.......you never know who answers e-mail from the other end.......it may be the characters on IC like Sargort, etc...........as you know, there is no borders in cyber-space......those people can multi-task......they can write posts on IC and answer e-mail for Supreme leader at the same time! :O)

Thank you for your post!



by Doctor mohandes on


Please wear adequate protection before checking back your email. You just never know what may come out popping at you. And also, Unfortunately, the content of your email describes precisely the intented purpose of creating such a group. that is exactly why they were there for. so they were just doing their job.

So i am sure that your email wil be read aloud and with a sense of pride. They will Go: Hey guys. Gather around. Check it our, Here is a email from a fan from abroad.




by yolanda on

Well, it is Saturday......I have some free time......so I sent this harassment video to khamenei thru his website:


Here is my letter:


Hi! Supreme leader,

    In this video, basiji brothers were rude, harsh, provocative, unreasonable. They harassed Rafsanjani's daughter and shouted profanities. It was very embarrassing and made Basijis look bad. I was wondering if the basijis brothers will be prosecuted for disrupting public order and harassing opposite sex:


I hope to hear from you soon!



After I clicked on the "send" button, the following message popped out:

Your shar`i question is successfully received and the answer will be sent through your email soon.
If you did not received the answer during a maximum of 72 hrs. follow up the problem using the mentioned code through the follow-up page.

Follow-up code: b68b71055349e1a7


If Khamenei answers the question and e-mails me back, I will post here!


What a shame!!!

by Doctor mohandes on

I wonder how many chelo kababs he had Koofted . He was so mad he could have gone into cardiac arrest .

I doubt there would be any one giving cpr's when it actually happens.


البته شجاعت سربازان گردن کلفت گمنام امام


در مقابل زنان بی‌ دفاع و غیر مسلح، دیگه شهره شهر است! 


My hat off to her companion for keeping his cool

by Bavafa on

I surely wouldn't have been able to.

مملکت که صاحب نداشته باشه، اینطوری می‌شه



Bad news for people who are waiting to see the thugs in a court

by yaar on

عضو شوراي عالي امنيت ملي[فيروزآبادي] آنگاه به
محورهاي مهم براي بسيج اشاره كرد و گفت: چند چيز برايمان مهم است؛ يكي
اينكه تدابير اولويت‌دار مقام معظم رهبري در اين برنامه رعايت شده باشد كه
از جمله آنها نظامي بودن بسيجيان است.

وي با بيان اينكه بسيج دانش‌آموزي، بسيج
دانشجويي، بسيج طلاب، بسيج اقشار، مسلح نيستند، افزود: اينها سازمان‌هاي
بسيجي هستند كه به امور انقلاب در ساختارهاي خودشان بپردازند ولي
هر بسيجي
نظامي است و
بايد مسلح باشد، آموزش نظامي ببيند و آمادگي دفاع مسلحانه را
از انقلاب در صحنه‌هايي كه ولي امر و امام امت دستور دهد داشته باشد.





by Fatollah on

فعلاً زورشون به زنّ و افراد بی دفاع میرسه
بماند که جوانمردیشان نیز اسطوره ایست


To alaaf

by comments on

You are right that they are also Iranians.  But, it's not because of the genes.  It's because of the culture and it takes a long time to change.  There is no moderation in the Iranian culture.  Everybody's moto is to insult or kill the other person similar to Iranians' old movies.  You can see one side of the story from some of the comments in this website.  The other side is Basijis in Iran.

p.s. not that I am supporting new Iranian movies! 



by Doctor mohandes on

Yo. Go easy baba,

I am not after blood per se Only JUST punishment. I hate to forgive or create an opportunity for an stupid, idiot, dumbazz thug to defend his or her actions , I hope you understand this, as you should have before you accused me of being after blood.

A big fat pig like the Hammal wwe saw in this clip , who shows right in someone's face and opens his filthy buttcrack and literally threatens and bad mouths whatever is precious to them deserves no niceness and kindness.

The new generation also totally understands this very solid fact.

But feel free to roam in your dreamland and have it your way:)

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

In the jungle of the Is-Lambic Republic of animals ....!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

In the jungle of the Islamic Republic of animals hyenas (the Khamenei's gang ) go after the vultures(the Rafsanjani's gang!)

Too bad there is no lions left to go after these animals. Oh wait a second, there might be some other animals coming down the horizon, wild dogs (the MKO's gang) may go after the hyenas.

If that doesn't work then we ought to send some bombs after them!



Agree with David ET completely but Doctor Mohandes...

by B-Naam on

You remind me of 1979 revolutionaries.  You are after blood.  I stick to my previous comment.  That's why I love the Green Movement.  This new generation wants to do things differently.  It's very refreshing. 

David ET

هاشمی وقتی با دختر تو این رفتار را میکنند با مردم چه میکنند

David ET


تمام خشم در وجودم بخروش آمد نه بخاطر اینکه با دختر هاشمی رفسنجانی رئیس مجلس خبرگان و دودوره ریاست جمهوری و دودوره ریاست مجاس شورای اسلامی چنین رفتار وقیحانه ای صورت گرفت. بلکه بخاطر اینکه با یک دختر بی پناه ایرانی در روز روشن وملا عام چنین رفتار ناجوانمردانه ای صورت میگیرد. حالا آقای هاشمی رفسنجانی .... در نظام اسلامی مبتنی بر ولایت مطلقه فقیه با افراد بدون پشتوانه و بی نام ونشان در زندانها و سیاه چالها چه رفتارهائی صورت میگیرد.



by Doctor mohandes on

Ohh please.

You would be rewarding this behavior if you did things by the book and were nice to them! Done fairly? Do you treat a Thug fairly so he can have the Opportunity to go out and do more of the same, only under a different system and ideology? What defense???? What is there to be defended aziz?
Even if you give them that fair chance, I will bet your bottom dollar that will not from repeating the same slogans and the first few lines in this clip, inside the court room.


this is what happens

by fidelio5 on

when you give a pile of under educated, sexually frustrated, virgins a trifling of power and tell them God is on their side.

Those who made the Brownshirt comparison are spot on.

David ET

تا چند سال پیش

David ET

تا چند سال پیش این اراذل و اوباش را همین رفسنجانی‌ ها، تقویت میکردند. وقتی‌ حیوان وحشی میپروری، آخر سراغ خودت هم میاید. از حکومت سی‌ سالهٔ اراذل و اوباش چه انتظار دیگری می‌توان داشت.


The teachings of Islam at its best

by mahmoudg on

what more can be expected from the cult of Islam and those brainwashed by it.

Mash Ghasem

It still could be used as evidence in a court of law

by Mash Ghasem on

hopefully in a very near future, in Iran.

We Shall Overcome.


Why film this?

by azadi5 on

It seems that it's one the basiji's filming what happens. in normal circumstances, this can be used as evidence against basiji's but in Iran, being opposite of normal, they probably get rewarded for this type of harassment, that's why they film it so freely. otherwise why?

Mash Ghasem

Hey "Comrade", when Tudeh party was handing over info to mullahs

by Mash Ghasem on

on the opposition was that considered harrasment or just  'good ol fashion" snitching?



by B-Naam on

Regardless of how we feel about Rafsanjani and his family, this isn't right.  We have to break this cycle of hatred if we want to make any real progress as a civil society.  The Rafsanjani clan should be held ccountable for their misdeeds.  And anyone else in the leadership position since the foundation of IRI, but not like this.  It should be done fairly in a forum where they have the opportunity to present their defense.  Otherwise, we are just like the ones that are runnning the country right now.  This kind of mob mentality laced with hatred and violence must stop.     


Chickens coming home to roost .

by jasonrobardas on

Just like Malcom X said " the chickens are coming home to roost ".


have U

by rtayebi1 on

noticed these thugs alway look for back ups!!! They always go as a dirty gang that they R and even then they look around makeing sure they R not alone!!!  


Why isn't she in jail?

by Kashk on

rafsanjani plays it both ways ... send her daughter out to show she is a victime too (no harm was done to her) and sits behind the rahbar khoon asham (few days back) to have the other side too in case events tilt towards IRI regime.