Neauphle-le-Château Celebrations with non-Iranians

Commemorating Khomeini and revolution anniversary from RK on Vimeo.


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What a waste

by Khebedin on

What a waste of time to watch noting. What is this video?. Just a few meaningless words?. Who are this few idiots who think by showing such videos can change the determined mind of Iranians?. These boys and dolls better get together and enjoy their time in France, now that they are pushed out of Iraq. What are you idiots trying to say?.


روزیبست و پنج بهمن را فراموش نکنید


تمام ایرانیان با غیرتی که دل در گروه آزادی و سزبلندی ایران دارند سعی کنند به هر طریق ممکن موضوع راه پیمایی 25 بهمن را داغ کنند تا با حضور میلیونی خود لرزه بر اندام ضحاک زمان انداخته و دل زندانیان سیاسی را خوشنود کنیم


yet another proof

by mahmoudg on

that a small minority fo brainwashed Palestinian and Lebanese A-rabs who have their hands stretched in fromt of any one for a few dollars will stage anything.  No self respecting Iranian would get involved in celebrating the rule of Demon.  For sure the greatest threat to human civilization, even above that of Tamer Lame, and Hitler, is that of the Ayatoilet Khomeini and his Cult of Islam.